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Taj Mahal is no mausoleum either

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How is life treating you? I wish I would know your whereabouts and that they are good. 

You also have heard the official story: the beautiful Taj Mahal in India was built by emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess who died in childbirth. I am not the only one who doubt the mausoleum story. 

It is always the same, the secret SEGNPMSS-controlled world wants all people to think that spectacular buildings were just mausoleums, built for the dead. They don’t want the world to know that the architects of numerous famous and spectacular buildings had the very opposite in mind: SURVIVAL for the LIVING.

I think this applies also clearly to the Taj Mahal.

Many people claim that poor Mumtaz was buried elsewhere. They think that the Taj Mahal was originally a Hindu temple. BTW, some people also think that the “Treasury” in Petra was a temple of an Eastern Religion.

instead a well with healthy water

Taj Mahal  has too many rooms to be just a tomb for one person. What are the other rooms for? I read that there is a very deep well in the middle of the main room. They built the “tomb” over it to cover it up. A mausoleum doesn’t need a well. Living people need fresh water. I think the well was there for anyone to drink fresh water.  

This well is allegedly inside of the Taj Mahal, now possible underneath the “tomb”.  

well in the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal has officially seven stories. Seven! For just one dead body?



The east side shows many arches. Some people suspect 400 – 500 secret rooms behind these arches and secret long corridors.  I also read that some even suspect more than 1000 rooms in the Taj Mahal complex.


A mausoleum does not need seven stories or hundred rooms.  Not even a temple needs so many but a school would.


And, no surprise, it seem to have also at least two secret underground levels with steep staircase going down there. Two British researchers could access some of it many years ago. And they made a few pictures. This is a serious basement! For Mumtaz Mahal to wander around at night and spook a little bit?


This closed door is supposed to be inside the Taj Mahal too. What is behind it?  And what is or was that right next to it?

big questi

Two staircases lead to the upper floor so they say, and they are kept locked and barred since centuries.




And where does this door lead to? Another secret.


The Archealogy Department of India locks many rooms and apparently all underground levels. No public allowed. Speak of German-controlled ear implants. The same behavior as in Giza, Petra, Derinkuyu, etc. Secrets and more secrets.

There are music or drum rooms behind the Taj Mahal. Really, a mausoleum and they made music and played drums to disturbed Mumtaz’s eternal rest? Gee! How rude.

Here is a 360 video of the Taj from outside. Very beautiful:

I love you, Marty, nobody is more wonderful than you are. I heard an Indian professor say that very romantic love stories are not typical for the East. Well, they are not typical for the West either. Too bad, because for us, nothing is more normal than being head over heels, attracted to each other, over the moon, enchanted by deep love, completely familiar with the best language of all, the language of love, completely enamored, devoted, infatuated… And the throes of love last and last. The most natural feelings for us. Wonder how it feels not having this and not being in love as we are. No, I don’t want to know it. Can’t feel even remotely as good as loving you.

Yours always. And be kissed.


I’d fly rather to you than away from you, Marty. 





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