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I think new Germany sits on Hitler’s looted gold bars, jewelry, and foreign currency, with an estimated value of EUR 5 billion?

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Dearest Marty, my hero and soulmate,

As you know, Hitler, and the psychiatrists behind Hitler, stole Billions of gold and other values of other countries and individuals to enrich themselves and the Vaterland. After it became clear to them that they would lose WWII, those Billions vanished. Allegedly nobody knows where those Billions. I bet the farm that “new” Germany knows exactly where that money is and they have control over it. Like over those paintings by Jewish painters and owners worth a Billion that were found recently in Germany.

BTW, I noticed below sign, Marty. I was posted by someone in a window. You know that I think that Miscavige, impostors, other agents/infiltrators, and their secret German case officers/psychs harmed Scientology’s reputation greatly, but this kind of anti-Scientology propaganda reminds me of Germany’s past, Marty. There are still at it and the world wear  ear implants made and controlled in Germany.   

5It reminds me of below. It says that the residents of this town don’t want any connections to Jews. History repeats itself.


And this. Below says that Jews are not welcome here. In regards to Scientology, is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who have Nazi case officers, otherwise they would have not dressed up as Nazis to protest but as Jews to protest. Real Scientologists never dress up like Nazis to protest Germany or any other country, institution or action. It doesn’t make sense. It just makes sense knowing that still existing Nazis control those infiltrators that they sent in the Scientology orgs. I remember when I was in the GO and we had to protest Germany’s anti-religious and persecution activities. I crafted Stars of David and we wore them at our protests as Germany treated us (esp. me) really like Jews. The only reason why Scientologists care not gassed is because Germany thinks it will not get away with it these days. But there are always its psychiatric institutions in which they can mess up someone who doesn’t belong there and shorten lives.          


      And this piece of Nazi propaganda, referring to the Stürmer, blaming Jews on what they did: being criminals.

or that one

And looks what Germany is saying these days: “You don’t like Germany? There is the door.  Take a hike and never come back.”  

what I did haha

Haha, Marty, that is what I did. I am so glad I did. Never felt one second “home sick” as I never felt home in Germany. Always wondered what the hell I am doing there anyway.

I love you, Marty, you and I are lovers and rebels.

Yours always,



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