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Where are the historical records of the Himalayan Towers?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband,

How are you? I am thinking of you. When my day starts bad, I just have to think of you and things become much better.

Have a look at those Himalayan Towers. They are very stable and earthquake-proof buildings, and nobody knows what purpose they served as these people who built them allegedly could not write. Come on, who believes that?

We are living in a German-controlled psychiatric and medical world in which all nationals execute what they hear through their ear implants. Records disappear when these (in the hard-core Bavarian) mind controllers think that the history that they made up for the world is threatened by the truth. They order the removal or alteration of historic records.  

Allegedly, those star-shaped towers, 60 meters high, were built approximately 500-1800 years ago in Tibet at the Chinese border. This is a very broad time period, isn’t it? Allegedly, these towers were built by rich people as a status symbol. Allegedly, these people could not read, write and count. How can people get wealthy by not being able to read, write, and count? How can people build complicated structures that are so stable that they survive wild weather for centuries without having advanced knowledge?

Chinese scholars in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) wrote about some towers in various kingdoms that no longer exist. But nobody mentioned the towers that still exist in any early text, which means, that these texts were REMOVED. It is being said that the tribes who lived in this area spoke different dialects and had no written languages and that even from one valley to the next, the locals couldn’t talk to each other. This makes it even more suspicious that none of these tribes left any records not even drawings in wood or stone. If they were really different cultures, why did they built the same kind of buildings? 

These towers are as tall as modern 15-story buildings and were built with very little mortar. Able to withstand centuries of earthquakes due to their star-shaped corners.  Many of the villages, where the towers are located, have the same names of 18 kingdoms that were previously described in legends only. Again, if the villagers were not communicating with each other, how were they able to build the same technological advanced buildings in their villages? It needs a lot of communication to pass on how to build these enormous buildings.   

Somebody is pulling our legs. Like with the pyramids in Egypt, the entrance to these towers were very high up, on the third  story. Hard to get in for those who didn’t have the right equipment with them. In other words, they were built for defense reasons. Not for status reasons. And why so many towers?  Well if one was besieged, the others were still safe.

Somebody was ALWAYS in the towers on the lookout taking turns, watching the horizon in all directions for suspicious behavior. When the enemy approached, the watch persons alarmed the residents, and they rushed into the towers and waited till the scum left again. They returned to their homes when the enemy had left completely. Smart idea. All records as to the true purpose and as to who ordered or executed the inroads were stolen. Later, a rumor was spread that these people living back then could not read or write and were not advanced. Yeah right.

I love you, Marty. You are SOOOOOO important to me. I think so often to the day when our eyes will meet again. Pure heaven!

Eternally on your side. And I would make place for you and your belonging in my tower AT ANY TIME!




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