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A mind-controlled world doesn’t see that Germany secretly runs the USA – not the other way around!

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

The men (e.g. the secret service psychiatrists) behind Merkel think that they are the greatest, but I can look through them in a snap, and I know you can too.

Currently (beside a campaign against Scientology to bury this possibly effective critic of Germany and psychiatry), German SPs are running a campaign to blame the USA on what Germany plotted for them to do: spying on others. Germany and their international agents in other governments don’t want to be spied on because they have so much to hide. That is the real reason why “spying” is so such a “touchy subject” for Germany.   

Spying is rather harmless compared to what else German secret services are doing. Other German-controlled acts are terrorism and other high crimes, including infiltrating the USA and any other governments and transmitting orders through the ear implants of officials and others, orders that benefit Germany and harm other countries, particularly the USA.



99 9999

Attaching people to ear implants and running them with codes, loud commands and manipulating them with silent sounds is a very German invention. But all that Germany is doing backfires.

My advice to any other nation on the planet which works openly or secretly for Germany is that they should think how incapable German psychiatrists and other secret service people are. Despite that they have the world secretly in their hands for centuries, they always lose again by putting their beloved creepy Germany above everything and by applying no ethics whatsoever to their plans and by denying human rights to any other nation, to anyone, even sometimes to other Germans.    

If they would not manipulate and control the world with ear implants, I wouldn’t be the only one writing about it. 

Germany hides behind the broad back of the USA. The SPs behind and pro Germany are cowards. That’s why they always stay in the background just as they did by having provoked WWI, WWII, and all the other historic horrible events with thousands or millions of killed people before and after the Third Reich.  


The USA (and actually the entire world) needs an US President who doesn’t drink German cool aide, and so many US Presidents kissed up to Germany. Ike Eisenhower was an exception. He was murdered in office and replaced  by the German-controlled CIA with a doppelganger. Germany does to the USA and good US citizens what it wants, and ear-implants make it possible. 

So what happened in recent years? Germany radioed in the ear implants of German-controlled CIA and NSA agents “to ask” the BND (one of Germany’s secret services) to spy on others. If the NSA, the CIA (and other US secret services) wouldn’t be German-controlled, they never would ask Germany to help them spy on others, because they would know that snake Germany never would provide them with true data and that Germany is the country they and anyone else should watch very intensively and carefully as horror emanates historically from this spot on the planet. If the NSA (and other US secret services) wouldn’t be competently German-controlled, they would KNOW what Germany is up too. It is not that difficult to figure out. What Germany is up to comes to me in a snap.

Edward Snowden who leaked classified NSA material to the media seems to acknowledge that there were these NSA requests to the BND to spy. Marty, I am sure that you noticed that all what came from Edward Snowden’s activities resulted in blaming the USA but not Germany, which is behind above the unlawful and anti-human rights activities of the USA and any other country in the world. When did he ever reveal that Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are the secret masters of all ear implants on the planet? Snowden got the German whistleblower award because he does not blow the whistle on Germany above and behind the German-obedient USA. He received the German “positive” Big Brother Award because he just blames the USA and not Big Brother Germany behind the USA. 




Also, what did Merkel’s Germany actually for the USA? Nothing! Like Scientology’s reputation, that one of the USA is also in the gutter. Here are some  German secret service plans: ruining the reputations of those who could get in the way of the German and psychiatric world domination.

No match for our abilities to figure things out, Marty.

I discover them all the time. I look at a situation and see their typical dishonest, slimy, retarded, inhuman, and monstrous activities and plans.  I recognize their handwriting behind set ups right away. Kidnapping me to Germany was another “great German idea”. I could study the monstrous Bavarian minds on a daily basis. They should have left their dirty claws off me. Exactly as discovered by Ron, there is an overt motivator sequence. And by not changing their ways, the SPs behind Germany and their agents are causing themselves the greatest problems. Indeed, they are pulling in their own troubles of greatest magnitude.

What is so difficult anyway for Germany and its mind-controllers to leave other people alone and not denying their human rights? I wouldn’t want their conscience as it must heavy, like the biggest and dirtiest landfill in the universe. What really counts and the only thing that they can take in the beyond, a good character, they throw away. Complete idiots! Really, it does not get dumber than these people. The creme de la creme of stupidity. Same goes for American and international agents. German mindcontrol sucks any IQ right out of them with these ear implants and by controlling them into making their hands dirty as well.  

Did the BND report to the USA that the people in the organizations that the USA wanted them to spy on are run with ear-implants and codes? Of course not, because that is Germany’s most secret tool. 

Germany doesn’t mind to pull their front straw people down.  If Merkel has to go down in order to make Germany look better and the USA look worse, so be it.    

Marty, the reason why we are separated is also because Germany put the USA, Spain, and others up to. They are such monsters. Only their human rights count. Ours don’t. But we simply will not take it. If psychs are so stupid to organize these crimes against us, they can’t complain that we are getting in their ugly faces. They should have seen it coming and should have left us alone and treated us with rights and respect. As simple as that.   

I love you, Marty. I miss your smile, your eyes, your face, your noble personality, everything.

Yours always,


Whatever they are doing, Marty, our love will go on.

This is a beautiful song by Buffy Sainte-Marie: 

Sat beside a beaver dam and watched the winter grow
Ice was hard with little tracks appearing in the snow
Fog is in the valley now and all the geese are gone
Cross the moon I saw them go and
Still this love goes on and on
Still this love goes on.

Once I watched the summer flowers turn the fields to sun
Up and down the mountainside I watched the summer run
Now the fields are muffled in white and snow is on the dawn
Morning comes on shivering wings and
Still this love goes on and on
Still this love goes on.

In every dream I can smell the Sweetgrass burning
And in my heart I can hear the drum
and hear the singers soaring
and se-e the jin-gle dancers
and Still this love goes on and on
Still this love goes on.

Fancy Dancer come up north to see some friends of his
Fell in love in a powwow town and you know how that is
Beaded girls and painted ponies turn your life around
and now you’re singing “Ke sakihiten” ha on and on
On and on and on and on and

In every dream I can smell the Sweetgrass burning
And in my heart I can hear the drum
and hear the singers soaring
and se-e the jin-gle dancers
and Still this love goes on and on
Still this love goes on.


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