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The “strangest US Navy records”… Well, there was not just one person by the name of “L. Ron Hubbard”

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Real Ron’s signature:


His impostor’s signature below… Looks like he is trying to forge the real Ron’s signature but didn’t get it right. Only the last letter look a bit similar. 




Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince,

Some reporters go into more details, like Amanda Marcias of the Business Insider. She has this to say: “The only thing that is certain is the founder of Scientology has one of the strangest backstories in the Navy.”

I wish she would start comparing photos of “L. Ron Hubbard” as she would see that there was not just one person by the name of “L. Ron Hubbard”.

All photos in her article of April 7, 2015 show the real founder Ron, not his impostor, secret service agent “Jack Vistaril”. However, the published Navy documents are those of the impostor. He joined the Navy too. He probably tried to do everything that the real Ron did to be his “perfect” impostor.

The U.S. Navy didn’t want me to have Ron’s documents when I requested them with FOIA/PA, Marty. Guess they were afraid that I figure out what I figured anyway: the founder of Scientology was impostered by a double agent who worked for Germany and one of its secret servant, the USA. The guy with the bad teeth who talked to Granada Corp. and who once asked for psychiatric help was the impostor, not our Ron, the founder of Scientology. Psychiatrists put the impostor up to everything, and we know why. They did so wrong that they never could dream of getting the real Ron’s respect. If somebody isn’t approving of them, they simply hire someone who does it behind his back. 

I cite from the Business Insider article:

“In one version, Hubbard was a college graduate and Purple Heart recipient.”

“Another narrative shows Hubbard was two years shy of finishing college and had minimal military training.”


“Military archivists Eric Voelz and William Seibert of the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, told the New Yorker that both documents have serious errors.”

This statements includes that something is wrong with the documents that the Navy issued document, Marty, those records that the Navy didn’t want me to have. No innocent government. Dirty hands everywhere. The U.S. Navy also failed to investigate the psychiatrists who condition people into becoming terrorists. One of those conditioned people killed 13 of their own Navy people in 2013. Yet, the psychiatrists who conditioned the shooter got away. The terror never ends because they always are getting away.

It is also possible that there was not just one impostor and several doppelgangers. Nazis, Germany, and German-Nazi controlled US-agents wanted to make sure that if one doppelganger and impostor dies, that they have some reserve doppelgangers and impostors.

Read more:

Both signatures on both documents in below linked article are those of “Jack Vistaril” and not by our Ron. We need to get the records of the real Ron, Marty. Everything he wrote and said. It will turn everything around for Scientology and show what it originally was. It will be the end of that Scientology is referred to as bad or cult. Nobody can object to original Scientology because it is awesome and works on all levels and that is why psychiatric- and medical-oriented and run secret services changed it. 

I love you, my hero. 

Remember this song? However, I know that you are not just waiting. I know that you try as hard to change this rotten world.

Always yours,





20 Responses

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  1. Wow, the signatures are not the same!

    Satin Lurker

    April 10, 2015 at 3:21 am

    • Check Ortega’s and Owens’ two cents on the Navy Records today.


      April 10, 2015 at 4:28 am

      • Tony “Schadenfreude” Ortega has a hidden agenda. It is campaigning against the founder of Scientology and Scientology and not reporting the facts. Scientology is destroyed from the inside and outside. Most people (including those who attack it every day) are clueless what Scientology originally was. What a shame.

        Chris Owens uses his “position” as Wikipedia admin to ban truthful information. I made really bad experiences with this dude.

        According to this website, Wikipedia administrator Christopher Owens admires Osama Bin Laden.

        A British Ministry of Defence employee, Christopher Owen, a chat room pal of Touretzky, appears to be of the same frame of mind as Touretzky when he made the following statement about Osama Bin Laden in a chat room:

        “Osama’s a lousy strategist but a briliant tactician.”

        That comment was made by Owen two months after the September 11 attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. In Owen’s view killing innocent men, women and children is a “brilliant tactic”. In other words to destroy lives, which is what terrorists do, is a great skill.

        They got a very valid point. Just a rotten character finds anything admirable on Bin Laden.

        Owens is also an idiot who can’t differentiate between originals and impostors or he knows about it and conceals it, which makes him also into an idiot, into a corrupt idiot.

        He was also unable to see that the real Bin Laden got away and just a doppelganger was killed, right?

        The British Ministry of Defence would do itself a big favor, hiring better and smarter people but Owen.

