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1) Not all pyramids were built for the same purpose 2) Terracotta Warriors with their 8 different faces

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Dearest Marty, you are the most missed person in the universe, just that you know… You are my sweet and one and only love…

Still having some history on my mind: the pyramids of the Mayan and the Aztecs are impressive buildings too but unlike those for example in Egypt and likely also in China, the South Americans were built with steps for easy access. The pyramids in Egypt had clearly a protective purpose while those in South America appear to have a rather inviting purpose with convenient steps. The Egypt pyramids are clearly fortresses against invaders with the entrance hidden and elevated while for example the Mayan and the Aztecs probably didn’t have protection against invaders on their minds when they designed and constructed the comfortable steps leading to climb their pyramids. The Aztec city Tenochtitlan was built on stakes in a shallow lake. Impressive architecture but a shallow lake doesn’t help much keeping invaders away besides them getting wet feet. The Incas probably had defense and safety in mind, living up in the Andes. When they cut off a bridge made of robes leading from one mountain to the other, their enemies couldn’t move forward or backward. But they couldn’t survive either because Bavaria behind the Spaniards wanted their treasures.      

And speaking a bit more about history: as you know, the official explanation for the Terracotta Warriors are that is a collection of sculptures depicting the armies of the first Emperor of China, Qun Shi Huang, which allegedly had the purpose to protect him in his “afterlife”. I had a look looked at the Terracotta Warriors and it suddenly hit me. What if the purpose of the very realistic 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots and 670 horses (and there could be lots more of these figures) was again TO PROTECT THE LIVING and to scare away those who were watching from some distance, maybe other countries, maybe even outer space? Maybe they were not underground all the time? Maybe some had some x-ray devices and were fooled to think that these warriors are real?

I think this clay army was a great and very innovative idea. The “City of the Death” was according to my intuition a place for survival (complex of timber-lined underground vaults) but unfortunately was destroyed and covered up as burial place later (just like the Egyptian pyramids). It is very well possible that these clay soldiers helped to protect the emperor and his people for quite a while, but too bad, destruction and death always takes over sooner or later in this universe.  

Wasn’t Qun Shi Huang also the emperor who started the construction of the Great Wall of China? He knew that there was evil and he tried to keep it away from his country. I think his alleged brutishness wasn’t true either. He could have ordered more people to become soldiers but instead they were able to do other things while he “manned up” a fake but great and very realistic looking army.

History was and is being re-written by the SEGNPMSS, in regards to this emperor and many others.

Thinking of you, makes my life better, Marty. It is magic how much hope I am getting just by thinking of you. You mean happiness for me. Our love makes life divine. 

Entirely yours,



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  1. Irenia N. Woolens

    June 16, 2015 at 10:12 pm

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