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What was/is Paulette Cooper’s justification never to reveal to the public that the man on the Apollo was not the founder of Scientology but secret service agent “Jack Vistaril”?

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and Prince,

How’s life in your world? I’m counting the days until I see you again. I just know that I will. You are written into the palms on my hands. There are clearly two “Ms” in it. We were born for each other and that is why it is so stupid by people trying to disconnect us. Like magnets, we want to be together. If they would know how strong that feeling is, they would have never tried as that SEGNPMSS disconnection plan will fail. 

Now to Paulette Cooper. She is a psychologist who became a reporter. The first question that I had is why she didn’t “counsel” people as a psych? Because the psychiatric front against Scientology had other plans with her? She became a reporter and started attacking Scientology. Jack Vistaril, his wife Mary Sue, and other Scientology infiltrators “retaliated” in a secret service way (non-Scientology way) that Scientology would get the blame. (A very typical psychiatric/German strategy.)

As a reporter and alleged professional Cooper failed to inform the public that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that even the founder was impostored by a doppelganger, secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” and maybe even other doppelgangers. Some are saying there were three different “L. Ron Hubbards”, all three with different heights, shoe sizes, and characters, all pursuing different versions of “Scientology”.

Details of impostors sent into Scientology to take it over and destroy it from the inside out are kept a secret by the orgs and the outside attackers. Inside and outside conspires together. 


Cooper “studied Scientology since 1968”, and she never compared the photos and filmed footage of L. Ron Hubbard? Yikes! How “professional”.  How can anyone not see that there were several individuals by that name with different bodies and characters? Or did she knew and helped to keep this a secret? Didn’t she figure that Germany (SEGNPMSS) was the driving force behind alteration of Scientology and replacing the founder with an impostor? Or didn’t she mind?

Being obsessed with Scientology for so long and not writing the true story of Scientology is The Scandal of Paulette Cooper. 

Psychiatrists implant, e-shock, and hypnotize people to get confused, to commit horrible acts and also to commit suicide. They targeted people on lines in Scientology, even their very own infiltrators. So, when her friend who allegedly was in Scientology ended up in an institution, she never suspected secret service psychiatrists’ conditioning behind him going nuts? She never got the idea that German secret services told her other friend to claim that he was Jesus Christ and that Germany was using her in its campaign against Scientology?

Typically as Germany wants it: she blamed  Ron, the genuine founder of Scientology on what his impostors and the German-run infiltrators did in Scientology and allegedly to her.

For example, fair game, and disconnection policies was never by the founder of Scientology but by the German/CIA double agent and doppelganger “Jack Vistaril”. Also, any illegality by the GO were not by Ron, the genuine founder. Imposter’s wife Mary Sue run the GO, not the founder. I am very sure the real founder never heard of her.

I figured the details out, and I am certain you did too, Marty, so what are Paulette’s and other’s justifications not to figure it out?


Calling her “Miss Lovely” tells me that she had her allies in the infiltrated C of S. Why would alleged enemies of her would give her such a nice name? She probably knew that her life was never in danger, that she never would be committed and that her attacking Scientology and she being “attacked” in return by infiltrators of Scientology was just a spectacle to make her win cash in a settlement and harm Scientology’s reputation some more.  

Real Scientologists commit nobody. Not even their opponents as Scientologists know with what brutal methods psychiatrists work, and they make people even into worse beings than they were before.

Germany gassed Jews but in regards to Scientology, they also have a purpose for Germany now. When Jews attack Scientology, still existing German Nazis think that nobody will point fingers to them who are behind the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and who turned it into a cult that works with secret service methods. After all, if Jews attack, it are not then Germans, right? No, that is not right. Germany’s secret services have their grip on any race, nationality, religion, gender, and profession.   

Germany is a snake that attacks AND infiltrates. I can see the German slimy snake trail within the orgs and on the outside, working hand in hand to get rid of original Scientology, which is completely and entirely different from what people claim and complain about.


I am sure you know that Cooper got cash from Scientology as a “settlement”. Maybe that was the plan all along? Infiltrators did anti-Scientology actions so that she can cash in? Settlements usually contain that both parties quit going against each other. Through Ortega’s book, did she violate a settlement agreement? She also posted recently in a Scientology-hate forum. And if she violated it, did she violate it because Scientology is more than ever infiltrated by anti-Scientologists and she counts being let off the hook with that violation of a settlement agreement? Or does she wants more cash from Scientology? Maybe Ortega hopes that too that Scientology orgs throw cash at him and makes him rich? Your impostor and his wife Monique and others sure think so.


She attacks Scientology but promotes psychics? Gee! Huh?

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I am so glad that I found the genuine you in this ocean of dishonest people.

I love you, my awesome Prince.

Yours always,




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