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Why is Monique’s husband not ashamed to be your impostor? Because he has no shame!

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This is what the HBO documentary should have shown.


Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

Your impostor is all over the news. With your nickname “Marty”, the creep admits to all kinds of crimes that he committed as German/psychiatric/CIA agent and infiltrator in Scientology, but he is not ashamed of smearing your name by admitting crimes that you never committed. What a lack of ethics! No wonder he hates ethics with crimes like that!

He is smearing Ron’s name wherever he can. First, he did it more carefully and said that most of Scientology works, but when he learned that he can’t get rich delivering it, so he smears it and wants millions through his wife. From the start, he socialized with people who badmouthed Scientology, and it never dawned on him that this dried out his source of income (auditing) too. He is like a guy who shots himself in the foot. 

It was YOU NOT HE who told others to never commit anything illegal. You had such an ethics presence, Marty. Nobody would have had the guts to ever order you anything illegal like bugging the phone of Nicole Kidman because anyone would have know you would never do it but correct the person who asked such.

I have decided that if the C of S does not help you out, Marty, if they don’t tell the true story about the impostors (Ron’s and your’s), if they don’t tell that the C of S is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who committed real or fabricated abuses so that Ron and Scientology are getting the bad rap because Germany, psychiatry, and a no true US government wants it so, they don’t deserve my help either. Besides, DM put Mike Rinder and your impostor on these high positions, and kept them for decades there, and he didn’t get Scientology from Ron but from “Jack Vistaril”, Ron’s impostor. 

However, the HBO documentary “Going Clear” (a badly researched piece) and the anti-Scientology hype in the media could create violence… These bully campaigns often end bad. Scientologists should be aware of it. And so should the media. I am glad that I am not involved in this media circus. 

Mike Rinder received a “threat”. Somebody pretending to be a Scientologist and “threatened” him and also smeared Ron’s name in that message. I bet the farm that Garry Scarff sent this threat. It sounds exactly like him. FBI should investigate Scarff. That would be the first place I would go when investigating a matter like that.

I remember that he mailed me some years ago email written in your name, Marty, trying to split us apart. A disconnection note. Ridiculous! The idiot (one of Larry Wright’s, Tony Ortega’s and HBO sources, outch!) and thought he can fool me.

You and I have real OT abilities. Trying to fool us is futile. 🙂

Hope to see you soon, Marty. I love you forever, and nothing can change this ever.

Your are deep in my heart and it is a piece of cake for me to differentiate between you and your impostor. 🙂

Someone once said that people accept the love who they think they deserve. True. You deserve my love and I yours.

Be kissed.

Yours always,


Our way is just starting and we will do it our way, Marty.


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  1. HBO = Haters Box Office

    By putting up a blog, with a donate button and then obsessively hating, joking, name calling and ridiculing another person’s religion would make the blogger responsible for creating the HATE. Stirring up hate with blatant lies, half truths and innuendos to get that “donate button pushed” or to sell a book, or to seek notoriety or celebrity at the expense of hurting others, is quite sick.

    It would seem to me that if MR et al has personal, inside knowledge of criminal acts such as wiretapping, human trafficking and blackmail being perpetrated by DM – this would be the ideal time to name the “who done it”, it would certainly be a dream come true for the “vortex of haters”; as, once confirmed, this revelation would be proof positive to bring him and the Church down in ruin.

    You would think that Marty, being the (self appointed) second highest ranking officer in the Church for many years, and having sat in on soooooo many private, battle plan meetings with DM and crew, that he would have some juicy inside information and solid proof to back it up. Further Mike Rinder, being THE spokesperson for the Church for sooooo many years, and having attended many “private strategy meetings” to handle the BBC documentary, that he too would also have some heavy inside skinny to bring down DM, and the Church – as that seems to be what they are promoting. I call upon them to speak up, do not be cowards…. give us the BEEF. Give us the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY. You made a very serious claim that MR ordered the “bug on Kidman” – who did he order to carry it out???

    Since wire tapping is a criminal offense I would call upon State Law enforcement agents and/or the FBI to take formal statements from each of these guys to get to the bottom of this allegation. Marty stated that he ordered it to be done, Rinder confirmed this on the Megan Kelly.

    The Church has “called out” all the haters by promoting the videos on their website. It would appear that DM or the Church have nothing to hide.

    It appears that hate and bigotry will make some quite delusional and blind to a point where they just can’t see, or can’t assimilate the fact that on the video Marty is actually spitting, punching, shoving, and screaming at people who are much smaller than he is, and smashing someone’s personal property. Out of the blue and unprovoked it was Marty who started the barrage of attacks against the Church.

