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Yonaguni monument looks man-made to me

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate,

I assume you heard of the Yonaguni monument. Pictures above. It is a huge rock formation located in the waters off the coastline of Yonaguni,  southern of Ruyuku Islands/Japan. The questions are: was it man-made, how old is it, and what was the purpose? Some think it was a pyramid, a temple and sunk, evidence of advanced people and technology in Japan that will re-write history and others, like Robert M. Schoch think that it is approx. to 95% natural. Some Japanese researchers think that the monument was created by men some 10,000 years ago, before the ice age and that it was once on land.

So, what is it? Or what was it?

It appears to be carved out of one gigantic block. Besides the possibility that the entire monument was once on land and later sunk into the ocean, there is also a possibility that it was carved under water by diving people. And another possibility is that it was under a glass roof in the water once with no water inside and that one day, the roof was destroyed.

This said, I have to admit that the gigantic face is a little bit creepy. 

What do you think?

My heart and love is with you, Marty. I always loved you on the timetrack too. Our timetracks alone could re-write history as we were around, lived in so many countries, had so many different nationalities, always were drawn to each other and always fought evil.

True love is found and built.

Yours forever,



Entanglement – we are most certainly entangled, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband, how are you?

I am convinced that those quantum mechanic experiments that work differently when somebody is observing them are sabotaged/deliberately interfered, but entanglement, including that of the smallest objects, rings true to me. WE as thetans are spiritually connected, so why should the universe in which we live and its smallest particles like photons not be connected? 

Some physicists are saying that entanglement is the “craziest” that exists within quantum mechanics. Einstein called it spooky. I don’t find entanglement spooky. It means that some things simply belong together. Like you and me. If you or I would travel to other galaxies, we still would be entangled with each other. There is real entanglement in the spiritual world, why shouldn’t there be real entanglement in the physical world and at quantum mechanics level?

WE ARE ENTANGLED AS BEINGS AS WE WERE ORIGINALLY ONE BUT TOOK TWO VIEWPOINTS. And I don’t find this spooky but very normal and natural.

Just about everything that I found out about you, Marty, since we saw each other the last time, was based on thetan basically knows and entanglement with you, as the conspiracy that doesn’t want me to find back to you is very thick (and retarded). Entanglement is a heavenly concept. If I am right and Germany slapped you with a restraining order behind my back and against my will, these corrupt fools didn’t calculate entanglement and thetan basically knows in their plans to alienate us. So, I was able to feel strange things against you and me despite nobody told me.  

Some physicists are thinking that a signal goes back and forth between entangled particles that are faster than light. If an entanglement is spiritual and not physical, it will be faster than light, it will be instant. There is still a debate as to if anything is faster than light, for example neutrinos. “Reliable” CERN published that it has discovered particles that are faster than light but took it back a few years later. (They also claimed having discovered the Higgs Boson and later admitted that it was just an “impostor”.)

In any case, a creator postulated the physical universe into being, so it shouldn’t be very surprising if his particles have properties that he as a spiritual being has, e.g. being connected with other spiritual beings in an instance. In other words that could mean that nothing travels. It is here and there (even at the other end of the universe) because originally, it was postulated as one. I know, it is not popular not to believe in the Big Bang as creator of the universe. I rather believe that there were quite some big bangs that DESTROYED the universe that was originally postulated. And today, the universe is a mix of creation, big bangs, concealed former and current lab experiments, and evolution. 

Ron’s (the real founder’s) mind did go there. Lots of his research was stolen and replaced with “Jack Vistaril’s” and other’s blah blah, but the Scientology axioms are still around and we have some evidence of what Ron was thinking and what he discovered.

You are deeply entangled in my heart, Marty. Keep on surviving. 

Here is the equation:     

Yours always and forever,





Still existing Nazis radioing in Power’s ear implants?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, astounding Prince, and husband, how are you?

