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Yonaguni monument looks man-made to me

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate,

I assume you heard of the Yonaguni monument. Pictures above. It is a huge rock formation located in the waters off the coastline of Yonaguni,  southern of Ruyuku Islands/Japan. The questions are: was it man-made, how old is it, and what was the purpose? Some think it was a pyramid, a temple and sunk, evidence of advanced people and technology in Japan that will re-write history and others, like Robert M. Schoch think that it is approx. to 95% natural. Some Japanese researchers think that the monument was created by men some 10,000 years ago, before the ice age and that it was once on land.

So, what is it? Or what was it?

It appears to be carved out of one gigantic block. Besides the possibility that the entire monument was once on land and later sunk into the ocean, there is also a possibility that it was carved under water by diving people. And another possibility is that it was under a glass roof in the water once with no water inside and that one day, the roof was destroyed.

This said, I have to admit that the gigantic face is a little bit creepy. 

What do you think?

My heart and love is with you, Marty. I always loved you on the timetrack too. Our timetracks alone could re-write history as we were around, lived in so many countries, had so many different nationalities, always were drawn to each other and always fought evil.

True love is found and built.

Yours forever,




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