        Barbara Schwarz

        April 10, 2015 at 8:01 am

    • No, they are not the same. The photos and other footage of “L. Ron Hubbard” and “Marty” or “Mark Rathbun” also are not the same. Impostors took over and something is really wrong with the media and the courts not figuring this out.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 10, 2015 at 7:53 am

  2. HBO celebrates not being sued. Their latest info:

    What do you make of the latest press on Miscavige watching his father?

    Fellow Writer

    April 11, 2015 at 12:54 am

    • I am pretty sure that there will be legal consequences for HBO. But legal is slow…

      In my opinion, all members of the Miscavige family are bad news and not one person of this clan is a real Scientologist. His twin sister isn’t a Scientologist either. What real Scientologist does drugs or drives drunk? Not one of them!! His niece and the family of his brother are enemies of Scientology too.

      David Miscavige who grabbed the “lead” of Scientology for personal power. He is not a Scientologist either. He knows that the founder of Scientology was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and that the real Marty is impostored by Monique’s husband.

      The Scientology orgs could handle the anti-Scientology attacks in a snap with the truth and nothing but the truth, but as His Cobness has dirty hands too, the orgs are quiet on the impostors and the secret service infiltration.

      Technically, DM is PTS C, maybe even PTS 1, completely unqualified to even be on staff, let alone in the Sea Org or running Scientology. He knows that he is a personal threat to Scientology based on his behavior and his family and leaving Scientology to real Scientologists would be the right thing to do for somebody who loves Scientology. But he is not one of them. He is an agent who drives Scientology into the ground until it is bits and pieces.

      Non-Scientologist Miscavige senior is above the law too. I am not sure if the allegation that he was charged in May 1985 with criminal attempted rape of an underage girl in Philadelphia is true and what happened to this case. But I can tell with absolute certainty that he is not a Scientologist.

      I rather feel that he and his family were sent as secret service agent into Scientology with the purpose to bring it down.

      Miscavige senior used at least four aliases to hide his traffic violations. What a real Scientologist would commit such unlawful acts. He acted as he never heard of ethics! And the names that he used are real people at the Int Base. He thinks he gets away with anything as his son grabbed the power over Scientology:

      Scientology would be a lot better off if all the Miscaviges would never have ever entered Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 11, 2015 at 3:26 am

  3. Hi Barbara,

    I have only posted twice here at your blog, but continue to read your writing and thoughts the current state of Scientology.

    About a little over month ago I visited my local Church of Scientology, I went in for personality test, which they provided the results and recommended taking a Life Improvement Course.

    I picked ‘How to Improve Relationships with Others Course’ and completed the course about 2 weeks ago.

    The course covered many things I learned before and kind of became lax in or not really consciously focused on.

    After the course I went through the routing process and received a certificate and was asked about the next course I am interested in taking.

    I wanted to learn more about the beliefs of Scieftologist, so the person recommended Dianetics. So I signed up for the 2 day seminar and course.

    Today I just finished the first day of the seminar, which the first have was all videos – introductory to Dianetics, the 4 Dynamics, Analytical Mind and Reactive Mind, Charge, Chain, Basic, Clear, etc.

    The 2nd half was auditing.

    The auditing is where I am not sure I completely understand the difference between memory and reliving an incident.

    I went through a few and each still felt like a memory, at least as far as memory was explained by the Seminar Instructor.

    I could visualize portions of things, but more often I remembered things not as recording or playback, more like snapshots. Also, I never saw myself and always felt like I was camera viewing the situation through my eyes (if that makes sense).

    I recall tastes, feelings and some touch but in snippets not completely through the experience.

    The Instructor said it is normal at the beginning to not completely be able to revisit/relive an incident, but my question is what if that is always the case?

    Thanks for any insight you can provide on the auditing experience.



    April 11, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    • Hi Danelle,

      I am not discouraging anyone from exploring Scientology. When I found Scientology again in spring of 1977, it was already altered, nevertheless, I was able to figure what a gem Scientology is. I didn’t join Scientology to solve a problem. I joined because I wanted to figure the secrets of human existence and the universe, and I picked up priceless other data along the way, which helped me understand the world and gain abilities. In short: I don’t regret it one bit having joined Scientology. I would do it all over again.

      I don’t know exactly why you joined, if you are trying to solve problems or if the thirst for knowledge brought you to Scientology. If you clear that up, I might be able to give you a better response.

      Remember always that Ron (the real founder of Scientology) wants you to put everything in Scientology to your own test. You should never believe anything anybody tells you. You just believe what you figured that it is real.

      What I did in the beginning was reading Scientology books. I tried to get as much Scientology knowledge as possible through books, and afterwards, joined staff. You might want to read the book Selfanalysis and do the lists in that book. It is like self-auditing, and I was able to get some pastlife recall by doing it.

