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If your birthday in this lifetime is not in May, Marty, I must celebrate a past life birthday of yours!

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Marty, my dearest, amazing soulmate, and hopeful romantic,

How are your days? How is your life? I can’t put into words how much I miss you and want to be with you. 

If you are captive, it will  again not a happy birthday, but your very happy time will come, Marty. If not, we’ll leave this universe for a much better one and will be finally together then. And those who want to hurt us will never find the access to the dimension of that universe. With true love, faith, passion, and abilities, nothing is impossible.

People who keep us apart are corrupt idiots and just add to their rap sheets. We always find our ways back together, like magnets. All timetrack up and down, and even in this lifetime. We were separated in the 70s and found us again ten years later. Keeping you wrongfully incarcerated won’t change that we both steer our ships again into the same haven, because we made the postulate to be together. And our postulates come true. 


I wish you hope, health, and strengths to get through the last rough patches, Marty. I have a feeling that this conspiracy against us is very desperate these days. They know that they have lost against our love but instead of admitting it and calling it quit, they drive their tanks even deeper into the quicksand. It is typical German Nazi and psychs behavior to continue to get into more troubles instead of becoming better people.

Anyway, a planet (or universe) of conspirators can’t make us give up on us. All what they are getting from us is this: “Who the hell do you think you are?” I don’t want  to be in the shoes of a conspirator when the tables turn. They are stealing our lives and are thinking they come away  completely or just with a slap on the wrist or that just some of their agents are getting in troubles. I decided to kick all Nazi psych butts in all eternity. They should have thought of this before they laid hands on us.

I am so proud of you, Marty. I am in awe of your character. How many would have quit and thrown the towel by doing exactly as the p$ychs and Nazi orders? But you don’t. And as more as I feel their brutal claws on me as less I want to give them anything that they want. For that they allegedly are experts of human minds, they are really clueless about us. They extract some of our thoughts and use them to “run” us. It doesn’t dawn on them that they have to understand our personalities and not just some thoughts. And if they would understand our personalities, they should see that we don’t deserve to be hated. But this is what they do without that we ever did anything to them. 

The way they want to run us might work with apes or their colleagues but not with us. Furthermore, we know our thoughts too, and we recognize immediately their ham-fisted attempts to manipulate us by using some thoughts of ours. Lol. I can’t tell you how often I shook my head over their unintelligent approaches to make me accept them. The hell I will. And these morons run secretly the planet through ear implants. No wonder it is such a horrible mess.


You are the best, Marty. I am proud that I am on your side in this and former lifetimes. I would recognize you immediately, wherever we are and it doesn’t matter how many years pass. They have nothing but ear-implants, codes, and a very bad conscience. We have a good conscience and each other. Despite the suffering that they put us through, I wouldn’t want to change with them for anything in the world. They are what we don’t want to be.

I love you all the way through the universe and back. I wish you comfort in hard days, Marty, confidence when somebody wants to degrade or hurt you, happiness to chase away any sadness, a warm glow around your heart when you think of us and our love, that you can feel my kisses and hugs before you go asleep, that the feeling of us being back together never fades and brightens your day, and that you never forget how awesome, YES, AWESOME you are!

Have lots of inner peace, Marty. No man in any universe is loved more than you are.       

Special birthday kisses, my great and one love. 






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