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Yep, cosmologists need to rethink their models of quasar evolution and the formation of the most massive structures in the universe like this: a secret service “far universe” computer projection is fooling us

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar, how are you?

Before the 60s, cosmologists “discovered” the quasars. Very bright objects on the fake “far universe” projection.

They think that quasars are big black holes that swallow gas and blasting energy.

If you and I would have studied cosmology or astrophysics, the alleged existence of “black holes” in “the universe” would made the both of us (and maybe some few others) immediately suspicious as to that they are “inventions/fabrications” of some people WHO DOESN’T WANT THE WORLD TO GO INTO SPACE.

Recently, they found four quasars within a huge cloud of hydrogen gas. Neither the accumulation of quasars nor the cloud is covered by their theories. (Pic. above)

Marty, physicists know that the universe is a hologram, but when you listen to their discussions or lectures, it is rarely mentioned at all that the universe that they are studying could be the doing of a sinister society. They act as they have no clue as to what Nazis are capable of. They don’t add 1 and 1 together. The scientific consensus controlled by ear-implants. 

The fact that physics and quantum physics don’t add up should make physicists alert as to that somebody is sending them around in circles.

BTW, I don’t think that the physical universe (behind the computer projection) is infinitive or expanding. It is huge but one could get full circle provided the traveler is allowed to live/travel under circumstances that prevents the human body to die. However, I also believe that there can be plenty of other physical universes because like with everything else in life, when there is one, there can be more.

I find physics (any kind of) a fascinating subject, Marty. Nothing of it bores me. But I doubt that the SEGNPMSS would have allowed me a career in this field because I (and you and Ron) can see the members of this brutal Nazi movement. We recognize their rotten activities and their thinking (if you want to call their stupid ideas that) with the speed of light. If they would be smart and use their heads, they never would act the way they do as they sooner or later fall victims to their own system.

They would have denied us telescope time very quickly or defamed us as crazy. 

But who needs a telescope that stares at a fake deep universe when one has OT abilities, right? I rather make use of my abilities than anything else. 


About the Amtrak derailment: it is possible that the engineer says the truth that he doesn’t remember anything. But the FBI is not right saying that it was no terrorism. My intuition tells me that Bostian’s consciousness was cut off with a remote laser by medical/psychiatric terrorists.

As they always get away due to idiotic officials claiming “acted alone” and “no conspiracy”, it never stops. Once the consciousness is cut off, SEGNPMSS calls the ear implant code of the target and has him/her do actions automatically without being conscious. Would the problem be solved if more than one pilot or engineer is at the control? Nope, as they can disable the consciousness of the others in the cockpit or engine room as well.

On the other side of the token, one also has to watch out for people who commit crimes knowingly and who will claim that their consciousness was cut off when it wasn’t. Good questions and use of the e-meter could determine the facts. In any case, it boils down to psychiatry/mind control and ear-implants and that the world hushes it up instead of documenting their grave dangers and the broad field of abuse.    

Someone mailed me these days and asked me if I would be homesick. Not a tiny bit homesick for Germany. I am homesick for you. You are my home, Marty, and original Scientology and those who belong to us. And my arms are your home, Marty. I read an article earlier today about how psychs explain love. For them, it is all chemicals in the brain and the body. Clueless! Must be some “chemicals” within us that keeps on going strong for decades. It is not chemical, it is soulmates recognizing each other and to be together.  

I love you, my soulmate.



You and me together is home for us.


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