      A memory is just thinking of something that happened to you, like your first day of school or your first job, etc. But reliving an incident (earliest childhood or pastlive) is a completely different matter. I can guarantee you one thing, Danelle, once you relived a pastlife incident, you KNOW it was real. You don’t doubt pastlives anymore. You KNOW that you lived before. The first time you relive such an incident, it blows your socks off. You are saying to yourself: WHAT ON EARTH WAS THIS? And you KNOW that you were there and have all the emotions from back then again. Sometimes, those are just snippets, but very real snippets.

      Ron (the real founder) said that an auditor who does not audit the THE WHOLE TRACK is wasting the time of the PC. So, if you are getting auditing, demand whole track auditing. That means that the auditor’s job is to lead you back. As more you pastlives you run, the better you learn to know yourself.

      There is one piece of advice that I can give you in regards to relive incidents. Ron calls it “reverie”. That means that you are so relaxed as possible. I found the easiest way to recall pastlives or very early life incidents when I am in the state BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP. You are NOT sleeping, but so relaxed that the NEXT STATE would be sleep. This is the state where I figured that it is most easy to have such a recall. It might need some training to relax, but I found it working.

      This is not a perfect planet and I doubt that there is any being with a perfect recall. I know too that sometimes one just get a snippet, but this is better than nothing, and an auditor should be trained to help you to more recall.

      It depends where you were in that situation, this lifetime or pastlives. If you were not exterior, you likely will not see yourself from outside because you were in the body and saw through your eyes. That is perfectly normal then that you didn’t see yourself from above or behind… However, if you ran an incident, and it is a real incident, you should have emotions, not just feel like a camera… Where you happy, excited, or did you have fear or a loss, etc.?

      You should ask the instructor and auditor to provide you with as much data written by Ron as possible about how to recall incidents. And you try each of these data if they work. If they work, your problem is solved. If not, the material that you read is not originally from Ron. BTW, some people become auditors (or co-auditors) as that helps them to understand the subject better and to become better PCs.

      Anyway, wishing you the best.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 11, 2015 at 4:10 pm

      • Barbara,

        Thank you for the advice and best wishes.

        My interest in Scientology stems for the deluge of negative media publicity, especially most recent allegations against the church and some high profile members (celebrities).

        For all intense purposes Scientology has a very small membership – national or international numbers.

        Why so much emphasis on Scientology? Why is most of the media in support of attacking it? What’s the truth or motive behind it?

        So, my reasons for taking this and the previous course is out of curiosity.

        So far, it seems to me that Scientology is more of a Life Skills or Improvement provider (not sure of the word to use). There are religious aspects that I can see in relation to other religions – theta, dynamics, ARC, etc.

        But, it doesn’t provide its ‘book’ to visitors as open without cost. For example, I can go to a church and get a bible for free, or read it in a library, same with the Quran from a mosque, and I am not sure about the Talmud, but I am thinking the Synagogue might give those out free too. The Mormons give there Book of Mormons away to people during their missions, so I don’t see that in Scientology. The courses cost, and not an extreme amount, but they cost. This is an observation more than a criticism. So for me my curiosity in Scientology the distance I go will most like be limited due to the expense involved. I’ve already paid off my undergrad degree and working on my masters; the idea of paying a similar or more about on a curiosity is not something I plan on doing.

        As for my audit session at the seminar, it wasn’t out of body and it was in recent times. For example, the Auditor/Instructor started the session, and asked what I had for dinner last night and then repeated that experience and what I observed and experienced numerous times, getting more detailed each times – somatic and tactile observations.

        Then we went into a painful and pleasurable experience and each time going over the event numerous times. The whole process was a little over 3 hrs; which surprised me.

        There was somethings I thought were similar to hypnosis – bringing back to current time and snapping the fingers – but dissimilar and reminded my the Auditor when I asked, that the difference between auditing and hypnosis there is no implanting of commands or anything – such as ‘when I touch my tie you will do this’.

        Anyway I will look into the Self-Analysis book. Today is day 2 of the seminar, so I will see how it goes. I am already signed up for the Diabetics course, so after the seminar I will begin that.

        Thanks again for your time in answering my questions.




        April 11, 2015 at 11:28 pm

      • I read you posting and came to the conclusion that your experiences in Scientology are all made up. You never had auditing and you never studied anything in Scientology. You don’t even want to invest a few Dollars for a book. You want them free and you complain that they are not free, which is not true either. You can read free Scientology books in libraries and also in Scientology centers.

