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The various construction styles in Cusco, Peru, are truly puzzling…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I don’t know if you have internet access being wrongfully incarcerated but I sure hope that you are getting my postings nevertheless.

The picture above is a street in Cusco, Peru. On the right, it is an ancient megalithic structure. Apparently, ancient mason artists  were able to do this stunning masonry and no researcher has figured how they cut and lifted those stone, except that these walls are earthquake-proof. An eye-witness said during a strong earthquake that these gigantic stone blocks were “dancing ” near their normal positions but lay down exactly in their right order after the strong earthquake. Now that is architecture! That is masonry.

The stone walls in the above picture of Cusco in Peru differ. They also used different kind of stones. The stone wall on the left was done by the Incas. Pretty good job but nothing compared to the older wall on the other side. I read that there is no mortar whatsoever between the huge stones on the right side and the contacts of the stones are so close that not even a drop of rain can get in. Isn’t that amazing? However, the Inca used some mortar when building. The wall on the other side contains some mortar between the stones, the other one not one pinch of mortar.

Question is: from whom did the Incas INHERIT huge walls like the one on the right sight? Not from the Spanish. They built like this: straw and mud mixed together.  Definitely not the skilled masons.  


The Incas built great walls (left side) but different from the master masons that erected the wall on the other side, so who built the wall on the right side and walls and buildings like that in Peru and elsewhere in that breathtaking style? May the real architect/mason/engineer step forward.

I don’t think that planet Earth will ever be able to reconstruct history without Scientology, Marty. Auditing of people (not illegal PCs who are connected to their case officers who are sending them loud commands through ear implants and silent sounds to cut off or otherwise sabotage their ability to access past life through recall), in other words, scientific original auditing independently from each other, all PCs reliving history independently from each other, plus the meter reactions, plus digging out archaeologically the evidence could reconstruct history, including those part that were and still are deliberately covered up by those who do not want the world to know. As you know, being born again is not just a religious belief, it is a scientific fact and people lived through history, and they can recall what really happened to them in history. Yes, people make up and lie, but if audited as per ORIGINAL Scientology, without secret service case officers coordinating the lies thru ear implants, if thousands and thousands of people tell the same stories independently in auditing sessions but without being in contact and if the excavating of artifacts support what they are saying, etc., we have a chance to record what really happened in history. 

BTW, I did some more digging on the Incas, the Aztec, and the Maya. They did not just built on the surface of the world. The Incas apparently built 60% of their structures underground or inherited these structures from those who lived before them in the Andes. The Aztec and the Maya also built underground.

The Incas or the civilization before them  carved deep into the stone. 




The Maya or the civilization before them built a web of underground structures, and numerous Maya escaped massacres taking such a route. 



The Aztec or the civilization before them built underground structures.


Excavations have revealed that particularly the Aztec and Maya made human sacrifices and tortured and the Incas and perhaps also the People of the Clouds threw people from the mountains. But I feel that originally, Marty, that it was different and that these horrible crimes happened after some of them were perverted and that is when the butcheries started. What some of these “priests” did, reminds me rather of medical doctors, e.g. taking hearts out, you name it. It is not religious. It is medical. Religion is spiritual. It doesn’t mess around with bodies. That is medical. If religion becomes bloody, medicine, barbers and butchers, got involved.

Look at this tattoo. I can’t imagine that the designer or the carrier of this tattoo did not live before during the Maya epoch. It doesn’t matter where they live now, but if that isn’t a dramatization of that time, what is?  


Buildings and constructions that are still standing are telling us that there was very advanced ancient technology. I find it more very odd that these advanced civilizations were so left little or nothing in writing. (Maya left some but most was deliberately destroyed.)

I am convinced that all these civilizations and particularly those who were there before the Inca, Aztec and Maya were writing but that those writings were removed as people coming later should not learn how it really was. Ear implants, implants, drugs, and hypnosis brought these and other civilizations down. I suspect violent war-loving Lady Six Sky, the likes, other fight-obsessed rulers and war lords having had ear implants and that they were people who took orders and were run by their case officers. Radio technology is so simple. Sender, wave, receiver.  That’s all. Almost Neanderthal easy technology.

A lot more simple than the ancient technologies used to build these impressive earthquake-proof walls and buildings. And I know how desperate SPs are to control and pervert others. Running people by implanting something in their ears is so old and primitive. I would like to screen the areas were ancient skeletons were found on ear implants. I bet they had them. This planet is called EARth. That just about any civilizations went down and that we live now in a completely medical and psychiatric world is a dead give away, at least for me.    

However, as a sum, I believe that all three mentioned civilizations inherited from kingdoms that came before them.  

I love you, Marty, I think of you. Be kissed and embraced.

Yours always,





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