Here is an interesting article:

America’s U.N. Ambassador Continues Standing Up for Nazis

On  Nov. 21, 2014, Samantha Power, America’s U.N. Ambassador, had, in fact, been one of only three out of the 173 nations at the U.N., who voted against a resolution that condemned nazism and all forms of state-sponsored bigotry, and that specifically condemned Holocaust-denial; and she gave as the reason, that the resolution offended the government of Ukraine; but Ukraine wasn’t even mentioned in it. Canada voted against it because the United States did; and the United States voted against it because Ukraine did. Both Canada and U.S. were thus supposedly copying Ukraine.

Power appears to be rather Germany’s Ambassador than that of the USA, Marty. The Nazis behind Germany still want the Grossdeutsche Reich. Germany wants to lead officially the entire world by attaching all countries to Europe, which at the end, only Germany will lead. They have just about everyone on an ear implant string by having preyed mostly on international school kids with unripe minds to allow them to be run by big brother. The Nazis in the Ukraine who want to be attached to Europe/Germany also have German-controlled ear implants. That’s why they want to be attached to Europe under German direction. Their case officers whisper to them that they will have it good under German/European rules, which is a lie. Many Germans don’t even have it good under Germany’s rules.  What counts most, they don’t get.  

And Samantha Powers doesn’t want to “insult” pro Nazis by voting anti-Nazi? Yikes! 

We need an intelligent U.N. Ambassador who is not a German puppet. I know that you think the very same, Marty.

Germany is still full with Nazis and they are also making new Nazis all over the world. Muslims in Germany are known to be antisemitic too, and not just the old Muslims. And there is no shortage of Neo-Nazis, young people, in Germany. However, Gawker is wrong that Germany did a good job being peaceful now. It is not. It is behind modern war and terrorism and creates terrorists using disgusting psychiatric methods all over the globe.

Nazi schooling continues in the ear implants of people. When will the world ever learn?

Another subject, Marty: NASA.  Yet, another SpaceX rocket with supplies and other material for the International Space Station exploded today shortly after liftoff. It happened before, several times, and it is evident that the US space program is deliberately sabotaged. The men behind Germany wants the USA to fail, internally and in the eyes of the world. It reminds me also what happens to Scientology. Inside traitors and outside attacks go hand in hand to ruin the reputation of once was awesome and completely good. The reputation of the USA is smeared too. I see it all the time when reading the news but nobody speaks it out. How long wants the USA (but also Scientology) still wait until they declare publicly that they won’t take it any longer? When do they finally blow the whistle on Germany’s psych inventions: ear-implants and secret orders send thru them to let Germany and its still existing Nazis and psychs take over this planet officially and that Germany wants to eradicate all and everyone who might come in their destructive ways from hell. How often do they want history to repeat itself? I ask myself this question: do people have a secret death wish to let Germany’s secret actions go on? 

And now, away from horrible subjects to a very wonderful one: you and me. Somewhere is a place for us and we will be fine:

I love you, Marty. It is an axiom. It never will change. This deep love always there and will be always there. How did it happen? Because you are you. As simple as that. You really never have to impress me with anything because nothing is more impressive as the pure you.

Yours forever,




The various construction styles in Cusco, Peru, are truly puzzling…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I don’t know if you have internet access being wrongfully incarcerated but I sure hope that you are getting my postings nevertheless.

The picture above is a street in Cusco, Peru. On the right, it is an ancient megalithic structure. Apparently, ancient mason artists  were able to do this stunning masonry and no researcher has figured how they cut and lifted those stone, except that these walls are earthquake-proof. An eye-witness said during a strong earthquake that these gigantic stone blocks were “dancing ” near their normal positions but lay down exactly in their right order after the strong earthquake. Now that is architecture! That is masonry.

