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Despite that the USA is only an observer at CERN, Germany behind Europe wants the USA to spent even more millions if not billions of taxpayer’s money on CERN and their LHC smasher toy

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

The LHC subatomic smasher runs again. Can’t wait to hear their enormous discoveries that blow up in smoke just a few weeks, months or years later. They want to bolster or break the Standard Model through those experiments. 

People are confused if CERN found the Higgs boson or not. CERN (under a German director) claimed that they found it just a few years ago. That was a deception and unscientific. Besides, is making false statements after having received billions of dollars not fraud?

The USA paid $531 million already in 1997 to CERN and who knows how much in the following years. CERN (and behind it Germany) keeps on demanding cash from the USA.

On top of it, the USA has already a sub-particle smasher in Fermilabs. According to Forbes, the costs for finding the Higgs Boson was in 2012 already around $13.25 Billion. Yikes. Just because they have the fixed idea that the universe was created by smashing and exploding. 

So again, CERN misled the world by originally telling the press that they found the “Higgs boson”, which allegedly can explain the creation of the universe. This announcement  made huge headlines all over the world. Even if it would exist and be found, Marty, I am sure that you agree with me, it would still not explain the creation of this universe or other universes.

Some said later that they found one or more “Higgs boson” impostors or maybe something else. 

Below is a video with the wishy-washy press CERN conference: “We THINK we have found something. We THINK we’ve found a boson. We AREN’T sure what kind of boson it is. With another 10 years or more years of funding we THINK we MAY be able to determine WHAT we have found. IF we indeed we have found something.” LOL! What you just read is a $13.25 Billion joke.

They are basically saying that they don’t know exactly what they are doing. It is nothing but a fishing expedition by people who don’t know the foggiest about spiritual abilities. I am convinced that what’s giving mass to matter is a postulate by the creator. And just because he doesn’t call them and introduces him to them (for reasons they could figure out), they think he does not exist. Physics without the spiritual background won’t solve the mystery of the universe.

In the press conference, one male reporter asked a valid question and the CERN director gave a pretty weird/confusing and contradictory answer in regards to his existence.

They are getting billions of Dollars but provide no facts just opinions and uncertainties. Guess it is not easy to play God, isn’t it?


And here is the footnote that followed two years later:

A group of researchers, however, has casted doubt on whether or not the supposed particle discovered during experiments with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest and most powerful particle collider in the world, is the long sought after Higgs Boson. Nov 10, 2014

They haven’t found the Higgs boson, they say that they don’t know what they have found and are also saying that they found it faster than expected. WHAT? If one did not find it or does not know what one found, how can one say that one found what one was looking for faster than thought? And they need four years or so to figure what they found if they found something at all? WHAT? 

They are on such a wrong track thinking that smashing or exploding created the universe. As if they still are little kids who blow stuff up to see what happens. You and me, Marty, we are spiritual. For us, it is the biggest joke that so-called educated people think we came to be because particles were smashed together. Maybe it bangs a lot in the heads of those people who think that they were created by a big bang. 

That is called “science”. And we shall bow before it/them. (We don’t.)

Many kisses, I miss you dearly, Marty. I believe in us. You are the one for me, and a gem of a human being. I have no intentions to ever forget you. And I am proud of you, everything that you are. I love you, and did I say, I love you?


Yours and Yours,











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  1. So many billions just to chase a theory. Wow.


    June 20, 2015 at 11:10 am

  2. VW emissions scandal: More cars found to cheat tests


    November 2, 2015 at 3:50 pm

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