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Entanglement – we are most certainly entangled, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband, how are you?

I am convinced that those quantum mechanic experiments that work differently when somebody is observing them are sabotaged/deliberately interfered, but entanglement, including that of the smallest objects, rings true to me. WE as thetans are spiritually connected, so why should the universe in which we live and its smallest particles like photons not be connected? 

Some physicists are saying that entanglement is the “craziest” that exists within quantum mechanics. Einstein called it spooky. I don’t find entanglement spooky. It means that some things simply belong together. Like you and me. If you or I would travel to other galaxies, we still would be entangled with each other. There is real entanglement in the spiritual world, why shouldn’t there be real entanglement in the physical world and at quantum mechanics level?

WE ARE ENTANGLED AS BEINGS AS WE WERE ORIGINALLY ONE BUT TOOK TWO VIEWPOINTS. And I don’t find this spooky but very normal and natural.

Just about everything that I found out about you, Marty, since we saw each other the last time, was based on thetan basically knows and entanglement with you, as the conspiracy that doesn’t want me to find back to you is very thick (and retarded). Entanglement is a heavenly concept. If I am right and Germany slapped you with a restraining order behind my back and against my will, these corrupt fools didn’t calculate entanglement and thetan basically knows in their plans to alienate us. So, I was able to feel strange things against you and me despite nobody told me.  

Some physicists are thinking that a signal goes back and forth between entangled particles that are faster than light. If an entanglement is spiritual and not physical, it will be faster than light, it will be instant. There is still a debate as to if anything is faster than light, for example neutrinos. “Reliable” CERN published that it has discovered particles that are faster than light but took it back a few years later. (They also claimed having discovered the Higgs Boson and later admitted that it was just an “impostor”.)

In any case, a creator postulated the physical universe into being, so it shouldn’t be very surprising if his particles have properties that he as a spiritual being has, e.g. being connected with other spiritual beings in an instance. In other words that could mean that nothing travels. It is here and there (even at the other end of the universe) because originally, it was postulated as one. I know, it is not popular not to believe in the Big Bang as creator of the universe. I rather believe that there were quite some big bangs that DESTROYED the universe that was originally postulated. And today, the universe is a mix of creation, big bangs, concealed former and current lab experiments, and evolution. 

Ron’s (the real founder’s) mind did go there. Lots of his research was stolen and replaced with “Jack Vistaril’s” and other’s blah blah, but the Scientology axioms are still around and we have some evidence of what Ron was thinking and what he discovered.

You are deeply entangled in my heart, Marty. Keep on surviving. 

Here is the equation:     

Yours always and forever,






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