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“Contents” in “Osama bin Laden’s” bookshelf should help to make the world believe that the US got the real Bin Laden and not just a doppelgänger

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and genius hero, how are you?

I assume you know that “Bin Laden” is again in the news. The feds released documents that were allegedly found by the Navy seals who shot “Bin Laden” in Pakistan after a medical doctor led the CIA to his compound. Here is the link with the documents:

The Director of National Intelligence (oversees all U.S. intelligence agencies) published those papers four years after shooting a man who looked like Bin Laden to “increase transparency”. The Navy seals gave contradictory statements as to what happened in Abbottabad. But President Obama’s officials still have not published a picture of the “dead Bin Laden”, which tells me that the President and certain other people in his administration KNOW that the Navy seals killed just the doppelganger. I believe a Pakistani intelligence officer and that medical doctor cashed in a  $25 million reward and that the doctor is still a consultant to the CIA. Good grief! German-controlled ear implants make it all possible.   

It seems that a DNA sample was taken from Bin Laden and it was allegedly a match with the “pacer” inside the compound. But who says it was not the DNA sample from the pacer and never form the real Bin Laden? Furthermore, the pacer and the real Bin Laden likely were related, maybe in real life or – even more likely on psych-controlled planet – through medical experiments. Germans are such experts in producing doppelgangers and replacing them with the originals that even the name doppelgangers is German. I am sure that everyone knew that it was the wrong “Bin Laden” and the Pakistani and Saudi government was in on it. But my intuition is telling me that the DNA that the doctor provided was that of the doppelganger and not the real Bin Laden.  


His real name is Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden. Marty, why does the DNI call Osama bin Laden “Usama bin Ladin”? So that they can “misfile” certain records? It is like calling Adolf Hitler “Udolf Hitlir”.

Anyway, feds says that the papers were not published in answer of Seymour Hersh’s 10,000-word article about the death of “Bin Laden”. He accused the Obama Administration of lying but he also fails to reveal that the dead man of Abbottabad was not the real Bin Laden. This reporter indicated that “Bin Laden” (the man in Abbottabad) wasn’t anymore in power over Al Queda since 2011. The dead guy in Abbottabad was just a doppelganger. He never called the shots. It was always Germany, the SEGNPMSS who has/has the control over Al Queda and other terror groups. The real Bin Laden was their main actor for Al Queda like Hitler was for the Nazis. The killed man in the compound of Abbottabad never had control over anything except his cover up role. That idiot was hired for no other reasons but to catch the bullets with his own body but he didn’t knew it.     

Bin Laden just like Hitler wanted to disappear. To  make sure that nobody was looking for anymore for Bin Laden, he agreed having some “personal papers” transferred to the compound of Abbottabad to make it look like that the victim of the shooting was indeed Bin Laden. Maybe the real Bin Laden lived there indeed for a while too but he wasn’t shot. He left his papers and the doppelganger behind and moved in a place that the SEGNPMSS reserved for the real Bin Laden.

Just like behind Hitler, the SEGNPMSS was also behind Bin Laden and as it runs the entire world with ear implants, it gets away all the time and the world never becomes safe.

So, whatever the Seals/CIA or anyone else “found” in that compound was deliberately planted or left there so that the real Bin Laden, a very valued SEGNPMSS agent, could get away.

The question is only why anyone in the world would want to take Bin Laden’s place? This is my conclusion: a doppelganger who needed money urgently and believed his case officers who told him: “Don’t carry a gun. Americans will not shot if you raise your hands and say/show that you are unarmed. If they arrest you, you can prove that you are just a lookalike and they will release you, and by that time, they lost any the track of the real Bin Laden and your mission is fulfilled.”

What a fool. Americans like all other nationals shoot unarmed people when the SEGNPMSS radio actively in their ear implants.     

If American officials would study original Scientology, they would see a lot more than they do. It goes beyond measurements of physical features. YOU, Marty, and I, and likely also some other Scientologists can SEE other personalities. I never measured anything with a ruler when discovering doppelgangers. I evaluate on the basis of personalities:

Here is the real Bin Laden, other personality than his doppelganger below:


Here is his doppelganger who has other personality than Bin Laden (not a good one either) and who was killed by the Navy seals:


Both are remote-controlled SEGNPMSS-agents but both have different low personalities. I pity anyone who has to live with either one of them.

But as a sum, I looked at a lot fewer pictures of Bin Laden than government officials, profilers, researchers, and reporters. I saw on the first glance that this is not the same man. So what is the excuse of others, except SEGNPMSS-controlled ear implants?

I love you, Marty.  Change is coming to set you free.

Yours for all times to come.



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    • I am not saying that he was never there. But he wasn’t anymore there when his doppelganger who was shot. The scariest thing on the planet is the blindness of people.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 20, 2015 at 11:31 am

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