The stone walls in the above picture of Cusco in Peru differ. They also used different kind of stones. The stone wall on the left was done by the Incas. Pretty good job but nothing compared to the older wall on the other side. I read that there is no mortar whatsoever between the huge stones on the right side and the contacts of the stones are so close that not even a drop of rain can get in. Isn’t that amazing? However, the Inca used some mortar when building. The wall on the other side contains some mortar between the stones, the other one not one pinch of mortar.

Question is: from whom did the Incas INHERIT huge walls like the one on the right sight? Not from the Spanish. They built like this: straw and mud mixed together.  Definitely not the skilled masons.  


The Incas built great walls (left side) but different from the master masons that erected the wall on the other side, so who built the wall on the right side and walls and buildings like that in Peru and elsewhere in that breathtaking style? May the real architect/mason/engineer step forward.

I don’t think that planet Earth will ever be able to reconstruct history without Scientology, Marty. Auditing of people (not illegal PCs who are connected to their case officers who are sending them loud commands through ear implants and silent sounds to cut off or otherwise sabotage their ability to access past life through recall), in other words, scientific original auditing independently from each other, all PCs reliving history independently from each other, plus the meter reactions, plus digging out archaeologically the evidence could reconstruct history, including those part that were and still are deliberately covered up by those who do not want the world to know. As you know, being born again is not just a religious belief, it is a scientific fact and people lived through history, and they can recall what really happened to them in history. Yes, people make up and lie, but if audited as per ORIGINAL Scientology, without secret service case officers coordinating the lies thru ear implants, if thousands and thousands of people tell the same stories independently in auditing sessions but without being in contact and if the excavating of artifacts support what they are saying, etc., we have a chance to record what really happened in history. 

BTW, I did some more digging on the Incas, the Aztec, and the Maya. They did not just built on the surface of the world. The Incas apparently built 60% of their structures underground or inherited these structures from those who lived before them in the Andes. The Aztec and the Maya also built underground.

The Incas or the civilization before them  carved deep into the stone. 




The Maya or the civilization before them built a web of underground structures, and numerous Maya escaped massacres taking such a route. 



The Aztec or the civilization before them built underground structures.


Excavations have revealed that particularly the Aztec and Maya made human sacrifices and tortured and the Incas and perhaps also the People of the Clouds threw people from the mountains. But I feel that originally, Marty, that it was different and that these horrible crimes happened after some of them were perverted and that is when the butcheries started. What some of these “priests” did, reminds me rather of medical doctors, e.g. taking hearts out, you name it. It is not religious. It is medical. Religion is spiritual. It doesn’t mess around with bodies. That is medical. If religion becomes bloody, medicine, barbers and butchers, got involved.

Look at this tattoo. I can’t imagine that the designer or the carrier of this tattoo did not live before during the Maya epoch. It doesn’t matter where they live now, but if that isn’t a dramatization of that time, what is?  


Buildings and constructions that are still standing are telling us that there was very advanced ancient technology. I find it more very odd that these advanced civilizations were so left little or nothing in writing. (Maya left some but most was deliberately destroyed.)

I am convinced that all these civilizations and particularly those who were there before the Inca, Aztec and Maya were writing but that those writings were removed as people coming later should not learn how it really was. Ear implants, implants, drugs, and hypnosis brought these and other civilizations down. I suspect violent war-loving Lady Six Sky, the likes, other fight-obsessed rulers and war lords having had ear implants and that they were people who took orders and were run by their case officers. Radio technology is so simple. Sender, wave, receiver.  That’s all. Almost Neanderthal easy technology.

A lot more simple than the ancient technologies used to build these impressive earthquake-proof walls and buildings. And I know how desperate SPs are to control and pervert others. Running people by implanting something in their ears is so old and primitive. I would like to screen the areas were ancient skeletons were found on ear implants. I bet they had them. This planet is called EARth. That just about any civilizations went down and that we live now in a completely medical and psychiatric world is a dead give away, at least for me.    

However, as a sum, I believe that all three mentioned civilizations inherited from kingdoms that came before them.  

