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Germany used the Spaniards against the Incas to get the Inca gold, silver and emeralds to Europe (and Germany still works hard at this plan to get all riches of the planet and beyond)

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince, how are you?

The Inca had gold, silver, copper, and  emeralds, and Germany wanted those riches nearby in Germany or at least nearby in Europe. Nothing has changed. The same plan still exists. Even the Scientology sea org reserves are in Europe. Nobody more greedy but Germany, particularly the Bavarians and the psychiatric and medical minds (once barbers and butchers) behind it.

So, there were the Inca who built roads, bridges, and towns high up in the Andes mountains. They had a government and a fast communication system, like the Pony Express, without the horses. Their terrace farming is pretty interesting. They worked together, their shared their crops and helped their elders or those in need. For Earth measures, that part was pretty good.

However, there are clear indicator to me that also the Incas (and not just the Spaniards) had already German-controlled ear implants.  

In the lifestyle of the Inca, I miss that they didn’t taught reading and writing to everyone, that they built buildings on the unprotected surface of the world, which means aging and disease, etc. The girls were married to men much too young. Parents cared for their kids but their relations were not real tender and playful. There was also superiority toward their own Inca “commoners” who didn’t have the same rights as the nobles. Only the simple folk had to pay taxes and they were not free to travel. Actually, it reminds me to the German invention of communism and cults. They tossed off the mountains some of who they thought had broken the law.  They didn’t just wear gold ear plugs on the outside, they had ear-implants in their middle ears, and Germany, particularly Bavarians controlled them secretly through these implants like any other nation on Earth since they landed on this planet maybe 4500 – 5000 year ago. I can’t help it, I simply know, and I am sure you do too, Marty.  


Anyway, the German/Bavarian-controlled Spaniards didn’t come to remedy what the Incas could do better but Germany wanted the Inca riches in Europe. They radioed in the ear-implants of the Spaniards to steal the Inca treasures and bring them to Europe. Although each nation is controlled by ear-implants, Germans, particularly Bavarians think they are superior to everyone, although their tonelevels are the lowest of the lowest. Instead of changing to the better, they take as they think wrongfully that this brings them up to higher levels.  

Once the Spaniards returned to Europe with the treasures of the Inca, Germany, particularly Bavaria for sure found a way to take lots of it from the Spaniards, either by taking it directly or using another ear-implant controlled nation to take it from Spain. They may have even used their agents in the Vatican to get the Inca treasures from the roman-catholic Spaniards.  I am sure most of what their Spanish agents robbed from South America it is secretly in German/Bavarian hands or should I better say claws? I know how they are. I know what they want.



Everything that was stolen from South America should be given back to it. 

The Inca started out as a small tribe but within just 100 years, the Inca conquered tribe after tribe until they became the largest empires in the world. It was easier for Germany and the ear-implanted Spaniards that they sent to take the South American riches to take from ONE empire and not having to deal with many tribes, even if they all had ear-implants. Making one big system surrender is easier than 500 systems.   

Another indicator reason for German-ear implants is that the Incas failed to fight the Spaniards successfully back. Like the Jews in Germany didn’t fight the Nazis in Germany back, the Incas didn’t fight back as they should. And on top of it, Germany used the ear-implants in the ears of other South American tribes to help the Spaniards. For example: They radioed the Incas to “attach” other tribes and if one was unwilling, the Incas were violent. The same tribes that had hard feelings towards the Incas helped then the Spaniards, the German agents, to defeat the Incas. And it was all about the treasures of South America that Germany, particularly Bavarian wanted to have.   

Later, Spain also provided a safe haven for numerous Nazis and allowed them to enjoy a retirement without regret or atonement. The Nazis were notorious in their pursuit of gold. As I said, German-controlled ear implants at work. It is the biggest trap on Earth. Not even on Earth, in the entire universe. Agents against agents. People don’t make their own decisions, who has their freaking ear-implant codes make the decision for them, and the rest is history.    

Many kisses, my darling. I love you.

Yours forever,








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