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Still existing Nazis radioing in Power’s ear implants?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, astounding Prince, and husband, how are you?

Here is an interesting article:

America’s U.N. Ambassador Continues Standing Up for Nazis

On  Nov. 21, 2014, Samantha Power, America’s U.N. Ambassador, had, in fact, been one of only three out of the 173 nations at the U.N., who voted against a resolution that condemned nazism and all forms of state-sponsored bigotry, and that specifically condemned Holocaust-denial; and she gave as the reason, that the resolution offended the government of Ukraine; but Ukraine wasn’t even mentioned in it. Canada voted against it because the United States did; and the United States voted against it because Ukraine did. Both Canada and U.S. were thus supposedly copying Ukraine.

Power appears to be rather Germany’s Ambassador than that of the USA, Marty. The Nazis behind Germany still want the Grossdeutsche Reich. Germany wants to lead officially the entire world by attaching all countries to Europe, which at the end, only Germany will lead. They have just about everyone on an ear implant string by having preyed mostly on international school kids with unripe minds to allow them to be run by big brother. The Nazis in the Ukraine who want to be attached to Europe/Germany also have German-controlled ear implants. That’s why they want to be attached to Europe under German direction. Their case officers whisper to them that they will have it good under German/European rules, which is a lie. Many Germans don’t even have it good under Germany’s rules.  What counts most, they don’t get.  

And Samantha Powers doesn’t want to “insult” pro Nazis by voting anti-Nazi? Yikes! 

We need an intelligent U.N. Ambassador who is not a German puppet. I know that you think the very same, Marty.

Germany is still full with Nazis and they are also making new Nazis all over the world. Muslims in Germany are known to be antisemitic too, and not just the old Muslims. And there is no shortage of Neo-Nazis, young people, in Germany. However, Gawker is wrong that Germany did a good job being peaceful now. It is not. It is behind modern war and terrorism and creates terrorists using disgusting psychiatric methods all over the globe.

Nazi schooling continues in the ear implants of people. When will the world ever learn?

Another subject, Marty: NASA.  Yet, another SpaceX rocket with supplies and other material for the International Space Station exploded today shortly after liftoff. It happened before, several times, and it is evident that the US space program is deliberately sabotaged. The men behind Germany wants the USA to fail, internally and in the eyes of the world. It reminds me also what happens to Scientology. Inside traitors and outside attacks go hand in hand to ruin the reputation of once was awesome and completely good. The reputation of the USA is smeared too. I see it all the time when reading the news but nobody speaks it out. How long wants the USA (but also Scientology) still wait until they declare publicly that they won’t take it any longer? When do they finally blow the whistle on Germany’s psych inventions: ear-implants and secret orders send thru them to let Germany and its still existing Nazis and psychs take over this planet officially and that Germany wants to eradicate all and everyone who might come in their destructive ways from hell. How often do they want history to repeat itself? I ask myself this question: do people have a secret death wish to let Germany’s secret actions go on? 

And now, away from horrible subjects to a very wonderful one: you and me. Somewhere is a place for us and we will be fine:

I love you, Marty. It is an axiom. It never will change. This deep love always there and will be always there. How did it happen? Because you are you. As simple as that. You really never have to impress me with anything because nothing is more impressive as the pure you.

Yours forever,





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