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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

I miss you and I am thinking of you. It such a shame that an impostor (Monique’s husband) can pretend that he is you, and the corrupt world is going along with it. What a shame for the human race.  You and I, we never would go along with something like that.  

The above (NASA?) picture is allegedly from Mars. What is that? The shadow of something flying and technical?

And what is this light? This is also an alleged picture from Mars. Lots of people are suspicious that there are secret government actions in nearby space. Thetan basically knows. However, most are stuck thinking that the USA is doing these secret actions on its own accord. And there is where most of the world errs. German secret services are using the USA but also Russia and the former Soviet Union for their purposes.        


Have a look at the long list of failed MARS projects below, Marty. I bet a space farm on that the SEGNPMSS sabotaged these failed MARS projects (including the failed space projects that had other targets but Mars) to sabotage the space programs of other countries. Or the moon and Mars colonies were not yet prepared for how to cover their tracks. However, the projects continued despite everything, and it seems that by now, space stations, including and very much so NASA has tons of data and pictures of MARS.


There are areas on planet Earth that look like from another planet with no life. Below is a picture of Earth. Looks like a planet without life. What I am saying is that the rovers are controlled to roll in areas on Mars where there is nobody and the same could be done on Earth and anyone would think that nobody lives on Earth.   



SEGNPMSS space stations are most certainly on MARS since an eternity. The German-controlled space stations are likely hiding behind the USA and Russia, Germany, particularly Bavaria told people of other countries to be quiet about whatever they do up there. But this secrecy is not for anyone. 

I believe that these rovers just roll into areas that are “suitable” to see for mainstream Earth. The rovers don’t roll into areas where these SEGNPMSS operatives are sitting and experimenting on Mars out of any jurisdiction. Or their agents are sorting these pictures, before NASA or another space station can or will  publish them. But once in a while, something odd is photographed or reaches the public despite all secrecy.

Nobody landed officially on Mars yet, but a former Mars employee said that she and others Mars employees saw humans walk on Mars in 1979. NASA didn’t confirm. But did they deny? Probably not. Media is more interested in beating up Scientology instead of investigating and compelling NASA and other space station to inform us truthfully on what’s going on in near space. A very few media reports and all is forgotten… Beating up Scientology is so much more interesting for much of the media than investigating as to what really happens on the Mars, other planets or the moon.  They rather report about Tom Cruise maybe giving up his religion to see his kid. In what kind of retarded medieval world are we living that somebody has to give up one’s religion and conviction just to see his kid?     

Apparently, there is a secret space program involving NASA but it is not American but a German one, particularly, a Bavarian one (using the USA, Russia and other countries and hiding behind it), and it should creep out anyone who hasn’t forgotten what Germany/Bavaria and the doctors behind it are capable of.

Here is a link to the video with the call of the former NASA employee to a radio station:

“Jackie” asks presenter John if he would not what was going on Mars in 1979. He said no. She told him of two  people on Mars walking over the horizon to the Viking explorer. He said that they were doing repairs. (First he said, he would not know what was  going on Mars in 1979.) I rather think that they made sure that Viking just reported data or pictures to Earth, that mainstream “may see” and that they made sure that the rover doesn’t rove to a secret SEGNPMSS colony on Mars. After all, officially, as of today, nobody man ever landed on Mars, right? And this ex-NASA employee says she and 5 or 6 other employee SAW these people on NASA screens walking over the Mars surface by the end of the 70s.  

My intuition is telling me that Jackie really saw what she reported, and no media interested to find and interview the other 6 or so former NASA employees? Wouldn’t that be worth a documentary for HBO, BBC, and others?

Considering the many failed landings to Mars, these people on Mars must have had a much safer transportation to Mars than most of the other space crafts. Maybe they were born on Mars, but I strongly assume that their parents/grandparents are from Earth and that anyone up there has German-controlled ear implants. Germany above everything, also about Mars, moon, and other planets. 

