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UK and Canada don’t show HBO’s documentary nor publish Lawrence Wright’s book on Scientology because of libel

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you?

Once the news breaks that Germany’s psychiatric and medical oriented secret services are behind the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and behind having you and Ron, the founder impostored by agents (in cooperation with the CIA) and once the real story of Scientology is being published, these countries will be glad not having participated in that anti-Scientology hype.  

Isn’t Richard Plepler, the CEO of HBO, Jewish? Particularly Jews should be able to sense Germany’s hidden secret service activities and should be more alert not helping them with their twisted publications. We figured everything out, Marty, what is other’s excuse not to?

I love you. Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. 

Yours forever,






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