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What is behind Postpartum Depression?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

I have a lot to do but my thoughts are with you. Every day.

There are some women who are not happy after having a baby. They should because pregnancy is over, they survived it, they have no pains anymore and have their own baby. If that isn’t great? So what’s wrong? Makes no sense that with all that good news, numerous women are depressed. Chemicals in the brain unbalanced?  Yeah right, SPs tell this crap to sell pills and prescribe e-shocks.  

Lack of vitamins and exercise? It can play a role, but like you, I know the psychiatric, medical and pharmaceutical minds, Marty. Doctors want patients and the pharmaceutical industry wants to sell drugs and “treatments”. So they do active something to make patients.

 I came to this conclusion:

They use silent sounds to make these women depressed by transmitting baby-hating messages in their subconscious minds. The doctor gets patients and the pharmaceutical industry sells drugs and treatments. If they want a famous advocate for these drugs, they stop the silent sounds so that the advocate says: “Hey, the drugs helped me. I got rid of the depression! I don’t hate my baby anymore! I recommend it to other women!” But it wasn’t the drugs that stopped anything. The medical terrorists who are using silent sounds stopped the silent sounds so that the advocate thinks that the drugs helped.  

In short:

Silent sounds send to depress, pills prescribed, silent sounds stopped, clueless person becomes advocate for drugs. Hail psychiatry and pharmaceutical industry.

And it is not just Postpartum Depression, any kind of depression… Unless a person is constantly in physical pain, and medical terrorists have dirty hand here too. Otherwise, people have just depressions when their own bad conscience acts up.  

I am hundred percent convinced that most people take drugs against pains and diseases that are not natural but the product of medical terrorism. If these psychiatric and medical terrorists and neuro”scientists” would be arrested, their diseases, pains, depression, etc. would “magically” disappear.

Marty, I read that conspiracy theories are going mainstream but people are still a far way away from figuring out that the worst enemy of mankind are medical and psychiatric terrorists.

Will they ever learn?

Often, I wonder how your life is, Marty, and if I can do something to help you. But I am left with no clue at all about your whereabouts. All I have is my intuition. 

I know it is a hard-knock life. Can you imagine a universe away from the medical and psychiatric terrorists and their agents (any nationals!) where people are like us: leaving others in peace and maintain a wonderful world with rights for anyone? For us, this is not just an empty phrase like for the medical and psychiatric terrorists and their agents.

We really mean it.

I love you, Marty, be kissed and hugged.

Yours always,



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