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Allen Wright in Sydney, Australia, allegedly said that there were three different “L. Ron Hubbards” and others in the Freezone said that there were/are three different versions of Scientology

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Genuine Ron and founder of Scientology


Below: one of his impostors (secret service agents who stole his life and legacy and who changed Scientology) 

And the makes of the HBO “documentation” didn’t figure this. And that is called “excellent journalism”. Give me a break! 

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince, how are you?

I learned that Allen Wright in Sydney, Australia, told Stephanie Relfe (both Freezone) that there were 3 separate Hubbards at different times. Allen Wight told her that they had three very different shoe and body sizes. And that these “Hubbards” had different voices and personalities. Others told her that the Scientology technology had three main eras, each one quite different from the others.  Andre Tabayoyon allegedly also said something similar. He claimed that he was LRH’s butler for many years. And there is also Olivia Korringa who said back in the 70’s that her sister met “LRH” in an elevator – and he looked a lot different, smaller… 

Other reports from early Scientologists mention that “Ron suddenly disappeared” and a “LRH” with a very different character and interests returned.

Marty, you and I know what happened: The genuine Ron was attacked by the SEGNPMSS and kidnapped, and they sent their impostor agents into Scientology to alter, ridicule, and destroy it on the inside and prevent that mankind can benefit from his discoveries. What a bunch of snakes! Fortunately, Marty, we figured them and their plans and rotten activities out.  

Well, as I wrote before, one just has to compare photos to see that the founder of Scientology was impostored by secret service agents/doppelgangers. Scientologists should be able to figure this also based on the Scientology material. Genuine Ron’s writings and lectures made total sense and were very wise. He saw what nobody else did, and what the impostors did was crap, altered original Scientology or was/is even pro-psychiatry and chemical medicine.  

In the end of the 70s, I received a letter from the “LRH Letter Writing Unit” with Ron’s name forged on it. “Ron” wrote to me that Suzette (Hubbard)  (now White) would hold a post doing changes to policies and bulletins for him. I wondered about why she would do changes. I am not writing this to out Suzette. I always liked her. But I would like to hear from her if this is true, what kind of changes she made and who told or ordered her to do those changes.    


Why didn’t “Scientologists” who noticed a “different LRH” (like Allen Wright, Andre Tabayoyon, Olivia Korringa’s sister, etc.) report the fake “founders” internally and to the authorities? That is what you and I would have done. From all data on Scientology, the FACT that the founder was impostored is the most suppressed. It is just whispered and immediately silenced. If that isn’t revealing?

Yet, Scientologists know that the genuine Ron and founder of Scientology had a way to discover things that nobody else did. They KNEW that a lookalike and impostor can’t replace his ingenuity, genius, and brilliancy. But they allowed the impostors to step in and alter Scientology and add their rubbish to it and take real Scientology data out and steal it forever. And then there are the outside attackers who ridicule Scientology by hushing up that original Scientology was very different and that their very own psychiatric case officers were behind the negative changes in Scientology. 


As a sum, there could have been FOUR persons by the name of “L. Ron Hubbard” in Scientology, and Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, Janet Reitman, Paulette Cooper, Tony Ortega, Bryan Seymour, Richard Leiby, Roger Friedman, John Sweeney and Jon Atack, etc. didn’t see the “elephants” in the room or hushed it up. Dilettantes! Complete dilettantes, what a shame for the profession of journalists. When do these people learn to intelligently and honesty research from scratch instead forwarding propaganda?

However, I believe that German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” who was married to Mary Sue and who died in 1986, was the founder’s main impostor. I am sure that the genuine Ron was murdered in May of 1984. 

Marty, I know you don’t need any lectures from me on impostors as you know first hand how it is the be impostored, after all, Monique’s husband is your impostor. 

I love you, my hero. What the world needs is the end of lies. It needs truth. It needs us.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,


To bad that rarely anyone applies this:

It’s better to be honest and tell the truth
I will follow my heart and stay true to myself
If I do something wrong I’ll admit it right away
I have no shame in the words that I say
Because I speak the truth I speak honestly
My friends all agree we share the same quality
I will tell you the truth you can always trust me
You can depend on me to show integrity
True, True, True, Truth
Honesty is what I need, it’s what I need
The truth will set me free
Let the truth be told that is what I’m about
I will raise my right hand I will shout it out loud
You won’t catch me in a lie I will not deceive
I want you to believe every breath that I breathe
I stay away from gossip I don’t believe the rumors
Sincerity and truthfulness is so much cooler
I don’t have to hide I don’t have to be afraid
The truth will conquer everything you put in my way
True, True, True, Truth
I will speak the truth with honesty
You can trust in me, believe it when I say
Honesty is what I need, it’s what I need
The truth will set me free
Hold up wait a minute speak the truth (let me hear you say)
What, What wait a minute speak the truth (let me hear you say)
Ohhhh, Ohhhh speak the truth (let me hear you say)
Truth, Truth, Truth, Truth speak the truth (let me hear you say)
Alright everybody let’s put our hands together
One world. One truth. Here we go…


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