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Did you notice that psychiatrists create terrorists and killers but always making more than less business?

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and superstar, how are you?

Did you notice too that psychiatrists and “neuro-scientists” create terrorists and killers but always making more instead of less business?

How can they get more influence? They secretly implant, e-shock, hypnotize, and drug people to shot others or explode others or crash planes, etc. and make the world fearful and gaining more control but less control. The result is that people are ask desperate for help to prevent this, and there are the psychiatrists and “neuro-scientists” who  are created these killers and terrorists  and they are saying: We need more power, influence, and cash to protect the world… Nobody can do it but we…

Yeah right.

However, there is a way to prevent these acts. 1) The world has to know about the psychiatric secret service activities that are creating these killers and terrorists and these p$ychs and neuro$cientists must be found and prosecuted 2) People have to get finer perceptions. I get personal changes right away. If I know a person just a little bit before psychiatric conditioning, and I can tell that she/he got it afterwards. It are the vibes that are coming from a person and some words that she/he drops or what she/he not says and what I can see behind her/his eyes. With the latest example of Andreas Lubitz, those who knew him and were together with him should have noticed a difference in the personality. And these people need a place to go and report secret p$ychiatric abuse of people where no psych or psych-controlled official covers anything up.

I know you have this ability too, Marty. You know too. You have the finest perceptions there are. I count my blessings of abilities every day.

I love you so much, my hero.



Here is another beautiful song. I miss you terribly, Marty. Thinking of you makes everything better. I am so relieved that we both met again and recognized each other. What a miracle. Really! 

“I Know”

“I Know”

I know what it means
to be lost in the dark.
I know what it means
to be tossed in the storm.

I have walked alone
with a heart of stone
and despair too heavy for tears,
but you caught my heart
and you taught my heart
to forget the doubts and fears.

And now that I know
the joy of your love,
my head is high, I can face the sky
and know that the heaven is here below,
I know.
For you I could die,
for you I will live,
I know.






6 Responses

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    • Yes, I know of him. Psychs or “neuro”-scientists condition also their own in becoming killer monsters. Picked is however the blood crusty dices rolls…

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 30, 2015 at 3:33 pm

  1. Some people say that Tony Ortega is the best investigative reporter on Scientology.

    Anonymous Cowie

    March 31, 2015 at 12:13 am

    • Give me a break! Tony Ortega is a campaigner not a reporter, particularly not an investigative reporter. He works with Marty’s impostor (Monique’s husband) and other former infiltrators together to conceal the true story of Scientology. He also conceals from the public that the founder was impostored by secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” (who was married to Mary Sue).

      At the moment, he and his buddy Jonny Jacobsen tries to frame Scientology on murder in France. Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists, and he conceals that too. A real Scientologist is never a murderer as this means NOT applying Scientology.

      Psychiatrists and neuro-“scientists” are the people who create the killers and “suicides”. I bet the farm that any such case in Scientology or elsewhere can be traced back to psych-conditioning. Psychs wants to get rid Scientology, and that is why they are using people like Tony Ortega to make the world believe that they are cool and Scientology not. And they pick people who they kill or condition to murderers if they think it serves their purposes.

      Since a long time, France does Germany’s work of being anti-Scientology. And German psychs don’t mind conditioning one of their own pilots to down a plane on France. Some “ally”!

      That prosecutor in France has to investigate psychs and German secret services to solve the case Gloria Lopez and others. I bet the farm that she was psychiatric implanted to “kill herself” so that Scientology can be blamed.

      Scientology and CCHR has to do a much better job documenting what is happening. There are surveillance cameras anywhere. There are possibilities to trace back who did the psych alteration of the minds of people that converts them into suicidal people or killer monsters or both.

      And it is a problem that concerns not just Scientology but the entire world. Psychs condition anyone they can get their hands on.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 31, 2015 at 2:52 am

  2. Terrorist bombings in Bussels, 34 people dead, including three suicide bombers, were killed and 271 others were injured, some critically.

    Clark Kent

    March 23, 2016 at 12:40 am

    • SEGNPMSS conditioned these people with psychiatric methods into becoming Manchurian Candidates. Why did the psychs of this very secret secret service attack Brussels? That’s easy. They want to bring the Nazis back not just in Germany but all over Europe by making “religions” into the big enemy.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 23, 2016 at 7:07 am

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