I love you, Marty, I think of you. Be kissed and embraced.

Yours always,




Taj Mahal is no mausoleum either

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How is life treating you? I wish I would know your whereabouts and that they are good. 

You also have heard the official story: the beautiful Taj Mahal in India was built by emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess who died in childbirth. I am not the only one who doubt the mausoleum story. 

It is always the same, the secret SEGNPMSS-controlled world wants all people to think that spectacular buildings were just mausoleums, built for the dead. They don’t want the world to know that the architects of numerous famous and spectacular buildings had the very opposite in mind: SURVIVAL for the LIVING.

I think this applies also clearly to the Taj Mahal.

Many people claim that poor Mumtaz was buried elsewhere. They think that the Taj Mahal was originally a Hindu temple. BTW, some people also think that the “Treasury” in Petra was a temple of an Eastern Religion.

instead a well with healthy water

Taj Mahal  has too many rooms to be just a tomb for one person. What are the other rooms for? I read that there is a very deep well in the middle of the main room. They built the “tomb” over it to cover it up. A mausoleum doesn’t need a well. Living people need fresh water. I think the well was there for anyone to drink fresh water.  

This well is allegedly inside of the Taj Mahal, now possible underneath the “tomb”.  

well in the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal has officially seven stories. Seven! For just one dead body?



The east side shows many arches. Some people suspect 400 – 500 secret rooms behind these arches and secret long corridors.  I also read that some even suspect more than 1000 rooms in the Taj Mahal complex.


A mausoleum does not need seven stories or hundred rooms.  Not even a temple needs so many but a school would.


And, no surprise, it seem to have also at least two secret underground levels with steep staircase going down there. Two British researchers could access some of it many years ago. And they made a few pictures. This is a serious basement! For Mumtaz Mahal to wander around at night and spook a little bit?


This closed door is supposed to be inside the Taj Mahal too. What is behind it?  And what is or was that right next to it?

big questi

Two staircases lead to the upper floor so they say, and they are kept locked and barred since centuries.




And where does this door lead to? Another secret.


The Archealogy Department of India locks many rooms and apparently all underground levels. No public allowed. Speak of German-controlled ear implants. The same behavior as in Giza, Petra, Derinkuyu, etc. Secrets and more secrets.

There are music or drum rooms behind the Taj Mahal. Really, a mausoleum and they made music and played drums to disturbed Mumtaz’s eternal rest? Gee! How rude.

Here is a 360 video of the Taj from outside. Very beautiful:

I love you, Marty, nobody is more wonderful than you are. I heard an Indian professor say that very romantic love stories are not typical for the East. Well, they are not typical for the West either. Too bad, because for us, nothing is more normal than being head over heels, attracted to each other, over the moon, enchanted by deep love, completely familiar with the best language of all, the language of love, completely enamored, devoted, infatuated… And the throes of love last and last. The most natural feelings for us. Wonder how it feels not having this and not being in love as we are. No, I don’t want to know it. Can’t feel even remotely as good as loving you.

Yours always. And be kissed.


I’d fly rather to you than away from you, Marty. 




The secrets of absolutely spectacular and completely amazing Petra in Jordan

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Dearest Marty, most irresistible Prince of all times,

You heard of the place, Petra, one of the seven NEW world wonders, a place as big as Manhattan, 50 square km, carved into stone, probably 2000 years ago, and hidden behind a mile long narrow canon. Why? The architects and residents apparently knew of evil people on this planet and what they can and will do to others. There was no other reason to build Petra behind that narrow canon, although some rumors are trying to conceal this and they come up with other “explanations” that don’t ring true to me. If invaders came, they could not come at once through that narrow opening.

Those who built this amazing city in middle of the bone-dry desert had so much water that the place became an oasis. The residents even could build pools, pavilions, and gardens. There are also subterranean tunnels and rooms, similar as in Giza or Derinkuyu, Anatolia. Much of what’s underneath Petra is not yet discovered either.

