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I am saving all my love for you, Marty…

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Marty, we will be together, without the smoke and the booze. We don’t need it to have fun. 

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, my wonderful Prince and husband. I know you feel the same way. Being OT works. Alienation attempts have no changes. Not with us.

Falling in love with you and keep on loving you was the best thing I did in live, and I did a lot of great things in life. You topped all of it with your irresistible personality, Marty. Nobody is like you. No one.  

Yours forever and always,


Most people think that the KKK is a (horrible) American invention, but I am sure it is German, Marty…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

We both know how horrible it feels to be hated, harassed and toured based on race. We understand each black person or person of another majority who isn’t treated equal with others.

The white supremacist’s Kansas murder trial is just another piece of evident that black and Jewish people have the same persecutors: Nazis, supremacists. Particularly those who listen to black racist Louis Farrakhan should remember that Jews aren’t their enemies but Nazis/supremacists are and that Jews are their fellow sufferers for rights. 

Frazier Glenn Cross, a former leading member of the Ku Klux Klan is the main subject of killing three people outside a Jewish center in 2014. None of the people he shot were Jewish but he had expressed a hatred of Jews in online postings. I assume that he thought they were Jewish. This is how little a biased man is informed about the people who he hates. I guess he was cherry-picked by the German secret service because of his name Cross.  

Here is some info about it:

The first Klan was founded in 1865 in the USA by a couple of Confederate Army veterans. Their bodies should be dug up and examined on ear implants. I am absolutely sure that they had them and that the Germans (particularly the Bavarians) put them in their dirty ears and run these robots.  Slavery is also Germans (particularly Bavarian). A Dutch ship (with people having German/particularly Bavarian ear implants) brought 20 Africans ashore at the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia, and from there, slavery spread throughout the American colonies.

Officially, they say that the name of the Ku Klux Klan was derived from the Greek word kyklos, meaning “circle”, and the Scottish-Gaelic word “clan”.

Why do they go to Scottland for a definition of Klan, spelled there with “C” when the German word for Klan is Klan? Same spelling, for crying out loud. “Klug” means bright or intelligent in German. When Klux is spoken quickly, it shoulds like “Klugs”. Ku Klux Klan means German secret service.  The distinctive white costumes remind me of medical doctors and psychs. And they are known for hiding behind other nationals and bring out the worst by talking into their minds with ear- and other body implants.

I know you know these details, Marty, but I just can’t help it to write about it again as it is so obvious and most people have failed to figure it out.

I love you, my prince and husband. I am glad that you exist. The world is already better just because of your existence.

Yours forever,







1) Speech software for Hawking now freeware… 2) The black hole talk…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate, how are you?

The software that was developed for Stephen Hawking is not available for everyone as freeware. This is how it works that he can “speak”: The software interprets his visual signals and translates them into words, which are then “spoken” by a machine.

Amazing, considering that I haven’t even discovered yet any Speech Recognition Software that can’t and isn’t sabotaged by secret service p$ychs when I use it. In practice it looks that I say a very clear and fluent sentence in either German or English and the Speech Recognition Software reflects words that I never said.

Due to his illness, Stephen Hawking can’t speak at all. I found this info online: Hawking lost his ability to speak in 1985, when, on a trip to CERN in Geneva, he caught pneumonia. In the hospital, he was put on a ventilator. His condition was critical. 

“Healthy” Europe. I had there once pneumonia too.

Marty, wouldn’t such a disease as Hawking’s be very convenient for secret service psychs who want to control physics by taking over a leading physician’s mind and speaking through him? I guess that is why he is allowed to live on despite anyone else who has ALS dies within a short period of time. If he would object, how could he ever made that known to the world? Hawking is afraid of artificial intelligence taking over the universe. Are those who speak through his muscle trying to tell us that artificial intelligence might be a threat but that the software that he got is not used by others to push their agendas through a disabled human being? 

Here is how this software works in details: “Attached to his glasses, it could detect, via a low infrared beam, when Hawking tenses his cheek muscle. With this, he achieved writing e-mails, browsing the Internet, writing books and speaking using only one muscle.”

This is how it looks to me: with remote control, lasers, and remote-controlled germs, secret service p$ychs can take over cheek or other muscles in a body and “speak, write, lecture” instead of the person.


The New Scientist published yet another story on Stephen Hawking about Black Holes. He is known for lecturing about Black Holes.

In the 1970s Hawking introduced the concept of Hawking radiation – photons emitted by black holes due to quantum fluctuations. Originally he said that this radiation carried no information from inside the black hole, but in 2004 changed his mind and said it could be possible for information to get out.

He and/or who likely speaks through him, apparently knows that the deep universe that we seen isn’t real but a holographic production as “Hawking” suggests NOW that “info”  (info what’s that anyway in regards to space? Matter?) about particles passing through a black hole turns into some kind of hologram – a 2D description of a 3D object – that sits on top of the surface of the “event horizon”.  “The idea is the super translations are a hologram of the in-going particles,” he said.

