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Monster Charles Manson was no Scientologist – he had a Nazi mind-set (even tattooed on his forehead)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

What does the SEGNPMSS (aka Bavarian Illuminati) to destroy Scientology’s reputation even more? It makes very object-able people monkey briefly around with Scientology, and other SEGNPMSS (aka Bavarian Illuminati) agents exploit that. 

They had a former Scientology infiltrator (another criminal) “introduce” Charles Manson in  prison to “Scientology”. Still existing Nazis and psychiatrists hope that mainstream won’t get that Mason was cherry-picked for no other reason than making “a connection” between Scientology and Manson, the beast. When people think beast Manson, they should think Scientology. I am certain that SEGNPMSS (aka Bavarian Illuminati) and the psychiatrists behind them put Manson up to his horrible crimes in the first place by talking into his ear-implants to conduct horrible crimes.

The swastika tattooed on Mason’s forehead shows that he is an anti-Scientologist, a Nazi.



Original Scientology, the anti-cult enables individuals to look right through German/Bavarian/Psych/Mindcontroller/Nazi minds and setups. And that is the main reason why Scientology is altered, defamed, infiltrated, destroyed, and attacked from the inside and the outside. That is why they put their primitive and stupid Scientology attackers to claim that this man was a “Scientologist”. You and I know what a real Scientologist is like. After all that Manson did, he did apply that much Scientology to his life: null, zero, nothing, zilch!

In my life, I visited some Catholic churches. I looked at their paintings, opened their books, looked at their sermons, etc. Did that make me Catholic? Nope. Catholic church deducted some taxes for their church from my pay check. Did that make me Catholic? Of course not. RB ordered me to go to Lutheran church every Sunday. I had 8-9 years Lutheran education in school. Did that make me into a Lutheran? Nope. It didn’t contain what I was looking for.

One day, I told my Lutheran teacher that I think that the Christians commit sins because they think that God forgives them anyway and that there is no real need for them to change and that this is one reason why the world doesn’t become better. He brushed me off. I had hit a nerve.   

Finding Scientology on my own and applying original Scientology (but not Vistarology or Miscavology) to my life all the time: THAT MAKES ME TO AN ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGIST.


Those people who promote the falsehood that Manson was a Scientologist are psychiatric agents. One of them is Paulette Cooper and another one is Nazi-friendly Arnaldo (Arnie) Lerma.

I don’t know Bernie but that he basically says that anti-Scientologists are presenting completely distorted pictures of Scientology reality. This is also what I have observed.

Mansons did Dale Carnegie courses but the organized anti-Scientology campaign does not call him a Carnegist. Because German/Bavarian/Psych/Mindcontroller/Nazi minds consider original Scientology as a threat to their horrible secret and open activities.

What happened in prison between Manson and his “auditor” indicates that they apparently were criminals and definitely not Scientologists. Just like the doctor orders. I am sure that the SEGNPMSS (aka Bavarian Illuminati), secret service psychiatrists picked Manson to conduct murders for no other reason but framing Scientology with it. 


If horrible people “advocate” Scientology, it has the purpose to scare better people away and destroy the reputation of what they “advocate”. 

I don’t think that Manson ever thought for himself. He heard his ear-implant code and did what was ordered by the psychiatrists who run him. Including murder.

Letter from Bugliosi to the Church of Scientology – 1971: This is to advise that our investigation of the Tate-La Bianca murders has not revealed any evidence showing that any member of the Church of Scientology was involved in these murders, nor have we found any evidence that Charles Manson was a practicing member of the Church of Scientology at the time of the aforementioned murders.

Manson is an ear-implant robot and was never a Scientologist because what he did (his crimes) were all completely anti-Scientology activities.

I love you so much, Marty. Many kisses. I wish the world would be full with people of your character. What a wonderful world this would be.

Yours forever,




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  1. Hello Barbara,

    Judge Whittemore rejected the Garcia’s motion to reconsider. Mike Rinder and Texas-Mark were the advisers of the Garcias. Some advisers, huh?

    Ortega says he is surprised that Scientology survived the biggest FBI raid in history in 1977. How do you explain it?

    Vivid reader

    May 16, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    • I explain it as to that Tony Ortega will do, say, write anything that his German-oriented secret case officers orders him to do, say, write… That is one pro Germany/psych cultist!

      In 1977, Marty and I were back in Scientology, both in different parts of the world. SEGNPMSS ordered this FBI raid for no other reasons than to remove any evidence of photos or other evidence of Ron, Marty, and I together. They don’t go through the troubles of removing our memories and leaving photos behind or paper work behind that Marty and I could find after we discovered Scientology again.

      It is not even remotely surprising that infiltrated Scientology (Vistarology) “survived”. Infiltrated and altered Scientology is German/CIA controlled. Ron’s impostor was a SEGNPMSS/CIA double agent and so was Mary Sue. The “infiltration” of the government (stealing records) was done for one purpose only: discredit Scientology to prevent more joining it and finding out what Scientology really is and can do but NOT to close infiltrated Scientology down and open the door to uninfiltrated Scientology opening again by those who understood it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 17, 2015 at 1:53 am

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