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Sexual behavior and real Scientologists: Scientology-haters fail to get their stories of lies and misunderstandings straight

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Dearest Marty, my exciting husband and very sexy Prince, how are you?

It’s shocking that some people hung out in Scientology orgs and missions for years and never got the basics of Scientology. Despite Ron’s advice for people to USE their minds and think for themselves, they didn’t use them. If they would use their minds, they would see the big elephants in the orgs: the psychiatric-ordered and -controlled infiltration of Scientology, the impostors, the agents/infiltrators and alteration of Scientology.

Numerous of these people didn’t just fail to figure out for themselves, they also forward their lies and/or misunderstandings to others through the media, hate websites, forums, YouTube or blogs. Not impressive the Scientology-haters, not impressive at all. Typical ear-implant carriers. Their psychiatric case officers are doing the thinking for them. (And the psychiatric case officers of the psychiatric case officers do the thinking for the psychiatric case officers, etc, etc. They all fail to think!)  

For you, Marty, and for me, it is easy to differentiate what the real founder said and wrote and what his impostor(s) [there were probably three of them] or other infiltrators and agents (or their children or other relatives) made up. They are unable or unwilling to differentiate.

Misunderstanding the tonescale is so typical for them. They never tried to understand or tried it out. They are afraid to discover themselves low, instead of bettering themselves, and they think that the tonelevel of a person is just one fixed emotion all the time. So stupid. They don’t get that a person goes up and down but usually peddles back where she is chronically. And being with a person who is chronically towntone is one constant pain in the neck or boring, depending where she is chronically. Ron says that a uptone person often gets angry when having to deal with a lowtoned person, which is understandable, because the lowtoned people brings others down. Downtone people suck the fun out of life. Playing games with them… Well, I don’t want to play games with them as they are unfair.    

Some publications of Scientology-haters are and accusing Scientology of both: teaching being prude and perverted. Huh?  

Scientology is none of both as you and I know. Typical psychiatric-propaganda to claim that it is. (If a secret service agent infiltrates the org and acts prude or perverted, it is not Scientology, it is what he/she does upon the order of his/her p$ych case officer radioing that through his/her ear implants. The real Ron and original Scientology never approved ear implants. They are a trap. P$ychs are using them to control people.)

So, what did Ron (the real one) really say about sexual behavior? He said that people high on the tonescale have a high interest in sex but sublimated with creative thoughts. Does that sound prude or perverted to you? Not to me. High interest in sex and being prude doesn’t even go along. How would that look in practice? Some prude people having passionate nights? Lol. How does that work? 

Being prude is also often referred to as having no interest or very limited interest in sex, which means it is exactly opposite as to what an original Scientologist high on the tonescale has (among million other things of course) on her/his mind. He/she has high interest in sex but sublimated with creative thoughts. Those are uptone thoughts not primitive and brutal thoughts.

Marty, passion and tender admiration for each other are our middle names.

Having high interest in sex means being afraid of kissing more than his or her forehead? Nope. It means being a very sensual person. Creative thoughts and the sublimation means NOT degrading oneself or the partner or causing him pain. It should be the difference between an animal and a human. Animals don’t care but humans should. Being a real Scientologist doesn’t mean Victorian morality. It means monogamy but fun together. And you know what, Marty, with our passion and tenderness, I bet we are having a hell of a lot more fun that the perverts. 

Actually, a person on 2.0 is disgusted by sex (Victorian mortality) and has revulsion of it. That is not even remotely us. And even deeper on 1.1 we find promiscuity, perversion, sadism, and irregular practices. That is the tonelevel of the pedophiles and other perverts. We are a billions of light years away from this tonelevel and never will end up there. Never! It is where the psychs want us to be (so that they don’t have to feel bad knowing that there are much better people) but we won’t do them that favor.  

Actually, DM ordering Sea Org not having children is low on the tonescale (see below) but who in the Miscavige family is a Scientologist anyway?

Ron, the real one: 

Tonescale Sexual  behavior Attitude toward children
4.0 Sexual interest high but often sublimated to creative thought Intense interest in children (of course not as sex objects but members of their family or children in general)
3.0 Interest in procreation Interest in children (of course not as sex objects but members of their family or children in general)
2.0 Disgust at Sex; revulsion Nagging of and nervousness about children
1.1 Promiscuity, perversion, sadism, irregular practices Use of children for sadistic purposes

I can’t wait to see you, Marty, being together with you, my Prince. We will lose one another in each others arms in our endless, steamy nights of passion. We will feel the strokes of our burning lips and tender hands. We will feel the eternal butterflies of excitement by knowing that we are holding an irreplaceable treasure. It will be the ultimate desire between two soulmates, carried away in a wave of deep, honest, extraordinary love for each other, united again despite a corrupt world tried to prevent it. We will be each other’s world, Marty, our hearts beating in the rhythm of one, we will feel our wings grow, and we will lift off and fly into the sky of intense hot love, having no other thoughts but us. 

I will look in your eyes that have more fire than anyone’s, and they can speak without you saying a word. I will witness again your smile, and your warmth and your scent so close when we become one. We will live the all-consuming feeling of great happiness and joyful excitement. You are the only irresistible person in the world to me, Marty.

Actually, all about you is seduction. I just have to look at you and feeling seduced. And you don’t have to do anything. You just have to be. How do you do that? You can wear thick clothes like an Eskimo and I still will melt.

I truly feel sorry for people who think that intimacy is just physical. For us, it is so much more. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS EXCITING, Marty! The thought of you alone awakes hot passion in me. 

We real Scientologists being boring prude Victorians? Yeah right. 😉 Lol. Actually, this is hilarious.

Be kissed all over, Marty. I’ll travel barefoot to the end of the universe to be with you. In good days and in bad.    

Yours forever, and I hope very soon to share very passionate nights and very tender days with you.

I love you because that is what you deserve.


P.S. Not us but close. 



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