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More and more physicists and cosmologists are ditching the Big Bang Theory

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Dearest Marty, most irresistible Prince of the universe, how are you?

More and more physicists and cosmologists are ditching the Big Bang Theory. No, not the TV series, but the real Big Bang Theory. The TV series is hilarious, except the hidden antisemitism that dropped into it and that the TV show tries to sell people the Bing Bang as a fact despite more and more astrophysicists and cosmologists are saying: what big bang? 

Real life physicists and cosmologists came to the conclusion that the Big Bang is all effect and has no cause. In other words: what was before the Big Bang? For years, “science” avoided this question but some physicians are thinking that this question can’t be longer avoided, and they doubt or ditch the Big Bang Theory entirely.

They come up with other explanations, but nobody looks at the Scientology axioms as psychiatric secret services (and Germany the main force behind them) managed to pin worldwide a bad reputation on Scientology. If physicists (and any other profession) would look at the axioms, they could figure what life is and how the universe came to be. I believe it was cosmologist Neil Turok who said once something like that he wants to understand the universe and if it means looking into philosophy, he’ll do it. Exactly, no physicist should be afraid of philosophy. There are many aspects in physics that can’t be seen either. Marty, I think that the entire field of cosmology, astrophysics, and quantum mechanics is bugged because of 1) ignoring spiritualism, which is obvious and 2) ignoring corruption in space and physics/science to mislead.  

Many people are saying that Scientologists are “wacky”. They have NO CLUE how original Scientologists (not Vistarologists or Miscavologists) are thinking and how they are, because no media reports the facts about original Scientology as by the real founder and without psychiatric infiltrators and alteration. However, if non-traditional thinking about the universe and how it came to be is wacky, physicists and cosmologists are that too. Marty, if psychiatrists commit Scientologists, they have to commit LOTS of physicists and cosmologists too. But nobody should be committed, except those need to be handled to put psychiatric labels on others because they don’t understand the depths of their thinking.

Recently, a famous TV personality/physicist said that Scientologists have the right to think whatever they want. Scientology haters really hated that he made such a statement, but Scientology haters don’t listen much to physicists, they rather waste their time and lives hating Scientology. This physicist has met many other physicists who are thinking about the universe on a very grand scale. He has his own theories, and apparently, he came to the correct conclusion that if Scientologists may not think what they want or speak out what they think, are we physicists the next who are censored? When will the intolerance end?

How can the mystery of the universe be solved, if people may not study, think, and talk about it or question the traditional approach that didn’t solve the puzzle? 

Today, it is still in the air that deep thinkers are allegedly nuts. Who came up with it? Psychiatrists who are suppressive, small thinkers, and psychiatric agents in the media and the Internet promoting that psychiatric cause. And Germany above all, just like their national hymn says.

I like physicists who utter their theories about the universe and everything else a lot more than psychiatrists and their agents in the media, on the internet, etc. who try to overtly or covertly stop free speech with psychiatric labeling of people.

Marty, I feel utterly as a spiritual being, and I know you too. I HAVE a body but I am none.098I also  feel eternally spiritual. Wrapping my head around that I always existed in spiritual form is a piece of cake for me. Nothing feels more right. Why should something die that never was physical in the first place?

Unfortunately, most of the many physicists I have listened too, ignore that spiritual part on their search for what was at the beginning. And that is too bad, because that is the key to understanding the universe and that is what they need to get it right.

Some astrophysicists believe that the universe came to be through inflation, others believe it was a bounce, that our universe was born inside a black hole and then inflated, that our universe has an ancestors, that our universe is one of many on a huge membrane and that branes collided, that there are neighboring universes in other dimensions, that there was a big wave that evolved with high energy and this is how the universe started, etc.

But none of them looks closer to home and asks the question: Maybe some of these externally existing beings (humans) of today were more able in the past? Could they create and do more things than today? Was there a devolution of spiritual abilities? I am convinced of that, Marty. And with silent sounds everywhere, it is hard to recover these spiritual abilities. I also think that not everyone could create nature and matter, but somebody could and did it. And maybe everyone could learn it but not in a psychiatric and medical universe that keeps mankind down with silent sounds and controls their thoughts.  

I love you, Marty. Too bad that I can’t speak directly with you, face to face about this.

Yours forever and forever. No bigger love in the entire multiverse but ours. 


A beautiful song, my Immortal one, but you caused no pains and no wounds, and I don’t want you to go.






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  1. Recent APA report supports much of what you’ve written about on your blog concerning Psychologist and US spy agencies…also, what LRH spoke and written about – – “The 542-page report, which examines the involvement of the nation’s psychologists and their largest professional organization, the American Psychological Association, with the harsh interrogation programs of the Bush era, raises repeated questions about the collaboration between psychologists and officials at both the C.I.A. and the Pentagon.”
    I think more of this type of information will continue to be released in the media.


    July 11, 2015 at 4:43 am

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