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Some thoughts about Loch Ness

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

No, I actually don’t believe that there is/was a monster down there. I came to the conclusion that the lake was made world-famous because of the name Loch Ness. Officially, Loch is Irish or Gaelic but it is also German and means a hole.

If you change just one letter in that name, you get “Loch nass”, which means “wet hole” in German. A “wet hole” in a lake will not make sense to most people, except, what when “wet” is a lie (typical SPs) and it is actually a dry hole?

What does a dry hole in a lake mean? What I am looking for: an elevator going down in an underwater (dry) village, the beautiful village that I remember from my childhood.

Likely, there is no underwater village in Loch Ness, but there is at least one in an US lake, and I still believe that it is in the GSL, Marty.

Allegedly, the Nessie rumor started in 565, but it looks like that particularly since 1871, medical doctors, the cousins of p$ychs are interested in that one should make the association of a wet hole and a monster rather than a dry hole and a beautiful and peaceful village when thinking of a lake. One doctor even forged a Nessie picture.

They are so stupid, Marty. They will never succeed running us. Just because they have simple minds who can’t look through things, they think we have them too.  If they would be in our situations, they would be LOST and easy manipulated. But we are not. They need high-tech devices and supercomputers to read all our thoughts, and they still don’t get us. We just look at their actions and have them completely figured out in a snap.               

I love you, my Prince, and I am proud of you. Just the thought of you makes me happy.

Yours forever.




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