The same p$ych$ who mislead the world with a fake deep universe control also all minds, so no scientists comes forward who say clearly what we really dealing with: there is a fake universe covering up the real one, and in order to understand the real one, we have to be able to look behind the deliberately man-projected fake curtain.  

2 d vs. 3 d

Here is a picture of 2D  image and a 3D, side by side, Marty. Both are no real objects, so 2D and 3D is space is fake too. We don’t live in a 2D world. Any scientist who ever noticed 2D in space should have rung the alarm bell: “What the heck! Who wants to sell us this crap as part of the universe?”

And what’s seen from Earth in 3D in deep space is fake too because German psychs don’t want us to see the real universe. They don’t want us to get in the way when they are turning aliens into half human/half machine like people on Earth with their freaking ear implants because they think it is the way to control everyone in the universe and make them exactly do what they want.   

Hawking says that when people fall in a Black Hole, they are not lost as previously assumed. Yesterday, he or who possibly speaks through him, said NOW this in Stockholm:  The message of this lecture is that black holes ain’t as black as they are painted. They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought,” he said. “Things can get out of a black hole both on the outside and possibly come out in another universe.”

In clear text, doesn’t he now say what I am saying? Black holes are not real. They are painted and behind the projection is the real deep universe.  

There is definitely the real universe intentionally covered up behind the fake one, but I doubt that anyone makes it there without being shot down on order by psychs. Unmanned space objects would malfunction before they get there.

People have ear-implants, and Germany’s psychs have the overall control over each one. People are half human and half machines, and we thank it to the psychs. And unfortunately, this isn’t the only planet like this out there. I am so unimpressed by half humans/half machines. I want to live in a universe with real humans. Ethical humans, honest humans, good humans.   

Here is the article, Marty.

I love you. This universe sucks but you don’t.

Be kissed, my darling.

Always yours,


I have one love and this is YOU.


More ancient European mass graves… (What did really happen in ancient Europe?)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

 7 Billion people on this planet but I wouldn’t be ever happy without you. Nobody can ever replace you. You own my heart. You moved right in when I discovered your personality, so decent, so caring, so special, so true, so courageous and so uptone. I don’t read body language. I read personalities based on the tonescale. And I know you do too. Unlike what Scientology-haters claim, it really works. And there were you, and what I saw and felt was so beautiful and so rare! It is impossible not loving you, Marty. And whenever I met you on the timetrack, the same happened again: pure and true love, and while we were loving and helping each other, have a look what others did on the timetrack: 

I found contradictory reports as to who the first Europeans were and were they came from. Some historians and archaeologists say that they came from the Middle East, Africa, Romania, Central Asia or even the Americas. It seems that historians and archaeologists don’t know the clear answer and maybe they came from all of these places.

Archaeologists didn’t find weapons to kill other people in old Europe until something changed very drastically, approx. 7000 years ago. (And 4500 years ago, the old successful Europeans were completely eradicated.) Revealing, isn’t it?  They were peaceful and suddenly, butchery started. They shared Europe with the Neanderthals for thousands of years and made no weapons to kill them or their own. But suddenly they turn into brutal mass murderers. This is not a normal development of peaceful people. What disturbed that area?

I saw some documentaries of the History Channel. It seems that their producers and reporters think that the world has seen aliens, people not from this Earth, but that these aliens were good and advanced and trying to help Earth people but gave up one day and left. But what if they got this wrong? What if these aliens were anything but good and turned the peaceful European world and then the rest of the world into hell? And what if they didn’t leave and are still around?

Question is also when an alien is no longer an alien? Imagine some landed on Earth thousands of years ago and never left, do they still qualify as aliens? If some were killed and born again in new bodies (reincarnation), are they still aliens?

Historians and archaeologists are saying that the old Europeans turned against each other. I really can’t help it, Marty, but peaceful horticulturists, potters, and farmers do not turn suddenly into cannibals, kidnappers, mass murderers, in other words monsters. Some others were the monsters, or alternatively, they knew how to alter minds and personalities of the of Europeans and made them into monsters. Ancient psychs at work. The peaceful immigrants from western Asia and south Russia weren’t the monsters either. If the old Europeans were able to live with the Neanderthals side by side for thousand of years and they hadn’t developed weapons against them, why would they suddenly slaughter later their own kind? Does that makes sense?    

Wikipedia isn’t my “Bible”, Marty, but they collected some details about on the ancient mass killing in Thalheim.

Once again: originally, the old Europeans (approx. 7000 years ago) didn’t even make weapons to kill other people, and then an ancient Holocaust:

At  (Germany) a mass grave of 34 individuals was found, of which 16 were children, 7 women and 9 men.

At Herxheim (Germany) a mass grave of 500 individuals was found.

At Vahingen (Germany), 138 human skeletons have been found.

At Asparn-Schletz, Lower Austria, Bavaria’s next door neighbor, they found  67 skeletons, but they think the grave contains actually 300.

And now:

At Schöneck-Kilianstädten (Germany), they just found 26 skeletons indicating lethal injuries from organised crime:

Marty, I think that there are tons more of such mass graves all over Europe. 

