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Appearance of the DNA of peaceful Russian nomads does not explain the vanishing of the original successful Europeans 4500 years ago

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

In 2013, some scientists examined the DNA of 37 skeletons found Germany and two from Italy, and they came to the conclusion that the DNA of the original successful Europeans vanished approx 4500 years ago. I mentioned that a couple of time.

Instead of looking around and noticing buildings for extreme defense, pyramids at Giza, towers, underground cities were built at the same time all over the world, some people come up with lame excuses for that disappearance: peaceful nomads or the black death. The plague arrived in Sicily in 1347, right? Not 4500 years ago. But let’s say, there was an epidemic. Why were there NO survivors of the old DNA? Why didn’t the DNA of the original Europeans show up elsewhere if they out of the blue decided to leave their successful lives behind, which they for sure did not

The original old Europeans were successful. They were at home in Europe. If the migrants were peaceful, scientists would have found ALSO the DNA of the successful old Europeans after 4500 years ago among the new DNA. But they didn’t. They just found new DNA. The old Europeans evaporated. Maybe they were burned during a Nazi examination already 4500 years ago. History repeats itself. Sigh.

Marty, as you know, original Scientology auditing, without ear implants in the auditor or PC, the right questions and the results on e-meter could shed light on what really happened. If people re-live the same events independently from each other, history can be reconstructed in addition to the truthful examination of bones, DNA, buildings, other objects, and findings, etc. I came to the conclusion that it was a brutal invasion that came from space and made its home in Bavaria and terrorized the planet ever since.

I saw recently a documentary of the History Channel, Marty. Numerous respected scientists believe that there were once invasions from space on this very planet. If that is crazy, the History Channel and their reporters and sources and many others are crazy too.   

A few days ago, the media reported that Germany’s neighbor Denmark,  researchers in Copenhagen and also at Harvard investigated some very old DNA. It is again about the ancient Europeans. They are saying that they examined the DNA from 170 skeletons that were found from Spain to Russia, and they determined that these old Europeans descended allegedly from three groups that moved into Europe.

So, what time periods did they look at?  How many skeletons from what time exactly?  

Not quite sure how old those bones really are. First, they say that there were allegedly hunters or gatherers in Europe some 45,000 years ago and some farmers joined them about 8000 years ago from the Middle East. Ok, and these Danish/Harvard researchers are saying that approx. 4500 years ago Yamnaya nomads came from Russia to Europe but that this was a peaceful event. How does this explain the disappearance of the original Europeans? 

So, again, who were the monsters who wiped out the original European DNA? Hardly peaceful nomads. Actually, I think it spread like wildfire that the old Europeans “vanished”, and I doubt that the Yamnaya or anyone were so stupid to travel to the place that is called today Bavaria. I wonder if they came on their own or if they were slaves to the invaders?

Giza used 2.3 million stone blocks, weighing an average of 2.5 to 15 tons each to keep the monsters out. The pyramids were no mausoleums all but places of serious defense.

I think that Germany, and particularly Bavaria knows that some real facts about history are about to break, so they trying to blame what happened 4500 years ago on “genetic mutated” Russian nomads.

The Harvard team examined 69 human remains “dating back to 8000 years” (that is very long and unspecific time period, imo) and the Copenhagen team examined 101 skeletons “dating back 3400 years”. That means that Copenhagen just examined those AFTER 4500 years ago. How many of the skeletons that Harvard examined were those from before 4500 years ago? That is not explained. An Australian research team examined  37 skeletal remains from Germany and two from Italy and found the DNA of the original Europeans completely wiped out.

From personal experiences, I know that Denmark does exactly as Germany, particularly Bavaria orders. Same applies unfortunately to the USA too. The last study feels like an arrangement between the two universities and a Germany/Bavaria being fearful of the world learning of yet another gruesome historical event of magnitude. Makes me sometimes think if some these old invaders might be still alive and afraid to be busted? What else are we supposed to think when they are using other nationals to cover up for them that an entire people disappeared?  People do not have to die if they are not killed and can live in environments in which they can protect their bodies.

In any case, if the world would start look around for buildings, structures, writings, and other items and look at them if they were built/created in the same historic period for reasons of defense, then the world will hopefully get that not some peaceful allegedly milk-drinking Russian nomads are responsible for the disappearance of the original Europeans.

I love you, Marty. You and I we are no stranger to this planet. And what a hellhole it is.

But our love is heaven.

Yours forever,







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    September 17, 2015 at 1:24 am

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