I love you. Be kissed my hero. You are deep in my heart.

Forever love,







Historical Log

# Launch Date Name Country Result Reason
1 1960 Korabl 4 USSR (flyby) Failure Didn’t reach Earth orbit
2 1960 Korabl 5 USSR (flyby) Failure Didn’t reach Earth orbit
3 1962 Korabl 11 USSR (flyby) Failure Earth orbit only; spacecraft broke apart
4 1962 Mars 1 USSR (flyby) Failure Radio Failed
5 1962 Korabl 13 USSR (flyby) Failure Earth orbit only; spacecraft broke apart
6 1964 Mariner 3 US (flyby) Failure Shroud failed to jettison
7 1964 Mariner 4 US (flyby) Success Returned 21 images
8 1964 Zond 2 USSR (flyby) Failure Radio failed
9 1969 Mars 1969A USSR Failure Launch vehicle failure
10 1969 Mars 1969B USSR Failure Launch vehicle failure
11 1969 Mariner 6 US (flyby) Success Returned 75 images
12 1969 Mariner 7 US (flyby) Success Returned 126 images
13 1971 Mariner 8 US Failure Launch failure
14 1971 Kosmos 419 USSR Failure Achieved Earth orbit only
15 1971 Mars 2 Orbiter/Lander USSR Failure Orbiter arrived, but no useful data and Lander destroyed
16 1971 Mars 3 Orbiter/Lander USSR Success Orbiter obtained approximately 8 months of data and lander landed safely, but only 20 seconds of data
17 1971 Mariner 9 US Success Returned 7,329 images
18 1973 Mars 4 USSR Failure Flew past Mars
19 1973 Mars 5 USSR Success Returned 60 images; only lasted 9 days
20 1973 Mars 6 Orbiter/Lander USSR Success/Failure Occultation experiment produced data and Lander failure on descent
21 1973 Mars 7 Lander USSR Failure Missed planet; now in solar orbit.
22 1975 Viking 1 Orbiter/Lander US Success Located landing site for Lander and first successful landing on Mars
23 1975 Viking 2 Orbiter/Lander US Success Returned 16,000 images and extensive atmospheric data and soil experiments
24 1988 Phobos 1 Orbiter USSR Failure Lost en route to Mars
25 1988 Phobos 2 Orbiter/Lander USSR Failure Lost near Phobos
26 1992 Mars Observer US Failure Lost prior to Mars arrival
27 1996 Mars Global Surveyor US Success More images than all Mars Missions
28 1996 Mars 96 Russia Failure Launch vehicle failure
29 1996 Mars Pathfinder US Success Technology experiment lasting 5 times longer than warranty
30 1998 Nozomi Japan Failure No orbit insertion; fuel problems
31 1998 Mars Climate Orbiter US Failure Lost on arrival
32 1999 Mars Polar Lander US Failure Lost on arrival
33 1999 Deep Space 2 Probes (2) US Failure Lost on arrival (carried on Mars Polar Lander)
34 2001 Mars Odyssey US Success High resolution images of Mars
35 2003 Mars Express Orbiter/Beagle 2 Lander ESA Success/Failure Orbiter imaging Mars in detail and lander lost on arrival
36 2003 Mars Exploration Rover – Spirit US Success Operating lifetime of more than 15 times original warranty
37 2003 Mars Exploration Rover – Opportunity US Success Operating lifetime of more than 15 times original warranty
38 2005 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter US Success Returned more than 26 terabits of data (more than all other Mars missions combined)
39 2007 Phoenix Mars Lander US Success Returned more than 25 gigabits of data
40 2011 Mars Science Laboratory US Success Exploring Mars’ habitability
41 2011 Phobos-Grunt/Yinghuo-1 Russia/China Failure Stranded in Earth orbit
42 2013 Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution US Success Studying the Martian atmosphere
43 2013 Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) India Success Develop interplanetary technologies and explore Mars’ surface features, mineralogy and atmosphere.


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