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More double moral by Monique’s husband, your impostor, Marty

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Dearest Marty, greatest star on my horizon, how are you?

Your impostor leaves me speechless. He attacks Ron – maybe also because I don’t approve of him being your impostor and he knows that the real Ron is my Dad – and also  attacks Ron because he failed to make big cash with Scientology as “Indie” so he ditched that too and because he figured that in this psychiatric-oriented world, attacking Scientology would bring him more fame and cash than delivering Scientology. Just like others and also celebrities who ditched Scientology he ride the flow of the current attacks of all sides against Scientology. I am so non-impressed by that behavior.

Not just the attackers are to be blamed. Infiltrators in the org do their parts and delivery grounds to attack Scientology, but it all boils down to that all sides have evil intentions and work together to destroy Scientology, an applied philosophy that many of those who hung out decades around or in Scientology (like Monique’s husband or Mike Rinder, etc.) didn’t really understand. And they try to sell their misunderstandings now to reporters and mainstream public.

Your impostor spreads falsehoods on Ron, conceals that there were at least two people by that name, one good, the other like Monique’s husband, a secret service agent with low motives. He choose a side and now he is obsessively attacking it, and appears in approx. ten days, he is again on TV, the Discovery Channel, “Dangerous Persuasions”.

For heavens sake, shouldn’t the reporters and editors of the Discovery Channel DISCOVER that he is an impostor, that the founder was impostored and that Scientology is infiltrated by medically and psychiatric-oriented and -run secret service agents of which some break away and later attack Scientology to ruin it for the rest of the world?

Your impostor hands out advice but doesn’t apply his wisdom to himself. Do as I say but not as I do is his motto. He lies to the world and also courts that he is you, he conspires against us, yet, he thinks it is not evil. Sheesh! And he thinks by doing so that he is winning. Sheesh once more! How can he not consider that he will end up on hot legal water one day?

The current media bombards Scientology with negativity similar like Nazis did with Jews, however, the infiltration of Scientology assists them by doing actions that play directly into the hands of the attackers. “Last nail in the coffin, etc.”, that sure could fit also right in the anti-Jewish propaganda by Nazis. I saw the “NSL-video Neurotology”. It is not in the least funny. It plays to dummies. It is just stupid because the people who made it based all “their knowledge” of what former infiltrator agents sold to the media. 

If anyone ever has a question as to if today’s people are smart, he/she just has to study the manipulation of the media in regards to Scientology and how they get everything wrong despite they should really research. But they don’t. One uses the wrong assumptions of somebody else instead of investigating from scratch.

Anyway, the orgs could get rid of most of their problems if they finally would break the very old news that Ron, the founder was impostored, and that you are impostored, and that the orgs are infiltrated by agents. But as his Cobness, a non-Scientologist runs the orgs, such old news don’t break.

I saw this video about lazy Mike Rinder and there is also one on your impostor.

Mike Rinder acts now as “consultant” to make big cash. The Garcia case to which he was a consultant just was lost despite it is “politically correct” to hate and attack Scientology these days. Seems to me that Rinder is not a good consultant. 

One video with evidence that Monique’s husband is an impostor and Mike Rinder his partner is crime would result that no writer, reporter, and no newspaper, blog, TV or radio station could trust their info anymore. But it is not gonna happen because DM and some other infiltrators are part of this conspiracy against you and me.  

I watched above video and one question that I asked myself is: why does His Cobness promote lazy, incompetent and corrupt people to be his right and left hand and allows them to hold these positions for decades? He doesn’t apply the tonescale by choosing his executives. Because all three are no Scientologists. Are not and never were. Just because the parents of some infiltrated Scientology already, doesn’t mean that they are anything but infiltrators.

Scientology will not win with DM on the helm. He likes running it, he likes all the advantages that come with it, he likes mingling with celebs, but he never will tell the true story of Scientology to anyone. 

I know you have heard this before from me but I can’t help it. Someone must speak it out, despite David Miscavige having hired services to keep my blog down.

Real Scientologists who tell the real story of the founder and of original Scientology and deliver real Scientology instead of Vistarology or Miscavology would win anywhere. Nobody can attack original Scientology because it is thoroughly good and one heck of an applied philosophy. You use it and I use it, and so many problems could be solved if people wound understand it.

If we would be back in Scientology, Marty, we could stop the attacks against Scientology in a snap, but this is the reason why we were outed. We are not supposed to stop the attacks because psychiatry, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry wants to win this “war” that they started. One reason why Scientology is getting high donations from a pharmaceutical company is to control Scientology to go the pharmaceutical way and not in original Scientology way of “ethical life, healthy food and preventative living conditions” etc.  

We both know what really is going on and reporters and “experts” are so blind. How can they miss what is so obvious?

Whatever they are doing to cause themselves problems later on, Marty, our love is pure, clean, and strong, and we don’t adopt nonsense. That is why our love survives without a scratch, it doesn’t matter what others throw at it.

I love you, my amazing Prince.

Yours forever,


Let the world say about Scientologists what they want, but fact is, nobody loves more, purer, and stronger than we do.  

Home is were the heart is, Marty, and mine is right with you. No other place I want to be.  



Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 6, 2015 at 8:02 am

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