        Scientology and Dianetics were started, because Ron asked the most fundamental questions of all: what is man/woman? And nobody could tell him what it is and were it came from. Scientology is the ultimate religious applied philosophy.

        Before I found Scientology again in 1977, I was a member in a Munich Club. My sister introduced me to it. Young people hung out there to do hiking, dancing, sailing, and other activities together. Numerous of them told me horrible stuff about Scientology, but I always wanted to find things out myself. Scientology is and was already infiltrated by non-Scientologists, but actually, nothing of what the others “warned” me from was true. It was all fabricated. But nobody told me what was really wrong, e.g. that an impostor impostored the founder behind his back. Anyway, for me, life in Scientology was a lot better than life without Scientology in Munich.

        Back then, there were already numerous celebrities in Scientology. I remember Chick Corea visiting the Munich org and came across like a very likable and natural person. However, people who join Scientology to be among celebs should not join it. The only people who should join it are the people who want to know what no university teaches them: who I am? Where did I come from? Where do I go? What is death? And so on. These questions can be answered in a scientific away. Ron did it. The membership of Scientology seems to be a mystery but just 25.000 Scientologist seems not correct to me. Many probably felt not wanting to answer a survey.

        If celebs are on you mind and you are just curious and not interested in getting fundamental answers and learning everything there is to learn about you, I doubt that you will get the spiritual wins in Scientology that you could have. If you just want free without giving anything, you shouldn’t apply to be in Scientology. Not owing somebody feels really good.

        Scientology was more than it is today. Originally, it provided an alternative lifestyle for Scientologists to avoid getting sick, aging, and dying. It also proved that secret service psychiatrists manipulate minds with silent sounds and created crazy people. If original Scientology is delivered to the world, some of following industries will have losses: psychiatry, medicine, pharmaceutical… These industries have to think of something else instead of drugging people and watching them age and die. Particularly Germany is a force behind professions from these industries, however, the USA and other countries are their willing servants.

        This is behind the attacks. Secret services work on various sides: alterations of Scientology in the inside, non-Scientologists like Miscavige on top posts, former infiltrators who leave (Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, etc.) and attack from the outside and the media who they have attack Scientology too.

        Scientology was always under attack based on that. However, it seems that they almost made it (only in altered form of course) but then Tom Cruise told Matt Lauer his opinion on Scientology on national TV. (I don’t blame him and nobody else should as he has the right to his opinion as any one else.) Suddenly, the wind against Scientology got very sharp. If there would be one investigative reporter worth his or her salary, they would have discovered that this event made psychiatry to start a new campaign against Scientology. Anonymous was used, Scientology celebs were trashed, infiltrators left Scientology to attack it from the outside, etc.

        I don’t know how this is these days, but originally, studying Scientology and getting auditing didn’t cost an arm an a leg. You still can get all books for free in libraries. And if you want auditing, you can do co-auditing. If you want to study Scientology to figure out why many people find it so valuable, you’ll find a away to study as much of it for free or in co-auditing. In co-auditing, you do not just get auditing, you also audit, which means that you do not just ask for services free, you also deliver it to somebody else, and you don’t owe anything.

        If you think that Scientology is hypnosis, you don’t get Scientology auditing as it is NOT hypnosis.

        However, generally, I feel that your interest in Scientology is not genuine. Instead of going in with no bias, you are trying to prove that something is wrong with it. Scientology was already altered when I found it again in 1977, however, I was nevertheless able to extract so many positive things from it. Scientology made me see a lot more than what other people are able to see.

        Scientology does not just have some religious aspect. It does not tell you in what God to believe, but the Lutheran Church did never bring me as close to God as Scientology did.

        You complaining that there are no free Scientology books to read is dishonest. You can get free Scientology books and there are reading rooms in Scientology where you can read free books. Actually, you make rather the impression as if you never set foot in a Scientology org. If you are really interested to find out what Scientology has to offer, you’ll find very affordable ways. A treasure of data is available for free in libraries and online.

        However, somebody who isn’t honest about his motives will miss out on everything.

        Barbara Schwarz

        April 12, 2015 at 4:18 am

  4. sorry, correction to my last post… should be Dianetics, obviously not Diabetics course… crazy spell check.:-)


    April 11, 2015 at 11:32 pm

  5. Barbara, you mentioned silent sounds before… After I read this, how to they manipulate minds?

    Sunny GoGo

    April 12, 2015 at 3:02 am

    • Yes, silent sounds prevent easy access to recall pastlives. Because of those silent sounds (psychiatric invention) people have a hard time recalling pastlives, but Ron discovered ways to relive pastlive incidents despite the silent sounds. Yes, secret service psychiatrists are using silent sounds to manipulate thinking of all people on this planet. They are really suppressive persons. They suppress anyone. Human rights means nothing to them.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 12, 2015 at 4:26 am

    • She got ya, Danielle, you’re a troll.

