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Auction chant sounds cool and is a lot older and faster than rap

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Can you imagine that there are rarely auctioneer song but tons of much slower rap songs? What’s wrong with that? There should be thousands of auctioneer songs.

Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, here I am again.

How are you?

Sometimes, I get so much on my plate that I have hardly time to get some hours of sleep. I could decline but I always think what if I or someone who I love needs cash and then it is not there? So, not taking any chances.

Anyway, last weekend I attended an auction. I didn’t buy anything because I didn’t need anything. I knew the person whose stuff was auctioned off. In my neck of the woods, in other words, the country, auctions take place all the time. I told this auctioneer that I would love being able to talk as fast as he does. He apparently thought that I am French because he said he would know some French.

In such situations, I dislike having an accent even more, Marty. It is unpractical, it gets in the way, and how can I ever talk as fast as these guys with a German accent? Lol. Nobody would understand a thing. On the other side, these guys speak so fast, that nobody understands anything anyhow, except the slower “Going once, going twice, sold!” or “Going, going, gone!”

I learned that the auctioneers were called Colonel in the past.

Marty, I like these auction chant filler words, they are fun: “The hammers high I got to fly,  Hands should be swinging men, get aboard. Don’t look at her you got the money. Sir, if you really love her, you’ll buy that for her. For your money, it’s a honey. Remember, it wasn’t rainin when Noah built the Ark. Quiet enough to start a prayer meeting. It will be antique one day! Better buy it now, in 20 years it is worth nothing. Take a chance, Columbus did. Keep on bidding, I let you know when it’s getting too high.”

You can talk very fast, I don’t forget this, Marty. You would have won those auctioneer competitions in a heartbeat. 😉 I talk fast too, but my accent is a pain to me. Gets in the way. On the other side, if people have to understand a new concept, I decided to speak as slow as possible.

I love you, my Prince.

Yours always,


Listen how much fun it is listen to some auctioneers. Wonder how he would sound with an accent. RLOF.


Written by Barbara Schwarz

June 9, 2015 at 12:23 pm

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