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I don’t think that the original purpose of the Pyramids was a burial place but rather a place to protect and extent life

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and wonderful Prince,

People wrote a lot about the Pyramids, particular the big one in Giza, one of the seven world wonders. Scientists say that this pyramid was built 4500 years ago.

With modern DNA technology, some researchers made a startling discovery in 2013: 4500 years ago, the DNA of the successful Europeans has completely changed. That means that the original Europeans (who probably came from the Middle East) disappeared mysteriously… And we all know what kind of other people settled there afterwards and terrorized the world by provoking and starting one war after the other.

Also around 4500, the pyramids at Giza were built in Egypt. It is the same time period of the disappearance of the original Europeans. Coincident? I don’t think so, Marty. The bad news about slaughter in Europe, particularly in the place that is today’s Germany, traveled around the globe, and the pyramids were erected to protect the Egyptians from the slaughter coming to Egypt but not to worship dead bodies.

Besides the Davison’s Chamber, Wellington’s Chamber, Nelson’s Chamber, Lady Arbuthnot’s Chamber, and Campbell’s Chamber, the pyramid contained the King’s and Queen’s chambers also an ascending, descending and subterranean passages. I believe that the grotto, the unfinished subterranean area was designed as the most important part of the pyramid. The pyramid was built on top of it. Some researchers suspect even more rooms in the Great Pyramid of Giza but that they are kept secret.

The “historical evidence” that the pyramids were built as burial places and data that King Khufu was a bigamist and had slaves sounds like SEGNPMSS fabrications to me. Actually, the statue of King Khufu has a strong resemblance to Ron, don’t you think so? Nose is a bit different. Psychs and medical doctors like to break them. I don’t even know the natural form of my nose. In short: a new body doesn’t mean an identical body to a former one. Hat is different too. 😉  (Ron wasn’t a bigamist but his impostor secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” likely was.)


King Khufu liked boats too. Archaeologists today say that the slavery wasn’t the case and that the people who lived nearby the pyramids had good lives and participated voluntary. But they also say that these people were fed a diet of bread, meat and beer. Meat and beer! Sounds rather like a Bavarian diet to me, and according to my intuition, one big reason why the pyramids were built was to keep the Bavarians away from killing the Egyptians. I am convinced that many more pyramids were planned, likely pyramids that served as strongholds with very good living places underneath for all Egyptians.

King Khufu died of “unknown causes”. Usually, there is an always traitor who opens the door to killers. This is the story of this planet and likely the entire universe: treason.

The pyramids were looted and nothing was left except the “sarcophagus”. Interesting is that the granite of the walls in the King’s chamber didn’t match the granite of the coffin. Why is that? King Khufu couldn’t afford matching and better coffin? Yeah right. Some people wrote that the sarcophagus was a bit larger than the door. Some wrote that it fit only very tightly though the door. It was made of one piece, so, allegedly, it was in there before the pyramid was finished. But I doubt it. I think it was placed there later to mislead. It is also possible that it was drilled out of some other inventory that was inside the pyramid.  

It was only physical object that was “found” inside of the big pyramid. There were also no hieroglyphs saying that the purpose pyramid was a “burial-place”. Also, it is a real small coffin. A grown Egyptian man would have hardly fit into it. They built huge pyramids to protect a dead body, and the dead royal body that should be honored is squeezed into a sardine can? I don’t think so.

There are/were also ventilation shafts in the Great Pyramid. An oxygen shaft was leading oxygen into the King’s chamber. What for if the purpose was just a shrine? The air quality in the pyramid improved when the shafts were re-opened.



The “Queen’s chamber” had a partly soft floor. Something was removed there, otherwise it would had been solid. Also, it appears that somebody painted over some of the inside walls to cover something up.

The Grotto wasn’t finished but I think that a subterranean living space (beside a stronghold ) was one if the main purposes of the pyramid. The work stopped suddenly due to the acts of traitors and that this was the end of King Khufu and his family and nobody completed the fascinating project.

The gallery is narrow. Not too many people can enter at the same time. It is easier to fight back an invasion one by one instead of  a mob of thousands coming from all sides. The original entrance was not on the ground level either so that many enemies can’t storm in all at once.   

Some think that the purpose of the pyramid was a power plant. But I think that the building of pyramids had these main purposes: 1) Protecting human bodies from rays and other environmental harm 2) Keep records safe 3) An observatory 4) A stronghold, protecting Egyptians from those who killed the original Europeans at the same time, 4500 years ago.   

As far as anti-aging is concerned: I knew a Scientologist in Munich who placed a piece of meat into a little 10 inch pyramid that he built himself. He told me that it keeps meat longer fresh in that pyramid than outside.  

People today are baffled by how these heavy stones in the pyramid were carved and could be lifted without modern technology. But apparently there was very advanced technology, and there were not yet silent sounds playing into the minds of individuals as today, robbing their abilities. What I am basically saying is that without silent sounds back then, some could to a lot more than what a human of today can, including lifting heavy stones. It became harder to impossible after psychiatrists invaded each human mind and held and hold each mind captive with millions of ability-stealing hidden tapes playing each second into any subconsciousness. 

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty, you are forever at home in my heart.









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  1. There is indeed a resemblance.

    Anthony Clark

    May 17, 2015 at 12:34 pm

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