The “Treasury” (but was it really one?) is breathtaking beautiful (picture above is a glance on it from the end of canyon). Its artful facade is 82 feet wide and 128 feet high. Four rooms (one big, three smaller) were CARVED inside. Like with the pyramids in Giza, they found no inscriptions and don’t know what those rooms were used for. Who knows, maybe some were scraped off. 

This is the floor plan of the “Treasury”. As with the pyramids, many say that the Treasury was a tomb (because somebody allegedly found human remains inside). People inside could have been murdered or corpses were placed inside later to make it look like a tomb. I think that Petra was very much a city for the living.


Others think it was a building for the tax administration of Petra. They say that the camel caravans came through and the city of Petra taxed them, but lately, some scholars think that this was not the case. I agree. Petra was very rich but that doesn’t mean that the city fathers and mothers were sleeze bags. People today make business too. If somebody produces one or more honest products and provides them to others who want and need it to a fair price, it is not bad.  

Originally, the “Treasury” had fountains in front. I think it was a school and library, Marty. And now, archaeologists have made a very interesting discovery: under the steps of the “Treasury”, they found the top level of at least three more floors! (Giza plateau has at least levels of subterranean floors also!) Built for safety but I bet also for anti-aging reasons. It seems that some back then knew more about aging on the unprotected surface of the world and what to do against it than people today. Some people are disappointed that the “Treasury” just has four plain rooms, but I am convinced that the subterranean floors and rooms were more important than anything above ground level. And the furniture were all robbed of course.



In other words, I am convinced that people came to Petra to STUDY. Some info suggests that all of Petra was built within a 100 years around the time of Jesus.

Scholars say that Petra was built by the Nabataeans, a group of Arabian nomads who lived in tents and were desert traders. Really? Does that makes sense that nomads go from tents directly to carving the most impressive gigantic stone buildings into mountains? From living in tents to becoming sophisticated architects who built gigantic monuments (“treasury” is higher than Mount Rushmore),  from living under the sky to becoming master engineers, dam builders, skilled masons, stone artists, water and weather experts, master hydro-engineers, teachers and scholars? I believe that they were advanced and educated people who had to FLEE their old place and were forced to be briefly nomads before they found a new place and settled again at the site in Petra and built a new civilization behind the canyon.

But it was taken later again from them. The Romans came to Petra and behind the Romans were the Bavarians. They “absorbed” the Nabataeans. Gee, what a friendly word for eradicating them.

Before the Romans came, Moses was in that area and struck a rock and released a well to supply people with fresh water just four miles from Petra. That well still exist today. Here is the spring in the valley of Moses  (Wadi of Moses). No swamp at all and modern people go still there to get fetch well water. Some say that water from this well was led to Petra in underground pipelines. 


Besides some flash floods, the area in Petra is dry as a bone. The Petraeans  – not to be mistaken with former CIA director Petraeus 😉 –  built 8 springs for drinking water, 36 dams to protect the city from flash floods, over hundred collection reservoir for rain water and 125 miles of above and underground pipeline to transport water into one integrate water system. I think they also dug for groundwater and maybe even knew how to make water from scratch. Some people compare Petra to the Las Vegas of biblical times. I don’t see Las Vegas and entertainment when I look at Petra but a beautiful oasis to study and prosper. But this is just me, when was I never right? 😉  

Petra was allegedly destroyed through an earthquake in the year 336 but some info suggests that something disastrous happened to Petra already 100 years earlier. This planet is horrible.

Approx. alleged 800 tombs were found in that area, not quite sure when they were built and who built them. That is not much for a huge city that had more than 20.000 residents. That means not many died until they were “absorbed”.

