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Ear-Implants and Mass Hysteria

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

Several times, I asked myself  when German (particularly Bavarian) barbers and butchers started to implant ear implants into people’s ears and run them via radiocommunication. I was thinking of Middle Ages but lately I think that it started earlier.  

I believe the original ear implants were not silicone and maybe not almost invisible as they are now. It would be a job for archaeologists to find these, but they won’t if they have themselves ear implants and erroneously are thinking that this system means them well and that they have to support and protect it .  

Allegedly, around 1860, radio waves were  officially “predicted”. However, the question is: how many decades earlier were they discovered and used but kept a secret? Radio as such is an incredibly simple technology. With just few electronic components, one can build simple radio transmitters and receivers.

I learned about “dance mania” in Germany. Yes, I believe that there would be some people who would also behave strange if there would be no ear implants (for example those barbers and butchers who came up with implanting people), but dance mania like or the Salem Witch hysteria have ear implants and hypnosis (as done by barbers and butchers who later developed into psychiatrists and neuro-“scientists”) written all over it. They displayed a state of unconsciousness!

In  Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries, men, women, and children started dancing in the streets. Sounds like they were enjoying themselves… But they didn’t, considering that they danced till they collapsed or died from a heart attack or stroke. Those were apparently also a very perverted events and people behaved like animals. The medical- and psychiatric-oriented minds sure knew how to make robots already back then. 


It started in 1278 in Germany of course. Around of 200 people danced on a bridge over the River Maas so that the bridge collapsed and killed many dancers. This is typical SEGNPMSS. They have the ear implant codes and they use them for destruction. Another one of these “dances” due to remote-hypnotism happened also in Germany, on June 24, 1374. I learned that these events were not isolated incidents but that many people “danced themselves to death” in Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and in Switzerland during the three decades that followed. People “explained it” as caused by drugs, poison or fungus or that these dancers belonged to a ” religious sect” (typical psychs to blame their own rotten activities on some kind of religion – nothing has changed between back then and now!) or that the dancers suffer of “mass mental illness” (what a rubbish!).

Nobody spoke out what really made these people dance into collapse or death: ear-implants and codes used to remotely hypnotize people. That is what it was and this remote-hypnotize continues in our modern days. 

The first reported incident was allegedly in the 7th century. (Could be true or not.) But it seems that remote-controlled children were the first dancing  guinea pigs in Germany in 1237. 

If it was not something organized but something “natural”, how come that dance mania stopped completely in the 17th century?  Did the SEGNPMSS had to stop this because their own agents and relatives of the people who died dancing started to suspect them and remote-hypnosis through ear-implants?   

As I know the barber/butcher/psych/medical doctor handwriting so well, I think that based on historic events we can trace them back to when they started to insert implants into the ears of people and turning them into robots. It sure was before 1237 and the movement came from Bavaria/Germany.

So much about this. On another front: spring, summer, and fall is lots of work for me on top of my office work. I bought a new expensive yard machine yesterday as the old one drove me crazy. I put lots of money in it and the repairs done to it apparently were never made honestly and effectively. Hope the new one won’t let me down. BTW, my ex-neighbor told one of my current neighbors to give me a  German 20 Million Mark bill of 1923. Here it is. It is worth: not much. By November 1923, the American Dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks.

749     I love you so much, Marty. I miss you and never will give up hoping to see you again!

Yours forever and kisses.



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