    Are the hate filters over the eyes of the haters blocking out the cuts and bruises on Mike Rinder’s ex-wife. Also, 7 or 8 of the people in the documentary filed lawsuits for personal monetary gain and LOST. That has to say something to rational thinking people. These are the friends and co-conspirators of HBO, a supposedly liberal agenda channel. HBO = HATERS BOX OFFICE ….

    At this point, why does HBO or MR withhold “THE” proof that would remove DM from power. Just give us the “WHO” ACTUALLY DID THE ILLEGAL WIRETAP? It is a felony, lock up the person who did it!

    The slick film hustlers know that no one can prove that these allegations did NOT occur; this is America, shouldn’t the accusers have to PROVE up their statements, or does hate and bigotry rule the day for the right price?

    MR made a claim that HE gave the order – WHO WAS IT THAT CARRIED OUT THE ORDER, were they paid? by whom?


    March 30, 2015 at 11:53 am

    • I assume with MR you mean Blog-Mark or Mike Rinder?

      I saw the impostor (Monique’s hubby) on He didn’t explain the function of the e-meter properly to the reporter after the reporter wanted to know. He could have done the pinch test, but he didn’t do it as he doesn’t want people how it really works. He is really suppressive.

      Anyway, yes, they (Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, and Tony Ortega, etc.) all are trying to make cash by attacking Scientology. Their consultant/legal fees are excessive. And on top, the cases that they consult are losing.

      I guess somewhere will be a copy of that HBO “documentary” online sooner or later but I am not that much interested in it. In my eyes, these reporters including Larry Wright are idiots. How can they trust an impostor and his buddies? How can they not compare photos and footage and see right away that there were at least two individuals by the name of “L. Ron Hubbard”? What a shame calling themselves investigative reporters and not investigating anything but listening to rumours and following the general attack line.

      The truth will come out and they will look like what they are: corrupt idiots.

      Numerous reporters cited the main points of this HBO “documentary”. I heard it all before. Scientology is infiltrated by agents, non-Scientologists. It is possible that all or some of these abuses took place but considering the sources of the information, impostor and his buddies, I just believe what I saw myself in Scientology.

      But actually, so far I have not seen any reporter who really conducted that string of Nicole Kidman’s phone bugged. Did you see the documentary? I assume that HBO also did not pull strings as to who exactly went into Ms. Kidman’s home or office and bugged her phone. And yes, the question is: why don’t reporter ask Monique’s husband: What are the names of the people who did the bugging at Ms. Kidman’s place???

      What a shame for HBO and any other media outlet having reporters who cover up instead of providing clear and honest facts.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 30, 2015 at 12:25 pm

  2. Yes, both MR’s are birds of the same feather, with some differences.

    And no, I have not seen the film – seems it would be just filled with attempts to shock one. Like you – when the time is correct for me, I will. Thank you Barbara for posting my comment. I want OSA to get the FBI to call out MR et al under oath for his knowledge on the wiretap, I believe it did NOT happen, but – I could be wrong. And, did MR divulge the wiretap statement from TC during a session?


    March 30, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    • Well, the story is not over. Problem is that where there is lots of hatred, violence can take over. This is also why media should restrain from propaganda pieces against or for something. Headlines like “last nail for SCN” are really creepy.

      Many reporters think that HBO checked really with 160 lawyers, but this statement says that HBO lies. It has not checked with 160 lawyers, just some who approved a “documentation” that sold impostors as the real persons to the American and international public.

      People think that they know Scientology and the story of Scientology (including the media) but they have no clue about the real story. Not quite sure where OSA is heading because they could convict Monique’s husband EASILY of being an impostor and Mike Rinder of being a co-conspirator. In the Garcia case and also in other papers filed to court, Monique’s husband deliberately died being the original Marty. He claimed that the time in Scientology of the original Marty was his time, but the impostor first showed up around 1990. He is so sure that OSA won’t convict him that he keeps on lying.

      The only reason why they don’t say anything, including that even the founder was impostored by an agent is because some still in the orgs have dirty hands on these matters too.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 30, 2015 at 1:51 pm

      • One would have to think that the 160 attorneys would have a vested interest to advise HBO to release the film, because it will provide them with years of income in defending HBO from the CofS lawsuits. Yes, 3P from media or whoever, creates blind hate and then creates violence.


        March 30, 2015 at 3:11 pm

      • HBO thinks that when they cite so many lawyers that they won’t be sued. Those are probably King Joffrey’s counsels. 😉 (Games of Throne, HBO’s sex and brutal show like from the 30 years war in Germany.) Makes my stomach turn.

        Barbara Schwarz

        March 30, 2015 at 3:31 pm

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