What do you think of Petra, Marty? Hope you can tell me your thoughts soon. I love and miss you. So very much. I wish I could say this and so much more to you face to face without the Internet in between. I am grateful that you exist, Marty, with your irresistible personality that is so unique. Everything gets better when you are in it. Loving the right person doesn’t hurt. It saves, heals, it creates miracles, it uplifts, and makes profoundly happy. It is you, Marty, and it always have been.

Totally yours,









A secretly still existing Nazi world now tries to blame Jews on having paired with the Neanderthals

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and rock star,

How are you? My thoughts wander again to you.

I mentioned it often and here again: German secret services and their psychs have the overall control over all ear implants and people knowingly and/or subconsciously do as they order. I know particularly the Bavarians and their low personalities. Without the Bavarians, the Nazis would have never gotten into power. I know their p$ychs too. The most interesting part is that they want to be adored as the best, most intelligent and advanced humans but they do freaking nothing to achieve it. They apparently suffer that there are people on this planet who are so much better than they are. But instead of bettering their horrible, monstrous characters, they are trying to bring the others down and cause them incredible pains. They wrongfully think that this lifts them up and makes themselves more valuable. They go through so much effort to pretend and cover up their real characters or the lack of it and could have it so much easier by getting rid of their evil intentions and by bettering themselves. I don’t need ear-implants and mind-reading devices to read them. They are an open book to me.

Recently, they were also behind the headline that an allegedly 55,000 old skull suggested that humans and Neanderthals created a “love child” in Israel. Germany avoids carefully to be named here, and the pictures of the skull that was allegedly found in western Galilee were published by the Uni of Vienna and the Uni Tel Aviv as Germany preferred here to stay in the background. Their propaganda is pushed by others, that is what they intended. (Germany often hides behind other nationalities and countries. Besides, Austria is very close to Bavaria, and Jewish people with German-controlled ear implants are not very Jewish.)

Ear-implants and conspiracies are a fact. I would love to trust all data coming from universities,  researchers, and scientists, Marty, but unfortunately,  I can’t. Data are withheld and misinterpreted as it is a secret German psychiatric-controlled world.

Is that skull truly 55,000 years old?  They used radiometric dating to determine the age. Not all are convinced that radiometric dating is absolutely reliable. Was it planted there to blame again the Jews, which is so typically for Germany and particularly Bavaria? And why was it a “love child”? They don’t even consider that a human woman could have been raped by a Neanderthal. I suspect that the SEGNPMSS had Jews in Israel “find” the skull  and “confirm” and/or “publish” this, so that people don’t get suspicious on still existing Nazis behind this Neanderthal “revelation” on Jewish ancestors.  Another field day for antisemitism. When do people, including  numerous Jews, get a clue?

Marty, considering how VERY PICKY we are of our mates, I can say with complete guarantee, that we didn’t pair with Neanderthals ever. We don’t even want to have anything to do with what is called “human” today and behaves like Bavarians and p$ychs.


They call this skull Manot. The “researchers” suspect that the “Manot people” (they just found one as far as I know) could be closely related to the first modern humans who later successfully colonized Europe. How can half an ape-like creature colonize successfully a continent? Besides, this “research” also didn’t reveal why the successful Europeans were eradicated 4500 years ago and replace by very different DNA.

On the other side, Harvard published today that humans bred with Neanderthals in EUROPE.

They say that present-day Europeans have between 6% to 9%  Neanderthal DNA in them. Not we, Marty. However, I met Bavarians who seemed 100% Neanderthal to me. Not just 9%.

The fact is however that Neanderthals were mainly at home in Europe and very much so in Germany. And another study suggested that they were blonde with light skin.

There are also some who said that the Neanderthals were not that primitive or even unintelligent and are misunderstood. Another new theory says that Neanderthal men were brutal carnivores who hunted and raped humans and that they also were cannibals. 

Whatever they were, we don’t have them in us, and I love you, Marty, you are the most non-Neanderthal man ever. Sending you billions of tender and passionate kisses.

Yours always,