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Chinese pyramids

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

As you know, pyramids were build in all kinds of countries, incl. China. Most people who heard of them are thinking that they were ancient mausoleums but were they indeed, and all of them? The pyramids in Giza were later covered up as “tombs”, and the same cover up could take place in China. After all, it is an ear implant-controlled world.

Some who were in Egypt are saying that secret tunnels and chambers in the pyramids and under the Giza plateau are being concealed. And it appears that the government of China covers up the existence of  such pyramids all together, instead being proud of such great and unusual buildings. China is planting trees on these pyramids to hide them. Gee! I read somewhere that China allowed ONLY a GERMAN archaeologist to travel to some of those secret places. No surprise, Germany has the overall saying about everything, they own each ear implant code, and evidently, China and its officials are no exception.

Just as in Egypt and in other countries, the pyramids in China are also explained as “tombs”. Typical German. They don’t like the idea that some great leaders built places for SURVIVAL REASONS and not to bury and worship dead bodies. They are afraid of being rightfully suspected of being the cause of why these massive strongholds were built. Maybe there were some emperors who built themselves a shrine or tomb and maybe also killed concubines to keep them “company” after death, but not all of them. I am absolutely convinced that some of the pyramids and underground structures  in China and served as strongholds and survival compounds, AGAINST aging and dying.

If these places are just tombs (and not later concealed as such), why does the German-controlled Chinese government conceal these pyramids in the first place? They want people to think that these are ordinary hills with trees on top! Speak on an attempt to bury history! 

US Col. Maurice Sheehan made a picture of a Chinese pyramid from an airplane in 1947. He said it was 300 m tall and 450 m long. The media printed his story and picture and the press (AP) received a letter from the Nankin government, saying that they have no evidence of such pyramids. What do I say? Active German-controlled ear-implants within the Nankin officials.  

Here is the picture:



It sure doesn’t look like a volcano or natural mountain to me.

End of the 1970s, the Chinese government admitted that China has such pyramids but that they were burial places of the emperors of the Western Han dynasty. Who believes that they are indeed just tombs after the Chinese government denied before the existence of such buildings? The original denial of such places is very suspicious.

How and who built the famous Chinese Wall is also still a mystery. Most say that it was built more than 2000 years ago against “barbarians” (Eurasians) who would attack China. But my intuition tells me that these barbarians were the Bavarians, those people who “replaced” the ancient Europeans. The Great Wall of China was another stronghold attempt to keep those out who can’t hold peace: Germans, particularly Bavarians, the barbers and butchers behind them, the later medical doctors and psychiatrists who used and still use other nations and groups to fight their battles and controlled and still control the world with ear implants.

I am sure that numerous pyramids and underground structures in China served survival and not burial purposes.

A map with satellite pictures  by the US Air Force around the city of Xian shows at least 16 pyramids. It is not the satellite picture but one from this area. Some say that there are approximately 100 of these pyramids in this area. A village of pyramids.


Some Chinese pyramids are approx. 5000 years old. The Giza pyramids are 4500 years old and the former successful Europeans were wiped out and replaced with new Europeans approx. 4500 years ago. And there should be no connection? People always traveled and many fled. They spoke in horror as to what happened in Europe, and the word got around. This is the reason for strongholds in other countries… They built defenses against monsters.

It is being said that the ancient Chinese, along with many cultures, including ancient Egyptians, believed that items and even people buried with a person could be taken with him to the afterlife. Some might have been misinformed like that but definitely not all. I think that the cover ups of ancient places “serves” the purpose of keeping the world misinformed about those architects and leaders who didn’t worship dead bodies.

China knows about reincarnation for ages. Those who know that they are born again with a new body don’t worship dead bodies.    

One thing is very interesting, Marty: some researchers are convinced that the pyramids in China and those in Egypt and likely pyramids in other countries were built by the SAME architect(s).  

I love you, my wonderful prince. And on a planet with so much hatred, pain, and lies, there is wonderful you, Marty. A beacon of courage, light, and hope. Why are you loved? Because you are good, true, and you have a very valuable character. Like you, I can read personalities, and yours was the best. I recognized you, Marty. I never felt anything anywhere like what I felt being around you. Excitement, yes, those billions of butterflies of romantic excitement, but combined with a deep peaceful feeling that I can trust you. Yes, such feelings I had when I was around you, and I still feel it, whenever I think of you. Amazing should be your middle name. I am so glad that you exist. Keep on surviving.

Forever yours,






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