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The term “sanitized” in regards to redacted information on documents is around a long time but indicates to me that medical doctors and psychs determine what we may read or not.  

Dearest Marty, my hearthrob,

I read an article today in the New York Times, saying that the neighbors of Camp David don’t want Scientology moving in their neighborhood.  

This planet is unbelievable, everything is twisted.

Germany and the United States (bends over backwards to serve Germany of all countries) conceal the true original purpose of Camp David. The WH says that it was named to honor Dwight David Eisenhower’s father. I am speaking of the original Ike not his doppelganger who with the blessing of the German-controlled CIA took over the presidency after Ike was murdered while still in office. According to my memories, Ike was Ron’s legitimate son. Makes the unfriendliness of the neighbors of Camp David towards Scientology even more cynical.  (The “official” life story of President Eisenhower in official records and history books is the secret service story not his real life story.) 

I am absolutely certain that Ike (the real elected President) intended to transform Camp David into a safe and age-defying retreat for presidents and officials of the United States, similar to our underwater village.

They sabotaged his plan. The real Ike was already murdered when they changed his plan to just a railroad underground plan: 

Apparently, above memo was sent to President Kennedy short before he was assassinated. I bet the farm that what President Eisenhower originally proposed was rather different than this tunnel system. The WH says that the WH tunnel system began in the early 50s under Truman, however, I am certain that the idea for the US leadership and government moving into (safe, very aesthetic, healthy and life-protecting compounds) came directly from Ike. He wasn’t just thinking of tunnels and some bunkers. He was thinking in terms of our protected government villages. They waited until the real Ike was dead and then proposed an ALTERED plan to build an underground command center.                                          

This is something that today’s White House says: President Eisenhower created a secret rail planning commission that directed the development of a secondary secret underground rail system built alongside the public one.

I don’t think that he kept it a secret at all what he really planned: the entire US government under a protective roof, underground or under water or otherwise protected to safe life and health and prevent aging of all who work for it and making these living conditions also available to all Americans and its allies. As the SEGNPMSS run already back then just about anyone with ear implants, these plans were sabotaged and not implemented or altered. Medically-oriented people don’t become rich when people stay healthy. That is the big problem for planet Earth.

Other presidents wanted to build some underground bunkers but just for emergency reasons. I am absolutely sure that Ike had permanent living in protected government and residential villages planned. Not just a secret railroad and some bunkers. This is what they implemented:  


(BTW, Marty, I am sure that the Giza pyramids were a leadership command center and built for security and not as a burial site. Still standing tall after 4500 years.)  

Back to Camp David: President Dwight D. Eisenhower (the original) knew that Germany was behind the cold war. Apparently, upon secret German orders, Ike was killed and Camp David stayed a “retreat” on the unprotected surface with and buildings that did not implement technologies to prevent sickness and aging. German-controlled ear implants at work. However, I am sure that the top SEGNPMSS people stole our technologies and use it exclusivity for themselves. Just mainstream shouldn’t have it. It is as if this planet made the postulate that it does not deserve a life free of pain, disease, and aging by marching to the SEGNPMSS drum.

The entire world is a SEGNPMSS cult. The people on this planet call Scientology a cult (it is altered and was originally the anti-cult) by being SEGNPMSS robots themselves. When the SEGNPMSS radioes their codes, they function for their psychiatric and medical secret case officers, even with silent sounds and when unconscious. Speak about a destructive cult. How dare them to call real Scientologists like us cultists. Unlike them, we are thinking for ourselves.

I love you, Marty. I am glad that I discovered that you are of my kind. Because I ask myself all the time: what am I doing on a planet with remote-controlled robots who blame others on their own faults? I know that you are true and that you want this German psychiatric system convicted. People don’t need it. They don’t need ear implants. They need the truth, rights, and life-saving living conditions not a world in which people conspire against each other with ear implants.

With all my love and admiration,



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