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Disconnection serves David Miscavige to stay in power… Anyone left in his non-Scientologists family who doesn’t attacks or creates bad PR for Scientology?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

Although Scientologists should have the same right like anyone else to choose who they want to be in contact with, the disconnection policy was never from Ron, the real founder, but from “Jack Vistaril”, the impostor and the men behind this secret service agent.

It was cancelled in 1968 as you know.  Monique’s husband, your  impostor informed the Investigation Discovery (ID) that he was told by SCN to disconnect from his brother in 1977, but nobody disconnected during these years. Situations had to be handled. Back then, a person with heavy PTS situations was not allowed on staff before the situation was solved. That makes Monique’s husband again a liar.

David Miscavige, his Cobness is unqualified to even be on staff in Scientology, let alone leading all of Scientology if the “Disconnection Policy” would be cancelled.

Disconnection wouldn’t had helped me with RB, Marty. Only would have helped me if I would have had incorruptible bodyguards (and I doubt there are any on a planet like this) around the clock who would have protected me from RB’s kidnap attempts. Besides, I never wanted to disconnect from my siblings.

When the true story of Scientology is finally told, not anyone of the Scientology attackers will have any wind in their sails anymore. It will handle all of their scratching down blackboards with their fingernails, including their fabrications.

The attackers of Scientology are as unethical as the infiltrators. Naturally, I would want to help Scientology and the orgs, but I don’t accept altered Scientology. DM wants to introduce even more “Jack Vistaril” crap that they found in a garage into Scientology. That is not our applied philosophy anymore. There is also the hypocrisy. Freedom Magazine reports about how terrible wrongful incarceration is. On the other side, they leave you, an innocent Scientologist, behind. I can’t support double moral. Original Scientology aimed at a better world WITHOUT exceptions. Original and real Scientologists were/are different.

As a sum, Marty, I am glad having chosen to be in “Smallville”, where I wait till this conspiracy against us collapses. It feels better than supporting those who are not really true to us. I don’t feel home anywhere except in original Scientology and with you. Considering how much non-Scientology crap dropped from “Jack Vistaril”, his secret services, DM, and other non-Scientologists into Scientology, I must say that I have more original and real Scientology right here in “Smallville” than I see in DM-run orgs or also with the “Indies”. 

I love you bunches, Marty. Keep on surviving. You can count on me. I am a real and original Scientologist like you. I don’t leave you behind. Even if you would not want to be with me, you will never get anything else from me but the best intentions and truth. In a world were one person turns again the other one, we are true, and proud to be true. 

Yours always,






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