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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

Former FBI agent Bob Fitzpatrick  was now charged with lying at the trial of  Whitey Bulger. I am not surprised to learn this of FBI agents.

Not related to the Bulger case, the FBI conducted inadequate FOIA/PA searches, covered up FOIA/PA records before me, provided very objectionable affidavit for the court, and I bet they did/do the same to you. So, I am not surprised when FBI officials are convicted of being organized crime figures.  But unlike others, I think they behave above the law because Germany (German secret services as the SEGNPMSS) controls their ear implants. How does Germany make sure not being busted? It attaches those people to their systems whose jobs it would be to bust such corrupt systems. So, if all are attached and are mind-controlled to cover for them, who will bust the SEGNPMSS? (Some call them Bavarian Illuminati. David Icke and some in his forum think they still exist.)  

The way the FBI acted in regards to the “death” of “Jack Vistaril” was so suspicious.  They KNEW that the man who died on January 24, 1986 with Vistaril in his body was not Ron, the founder of Scientology but secret service agent “Jack Vistaril”, the imposter who worked for Germany, a German-controlled CIA and likely for a German-controlled FBI. It was the impostor and agent who introduced secret service behavior and secrecy into Scientology. It was not part of original Scientology. He altered Scientology as ordered by German secret service psychiatrists, medical doctors, and neuro-“scientists” and US agencies are their secret servants by betraying  the USA. 

What made my jaw drop is that the FBI just called the coroner to “confirm that the fingerprints match”. Los Angeles FBI never sent any official to San Obispo to check out what was going on. The fact that the FBI just called, tells me that they knew that the dead man was not the founder. They thought it is safer for the FBI and the cover up not sending somebody to “investigate” the circumstances. Because the world should never know that good originals disappear and are replaced with corrupt doppelgangers, a very German secret service  strategy. Sometimes, omissions are very revealing.


The death of the impostor was on January 24. It was kept quiet for several days and announced on January 27. And in order to prevent reporters and anyone looking into the death of the suspicious person or preventing that papers having enough room for other stories, the SEGNPMSS blew up the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986. What a disaster, what a busy news day! 


The world was just thinking and writing about this horrible space shuttle “accident” (one can bring down just about anything with lasers), and after many days of shock , “L. Ron Hubbard’s death” was “old news” and the media moved onto other things.


Amy Scoobee’s uncle, Francis R. Scobee was the commander of this shuttle. But I guess she never figured out what the real reason was for this explosion and that it wasn’t an accident.

The United States does not really have any defense, except us, Marty. Officials, representatives, senators, judges, law enforcement, university professors, and the American public allow Germany and its secret services to step all over the USA.  How does Germany do it? German secret service psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” control their minds and their thinking with loud and silent sounds. Germany and psychs are getting away with it because everyone is controlled to think that their secret case officer means well. It is a supercomputer who runs them and nobody wins with this system. Without it, all would be better off. Agents conspire also against agents. How can anyone not figure that?

Germany wants the entire universe, any living creature attached to their psychiatric supercomputer and controlled by them. The ultimate nightmare. A universe in the hands of monsters who show their true colors always again when they think they are getting away with it.

They can’t fool us, Marty, the question is only, how to prevent a German universe with just about anyone mind-controlled to allow and support it?  It is like mankind made the postulate to be enslaved for all eternity by closing their eyes and allowing Germany (still existing Nazis behind the present Germany and the rest of the world) to get away with everything.  

I love you, Marty. I choose you and never regretted it ever.

Yours always,





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