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The German government – animal-like behavior by Schäuble!

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Dearest Marty, my hero and Prince, how are you?

A have a real tricky problem to solve that steals my time and causes me distress. I will post more again once it is solved.

Just a short posting today:

Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s federal minister for finances stuck his tongue out to reporters on a press conference in 2013.


Two days ago, he stuck his tongue out again, this time to the French minister for finances. Here is the picture:

What kind of creatures behave like this? These kinds! 


Germany wants to rule the entire world officially soon without any opposition. What they conceal is that they manipulate the minds of all people on the planet to let Germany’s economic grow and keep the economy of all other countries down. They hold also Greece secretly down with their secret service methods. And the USA and other countries too!

They do it by sending loud and silent sounds in people’s ear implants. Germany makes children to agents, which is actually child abuse because children in first grade don’t really get it. They grow up mind-controlled and manipulated, and Germany involved them in their dirty business. All that helps Germany to take over the planet, officially, and that means that life will become unbearable for all, except a few of those top German secret service p$ychs, well until the day when one of them kills the other one. It happened before, it will happen again.

People are completely irresponsible by allowing Germany to take over the Europe and then the entire plant.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,





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