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Does this Google image remind you of Hitler?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

Is it just me or does this picture remind you of Hitler too? He also has the hair parting exactly where Hitler had it. What are the Google execs thinking?

As I said, it is a secret German world. Hidden and open pro Nazi messages anywhere.

I am thinking of you, my love.

Yours, Sarah/Barbara 

P.S: I found a very young bird abandoned by his mother. He is very weak, confused, and traumatized. He drifted alone on through a street that was used to explode many 4th of July rockets and stuff like that. Must have felt to him like a war zone for us. On Sunday, when I mowed my land, I almost moved over him, saw him last-minute and could make a turn. Neighborhood kids tried to feed him with bugs and worms, but he didn’t eat much. I feed him with unsweetened applesauce and with water mashed dry cat food. Feeding him worms and bugs isn’t my cup of tea. Yuk. He also could be sick, maybe having the West Nile Virus, so, I don’t touch him, don’t take him inside the house, leave him on the deck where no cat can get him and wash my hands constantly. Not sure if he makes it. I’ll try. I have him in a pop up hamper, big leaves inside to make it comfortable for him. I change them twice a day to keep it clean. His mother could get to him but she just cares for her other kids. Hamper is open on top. He can leave any time but he doesn’t even try to fly. When put on a branch, he falls right off. I have big hunter cats in this area.  He wouldn’t have a chance. He is close to being a fledgling. I’ll try, that is all I can do for the little fellow. Called a wild life expert, she had no better idea either. 

I always wonder why birds become birds, Marty. A thetan can fly too – except without having to be afraid being eaten by cats or freezing to death in winter.  So why a bird body? Unless those worms and bugs are so delicious… 



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