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Mainstream Earth ($100 Million for Breakthrough Listen) will not learn of aliens in space as long Germany is officially or unofficially in power

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Dearest Marty, my rockstar and Prince, my thoughts are with you.

Your disappearance and “replacement” through an impostor (Monique’s husband) has Germany and secret services (incl. the CIA) written all over it. However, my application of original Scientology (thetan basically knows, etc.) and my knowledge of the TS prevents that they can fool me. The only reason why this cover up drags on is because just about anyone serves Germany, the old Nazis, psychs, doctors, barbers, and butchers that they always were. The entire cover up (by all and any national involved) is a disgrace for the human race. During the years, I asked myself one question constantly: how can they live with themselves? How can they live with the separation of a family and the torture of individuals (who never did anything bad to them) by holding you wrongfully incarcerated, the pain and everything else they do to us. It is beyond me. How come they are not utterly disgusted of themselves? No conscience, apparently. The greatest value of a person is her ethics level. An unethical person causes nothing but grief. That means, people who conspire against us have no value at all. If this body who I have now falls into pieces in a world that is deliberately designed to do that to bodies, Marty, I plan no longer to come back with a new body in this universe or one like it. I think about it often, what pain we could have been avoided that was done to us by having stayed pure spirits. It is our basic state. And since decades now, I think staying that way in future. I don’t want to live among conspiring people. They are extremely unfair. They are not of our kind. 

Now to my headline, Marty. I read that Steven Hawking and Russian tycoon Yuri Milner announced their 10-year project to scan for radio signals by aliens.  I found this statement on the NASA website: “Mr. Milner has recruited a small coterie of scientists to run the project. Among them are the Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees, of Cambridge University, who will lead an advisory group; Peter Worden, former director of the NASA Ames Research Laboratory, home of the Kepler effort; Geoffrey Marcy of the University of California, Berkeley, a renowned exoplanet hunter; Dr. Werthimer; Andrew Siemion, also of Berkeley; and Ann Druyan, a co-author of both “Cosmos” television series and widow of the astronomer Carl Sagan.”

These are the details of this program: “- Biggest scientific search ever undertaken for signs of intelligent life beyond Earth.
– Significant access to two telescopes – 100 m Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, USA (“Green Bank Telescope”)1 and 64-metre diameter Parkes Telescope in New South Wales, Australia (“Parkes Telescope”).
– 50 times more sensitive than previous programs dedicated to SETI research.
– Will cover 10 times more of the sky than previous programs.
– Will scan at least 5 times more of the radio spectrum – and 100 times faster.
– In tandem with a radio search, Automated Planet Finder Telescope at Lick Observatory in California, USA (“Lick Telescope”)2 will undertake world’s deepest and broadest search for optical laser transmissions.
– Initiative will span 10 years.
– Financial commitment is $100,000,000.”

Here is what I discovered, Marty: the WOW signal of 1977 was a glitch of the usual German-ordered background noise to cover real noise in space.

All sounds coming from other planets or real space are muted upon secret German command. Real radio emissions  in space are covered with artificial static noise, and Germany using likely all countries who are active in out space or are having a space program to assist them with this planetary deception. Germany and their international agents don’t want mainstream Earth to know of aliens. If other nations (incl. the USA and Russia) allow Germany to get away with it, this world will one day learn about aliens, but only when these alien populations are firmly in German (particularly Bavarian) hands. And that means that the lights will go out for this entire universe. There will be no happy games to be played by thetans. It will be even worse than the Borg. It will be eternal Nazis and anyone born in this world will be one pitiful creature having to obey to the typical gruesome, perverted medical  and psychiatric Bavarian character. It will be hell and nothing but hell. It is also possible that these suppressives Bavarians landed on Earth back in history, for example 4500 years ago. This planet might be in secret alien hand since a very long time, although, it is possible that their own psychiatric mind control made them forget where they originally are from. Growing up in Bavaria, I thought they are like nobody on planet Earth (in a bad way).


Germany (particularly Bavaria and their secret service psychiatrists and medical doctors) don’t want any alien race to be equipped with human rights. Nobody should have rights but themselves.  All others should obey the SEGNPMSS. And here is a “bonus” for Earth. Once they have successfully suppressed enough aliens and ear-implanted them, these German-controlled aliens will come to Earth and suppress and penalize all those “bad people” who are still anti-Nazis on planet Earth.


I am not saying that planet Earth should not listen as to what is out there, but with Germany calling the secret shots, it is a waste of money and time. They bury communication deliberately under static space noise. People think that this space noise is “normal”. I beg to differ. They have to strip away the fake layers of the space noise to hear the real space noise just as they have to strip away the pictures of the fake universe to see the real universe behind it.   

Furthermore, I am also sure that many alien nations already are attached to German ear implants. After all that Germany (particularly Bavaria) did on this planet, I find it mind-boggling that most people on this planet haven’t figured German/Bavarian secret service people out. It is so obvious what they are up to and they haven’t changed. Losing wars don’t make primitive and brutal people into people with good characters. It doesn’t work like this.

Stephen Hawking said: “I strongly support the Breakthrough Initiatives and the search for extraterrestrial life.”

Yeah, me too but they have to handle Germany, their secret actions in space, and the fake deep universe, the fake space static noise, otherwise the project will not bring the Breakthrough Listen results. 

Germany works on discouraging space exploration. German doctors published today again that astronauts’ skin is getting thinner, etc. Also German-controlled NASA published a long list of medical problems of astronauts. However, info as to that space ships and compounds with Earth like conditions can be built on most planets and moons are missing in that information.  

 I adore and cherish you, my Prince, husband, and soulmate.

Yours forever,








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  1. Germany—Police in Cologne were overwhelmed, unable to assist victims, and yet didn’t call for extra help as hundreds of people, mainly women, were robbed or sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve, according to a report prepared by police.

    • Gee, that is easy to figure: German police didn’t call for backup as the still existing Nazis behind Germany WANT and ORDER migrant extremists to play into the hands of right extremists. Extreme immigrants are the German tool to bring the Nazis back to Germany and Europe and rest of the world.

      Besides, the worst sexual perverts are German secret service psychiatrists. I wish them on another planet where they can do their horrible acts just to each others and have no other chance but to leave non-perverts alone.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 11, 2016 at 5:13 am

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