      Sunny GoGo

      April 12, 2015 at 5:26 am

  6. Barbara,

    First, I apologize for the misunderstanding of my previous post.

    My intention wasn’t to be negative about the process of dissemination of Scientology or Dianetics.

    It was an observation based on my experience with other faiths and only my recent experience with my local Church. I didn’t mean to convey any less respect for Scientology, so reviewing what I wrote I can see where it could be seen as if I were.

    I have been honest about why I became interested in going further and actually visiting the Church, meeting Scientologist and talking to them about why my interest, what being inside the Church is really like and meet real Scientologist and here L.Ron Hubbard’s writing, discoveries and materials left to teach to others from them and not the media.

    The Instructors, Register personnel, receptionist and other people I spoke to at the Church have only been nice, genuine, and open to me and where I am with my understanding of Scientology and Dianetics; and they have always said any questions I had were welcomed.

    I can’t prove through the internet that I have ‘stepped foot into a Church’ to you or anyone else online. But, I did complete my second day of the two day Dianetics Seminar today, I took your advice and purchased the Self-Analysis book. I had already signed up for the Dianetics Course when I signed up for the Seminar, so I will be starting it.

    My overall experience with the Dianetics Seminar was informative and useful. I felt I learned a lot. I also got the opportunity to experience Auditing – painful and pleasureable experiences. And I was able to connect two recent (one within the last year and another 5 years earlier) to an earlier experience nearly 20 yrs ago. I wrote the whole experience in my Success story/write up.

    So, besides the Life Skills course – Improving Relationships and this weekends two-day Dianetics Seminar, I am still only a beginner at learning this new information.

    I take responsibility for the way in which I wrote my previous post and how it was interpreted, although it was my intention for it to be a negative against Scientology or Dianetics.

    Still, I do appreciate your previous earlier feedback, insight and response to my previous inquiries.




    April 12, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    • Scientology is a serious study. Other religions (except those few who become ministers) don’t expect or offer their members a study, Danelle. When you attend other religious services, you get a Sunday service and are expected to provide some donations. In addition to the Sunday Service that you can also get for free in the Scientology orgs without that you have to put money in a collection box, Scientology offers you to become a minister on top of auditing.

      Actually, I don’t trying to disseminate Scientology to you. But I am not stopping people to study it either as I wouldn’t want to miss what I have gotten out of Scientology for the world. I am not a “true believer”. I try it out and keep the working parts in my life, and it always served me well.

      You don’t have to prove anything to me. Do what you think is best for yourself. However, I find it a bit odd that you use different names and IP numbers to post to my blog. This is usually not what people do.

      Anyway, I suggest you communicate your questions to the Scientologists you are in contact with. If it is money, there is always a way to study Scientology and avoiding getting in debts. I spent many years in Scientology and I never made any debts. There is nothing wrong with exploring everything that is free or inexpensive when you start with Scientology. The founder was against excessive prices and so am I. But as I said, you get more than just a Sunday Service in Scientology and getting everything for free would be unfair to those who are keeping the organisations running and devote all their time. Besides, if a religion has no cash, it dies, because this universe is built that way. The Mormon church and all other churches are not without means either.

      Many people think that Scientology will break because of the media campaign against it right now, but I think that these people are wrong. Real Scientology, a complete non-cult will become the positive interest of mainstream in the future.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 12, 2015 at 3:15 pm

  7. Using different IP numbers and names, Danelle? Got something to hide?

    Mormons expect 10% of the income from their flock.

    Lutherans: “Money Works” will contain everything from information on automatic monthly donations through your bank to planned giving.

    New kid in town

    April 13, 2015 at 1:14 am

    • If one person abuses the non-profit status like David Miscavige doesn’t mean that Scientology is no religion.

      Longterm Scientologist

      April 12, 2015 at 9:57 pm

      • However, it is time that Scientology is headed by real Scientologists not by the likes of DM.

        Barbara Schwarz

        April 13, 2015 at 3:25 am

    • True, many religions are very rich, Catholic Church and the Mormons are just two examples. In Germany, the Lutheran and the Catholic church take money right out of your pay check in form of taxes. If you don’t agree, you have to resign and it costs you again money to resign. Scientology doesn’t do that.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 13, 2015 at 3:23 am

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