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A secretly still existing Nazi world now tries to blame Jews on having paired with the Neanderthals

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and rock star,

How are you? My thoughts wander again to you.

I mentioned it often and here again: German secret services and their psychs have the overall control over all ear implants and people knowingly and/or subconsciously do as they order. I know particularly the Bavarians and their low personalities. Without the Bavarians, the Nazis would have never gotten into power. I know their p$ychs too. The most interesting part is that they want to be adored as the best, most intelligent and advanced humans but they do freaking nothing to achieve it. They apparently suffer that there are people on this planet who are so much better than they are. But instead of bettering their horrible, monstrous characters, they are trying to bring the others down and cause them incredible pains. They wrongfully think that this lifts them up and makes themselves more valuable. They go through so much effort to pretend and cover up their real characters or the lack of it and could have it so much easier by getting rid of their evil intentions and by bettering themselves. I don’t need ear-implants and mind-reading devices to read them. They are an open book to me.

Recently, they were also behind the headline that an allegedly 55,000 old skull suggested that humans and Neanderthals created a “love child” in Israel. Germany avoids carefully to be named here, and the pictures of the skull that was allegedly found in western Galilee were published by the Uni of Vienna and the Uni Tel Aviv as Germany preferred here to stay in the background. Their propaganda is pushed by others, that is what they intended. (Germany often hides behind other nationalities and countries. Besides, Austria is very close to Bavaria, and Jewish people with German-controlled ear implants are not very Jewish.)

Ear-implants and conspiracies are a fact. I would love to trust all data coming from universities,  researchers, and scientists, Marty, but unfortunately,  I can’t. Data are withheld and misinterpreted as it is a secret German psychiatric-controlled world.

Is that skull truly 55,000 years old?  They used radiometric dating to determine the age. Not all are convinced that radiometric dating is absolutely reliable. Was it planted there to blame again the Jews, which is so typically for Germany and particularly Bavaria? And why was it a “love child”? They don’t even consider that a human woman could have been raped by a Neanderthal. I suspect that the SEGNPMSS had Jews in Israel “find” the skull  and “confirm” and/or “publish” this, so that people don’t get suspicious on still existing Nazis behind this Neanderthal “revelation” on Jewish ancestors.  Another field day for antisemitism. When do people, including  numerous Jews, get a clue?

Marty, considering how VERY PICKY we are of our mates, I can say with complete guarantee, that we didn’t pair with Neanderthals ever. We don’t even want to have anything to do with what is called “human” today and behaves like Bavarians and p$ychs.


They call this skull Manot. The “researchers” suspect that the “Manot people” (they just found one as far as I know) could be closely related to the first modern humans who later successfully colonized Europe. How can half an ape-like creature colonize successfully a continent? Besides, this “research” also didn’t reveal why the successful Europeans were eradicated 4500 years ago and replace by very different DNA.

On the other side, Harvard published today that humans bred with Neanderthals in EUROPE.

They say that present-day Europeans have between 6% to 9%  Neanderthal DNA in them. Not we, Marty. However, I met Bavarians who seemed 100% Neanderthal to me. Not just 9%.

The fact is however that Neanderthals were mainly at home in Europe and very much so in Germany. And another study suggested that they were blonde with light skin.

There are also some who said that the Neanderthals were not that primitive or even unintelligent and are misunderstood. Another new theory says that Neanderthal men were brutal carnivores who hunted and raped humans and that they also were cannibals. 

Whatever they were, we don’t have them in us, and I love you, Marty, you are the most non-Neanderthal man ever. Sending you billions of tender and passionate kisses.

Yours always,





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  1. The analysis discovered that up to 1 in 6 skulls exhumed in Scandinavia from the late Stone Age — between about 6,000 and 3,700 years ago — had nasty head injuries.

    Scien Lacase

    June 22, 2015 at 7:21 am

  2. Bones just a few centuries older found in the same region of Germany had a totally different genetic signature. In fact, the evidence suggests it took just a few generations for the cattle herders from the steppes to dominate central and northern Europe’s genetic and physical landscape.

    Scien Lacase

    June 22, 2015 at 7:39 am

    • It is possible that those brutal invaders left Europe after they had killed the old Europeans and Russian immigrants re-populated Europe. BUT MANY MONSTERS MUST HAVE STAYED THERE AS THE NAZI TIME TELLS US THIS. Auditing could tell us everything. People come back being born into new bodies. They basically know exactly what has happened to them.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 23, 2015 at 6:48 am

  3. I admit, it is a puzzle. David Reich of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School is convinced of the Neanderthal/European breeding. He think most people have Neanderthal in their DNA. This sentence might interest you:

    One intriguing find is that the Neanderthal traces found in the Oase remains are not found in direct European descendants today. “It may be that he was part of an early migration of modern humans to Europe that interacted closely with Neanderthals but eventually became extinct,” said Reich.

    Glowers X.

    June 22, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    • D. Reich didn’t examine my DNA. I don’t have Neanderthal in me. He should talk about his own DNA.

      It is now already mainstream that this planet has seen civilizations that are not in the history book. There are also big TV stations that aired programs as to that aliens once landed on Earth. However, these producers and reporters seem to think that these aliens were HELPFUL. I beg to DIFFER.

      I think they were HORRIBLE MONSTERS. I think the same monsters landed on Earth in several different aeons, preferred Germany/Bavaria to land. They were people who experimented with minds and bodies. I believe their dumped their own race here (stripped of technology and memory) and without that advantage, they turned into Neanderthals. And the Neanderthals did their things, raping, killing, cannibals, typical what Nazis, Bavarian medical doctors and psychs are doing when nobody else is looking or even when others are looking.

      Once in a while, the brutal aliens checked on their very own Neanderthals on Earth and discovered also other people here, not primitive at all, so they landed and they wanted to make experiments on those non-primitive people but felt threatened by their own Neanderthals, so they killed them off.

      Another huge invasion by the people who are Neanderthals (when they have no technology at hand) happened apparently 4500 years ago when the old European (they likely came from Asia and the Middle East) disappeared completely. Killed by Neanderthals with more technology. And for example in the 40s, they killed again 6 million people. Get the idea?

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 23, 2015 at 6:11 am

  4. How the DNA crossed? Check here.

    Glowers X.

    June 22, 2015 at 3:19 pm

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