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Dearest Marty, my noble Prince and wonderful husband,

How are you? My thoughts are with you.

Ron, the real founder (not the impostor) was very clear on abortions. He wrote that parents who abort are on 1.1 and thetans who are aborted are damaged by engrams. A person low on the tonescale might say that engrams can be run and handled, but real Scientologists don’t think that way. We want to prevent pain before it happens. We want a better world in which such acts don’t happen at all. Most thetans dive into a body ( incl. embryo/fetus state) early, so it is not just “tissue” that is aborted. Who doesn’t want babies should take precautions but not abort.   

Just like the “Disconnection Policy”, His Cobness David Miscavige didn’t think his “No kids in the Sea Org” through. Or he doesn’t care what the consequences are. After all, he isn’t a Scientologist.

However, ultimately, it is the parents’ responsibility not to abort. Sea Org members as Laura DeCrescenzo / Laura Dieckman and Claire Headley could have routed out of the Sea Org and worked in a Scientology Class IV Org. I remember the many babies in my Class IV Org and that I was approached by other female staffmembers to get pregnant too.           

“They made me do it” is the ultimate non-responsibility for their own OWs and actions.

SEGNPMSS doctors aborted our baby against our will, Marty, when I was UNCONSCIOUS. This is a situation where we could not stop it, but if some Sea Org infiltrator suggests it or even tries to convince someone, it is VERY EASY to say: “Abortion is off policy. I will keep this baby and find a replacement for my current job. I’ll work in a Class VI org instead.”  If the Sea Org infiltrator(s) continues to propose or suggest abortion, TR3: “Abortion is off policy. I will keep this baby and find a replacement for my current job. I’ll work in a Class VI org instead.”  

Period, case solved. If any person in Scientology would be a real Scientologist and apply Scientology, abortion wouldn’t be a problem and unheard of in Scientology. 

Laura and Claire were old enough to marry. They made TRs. They knew how to stand their grounds, like: “Abortion is off policy. I will keep this baby and find a replacement for my current job. I’ll work in a Class VI org instead.”  Besides, offering a replacement for the handles any personal problem in the Sea Org. For example, Laura and Claire could have switched posts with non-pregnant Sea Org members in a Class IV Org. I know many Class IV Org staffmembers wanted to join the Sea Org and were looking for a replacement. Problem solved, case closed.    

It is typical for unethical people to take no responsibilities for their acts. I am not impressed by women like Claire and Laura. They whitewash their own non-Scientology-activities and are blaming it on Scientology, which is anti-abortion. What they are doing is outrageous. Their abortions happened because they agreed. Nobody kidnapped them like the German secret service and anti-Scientologist RB kidnapped me and conducted a forceful abortion and even eradicated my memory, which came back because thanks to Scientology.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. My life is incomplete without you. I am so glad that I found you again. Scientology is beaten up by former infiltrators, anti-Scientologists and reporters who can’t think, but Scientology is also the place of miracles, winning against all odds, and the greatest love story of all times: OURS!

Yours always and forever,





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