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Have a look at these colorful gypsy wagons and their technical details…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only big love,

Considering that they were harassed, arrested, tortured, and killed, I can’t blame the gypsies for moving along and along and making their mobile home as cozy, convenient, and pretty as possible. Besides wheels and a roof, some even had gutters, stoves, shutters, window boards, lamps, lots of decorations, butterfly chambers (!), and more…

And there were different models.    09Here are two families, resting, grandma is preparing some Cinnamon Galuški…25

Dad driving through mainstreet of a non-colorful town…0909

Look at the wheel of that one, Marty. Amazing. Someone sure loved his/her vardo. 


Not quite sure how old this is,  but nobody greedy with colors and decorations.3523

Why would those Nazi animals kill such kind of amazing interior decorators? 


Fit for a King.73

This one seems to have some modern accents but nevertheless:


For those who prefer the elegant brown  and gold nuances:


Rolling work of art. When I was a kid,  in Bavaria, people said that one should fetch the laundry from the clothesline when gypsies are in town as they would steal everything. Who lives in these wagons doesn’t want or need the grey underwear of the Bavarians.  


And on the outside. Black and white and grey? What is black and white and grey?

th (1)

They shocked the Germans when they rolled into town with all these colors. What a “sin”. 😉


What a great place to hang a butterfly chamber or a hat or just look at it.


This is a black and white picture of a historic vardo, probably was sparkling in all kinds of colors and gold:


They are works of art but I wouldn’t go so far to tattoo them on my skin. What’s the purpose of that? Can’t drive in what he has on his back.


I love you, Marty. Just for the records, I don’t have any tattoo and never would get any.  

Yours always,


Some gypsy music for you:


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