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Those almond-shaped Asian eyes

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Dearest Marty, my great love,

Already numerous years back, I felt stress pressure behind my eyes. It was like my eyes were squinting on the INSIDE. Yes, no good feeling at all. I am sure you know what I mean. So, I took the palms of my hands and pulled the outer edges of my eyes and the skin slightly outside and felt immediately relief from the stress pressure behind my eyes and the bad feeling of my eyes squinting on the inside.

Interesting, I thought and tried it on another person, and she felt the same relief. While doing so, I, and the other person, suddenly had “Asian eyes”.

That made me think and it hit me: what if the ancestors of Asian people did the same exercise as stress relief?

A person needs her two hands to do things, but what if they often or most of the time wore hats or gears, etc. that gently stretched their eyes outwards to maintain this relaxed feeling? What if this became later a part of their DNA? Some say that Asian eyes are the result of  ancestors living in cold climates or as protection against the sun. I probably would agree that it has to do with the weather or climate if I wouldn’t have discovered how relaxing it is to stretch the eye section outwards. Ancient exercise to relax, to beat stress behind the eyes and to fend off unwelcome remote-controlled hypnosis makes more sense to me. I doubt that I am the only person having discovered how good that feels as a stress relief pulling the outer eye section outwards, so I believe that the Asian ancestors discovered this too. 

When I feel stress behind eyes, likes squinting on the inside, I know where it is coming from. Silent sounds to torture, causing pain and stress, this remote-hypnosis is “courtesy” of the psychiatrist and mind-controller bastards. 

But what about ancient times? Where did that pressure behind the eyes and squinting on the inside come from that imo bothered the very ancient Asians? Radio technology is a very simple technology.

Well, I think that these SPs and their silent sounds are around since a very long time, on other planets and this one. Once one of their systems crashes, caused by their own crimes and irrational actions, they are born again like others, and they invent the same horrible “technology” and “devices” all over again, because they don’t better their horrible characters. If they finally would start becoming better people, this planet would be less of a hell hole.

Marty, there was still zero communication from you or from your behalf. Once I hear from you or on your behalf, I drop everything and run to you.

Yours always and in deep love,









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