Below article says that mutilated remains suggesting cannibalism in German Eilsleben and Ober-Hogern. Cannibalism! Were the cannibals not the old Europeans but people who were never recorded in history? Or who turned the successful old Europeans suddenly into cannibals and mass murderers? 

Read this line: There seems to be considerable evidence that relationships between the mesolithic hunter-gatherers in Europe and the LBK migrants were not entirely peaceful. Not ENTIRELY peaceful? What an understatement, considering that the original DNA of the old Europeans was completely eradicated!

And again, the question raises: was there a third party who made the gatherers in Europe and the LBK migrants clash? Who brought out the worst in them? Who ORGANIZED the brutality, killings, torture, cannibalism, and other perversions? These killings happened SYSTEMATICALLY. ORGANISED CRIMES. Ancient ear implants? 

The later Europeans domesticated the pigs. (Yuk.) For those idiots who blame Jews on anything: they couldn’t be Jewish.

Later Europeans gave birth to the Nazis. To me it seems that a completely different race, a very brutal one, got rid of the old Europeans and took over.   

Scientology auditing without loud and silent sounds could explain history. If people independently from each other are audited and tell the same events from their timetracks, we will be able to read true history books. It also will show what mankind has to do to make sure that history does not repeat itself, because it really does.

You are in my thoughts, Marty.

Yours always,






How “American” is the CIA anyhow?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How is your life? I worry about you. It is such a brutal and unfair world.

I often noticed “American” institutions working against each other (e.g. the CIA spies on the Senate). Isn’t that a dead giveaway that it is not America that tries to attack and destroy itself but another force?

People should always think of this weird German proverb: When two are fighting, the third enjoys it. Also “Schadenfreude” is a German word. Insane people enjoy when others come to harm!

Germany is the cradle of psychiatry. When people reject psychiatry, Germany blames psychiatry on Greece or Iraq, but fact is, Germany re-wrote and still re-writes history and there is no doubt that Germany “created” this butcher/barber cult.  

The CIA works a lot with psychiatrists, neuro”scientists” and psychologists as you know.  According to the Senate torture report, the CIA paid psychologists over $80 million to design and implement brutal techniques “to deal with terrorists”. Monsters! All the USA has to do is to put Germany and their international p$ychs on trial for making these terrorists with hypnosis and other inhumane psych techniques. That will handle the problem terrorism as they don’t want to be caught as the force behind it. Whenever there is an international terror attack, this must be added to this case against Germany. Germany tries to get rid if its international terrorists by implanting them to commit suicide after committed atrocities, and this also needs to be prosecuted.    

The reputation of the CIA is low in the world. I noticed similarities with the bad reputation of Scientology. Yet, originally, Scientology is good and noble (but infiltrated and altered) and the United States, the beginning, the basic ideas, are good and noble (but infiltrated by agents who have other interests but true Americans). 

Fools don’t get that there is an unseen but very real force that works hard at it to destroy Scientology’s reputation (inside and outside jobs). And hey, the same mechanism is applied regarding the CIA (inside and outside jobs) and to the entire USA, all agencies, including the industry, science, commerce, and all other subjects  (inside and outside jobs). How does Germany do it? I mentioned it many times and again because nobody else does: ear implants, loud and silent sounds to make people do what they want.

Germany wants to ruin the USA, and the CIA, and other agencies are helping monstrous Germany, knowingly and/or unknowingly to become World Power No. 1.  After all Germany did and still does. What an utter lack of conscience!

Remember this posting of mine? If the CIA wouldn’t be the puppet of Germany, they would have made sure that the USA files charges against Germany.

Here are some articles by others on CIA’s  misdeeds (to put it mildly) and lack of good reputation:

CIA Director ALMOST apologized. (Guess, he was still testing the waters if he can get away without…)

This article says that most of the CIA’s activities are underhanded, dishonest, misguided or futile. (And you and me, Marty, we know why the CIA acts so non-American.)

And there are also articles that the CIA “wants its reputation back”. That is a long way back as they are infiltrated since decades (like Scientology that the CIA helped to infiltrate on German secret service and international psych orders).

Despite Germany outed the CIA station chief in Berlin, the CIA still covers for Germany. Gee! I know how the CIA can get a good reputation: Stopping secretly or openly working for Germany.

Recent reports that a German worked as spy for the USA or Russia are just a cover for Germany. They try to manipulate the world into thinking that they are innocent and don’t have the overall control over all people of any nationality. I know how Germany works. Germany selects and sets up the “spies” who allegedly spy against Germany for the USA, Russia or other countries. And here comes the German trick: these “spies” NEVER will reveal anything that Germany thinks it can’t afford to reveal. It is controlled “spying”. Germany’s big fat, dirty, brutal, monstrous, torture, humane, terror, war, death and continuing Nazi activities will never revealed, after all, Germany has the overall control over each ear implant and people without them and secret case officers are as rare as  probably the Blue Mauritius. If Germany’s court finds such a “spy” guilty, even sentence to prison or having to pay a fine, his German secret service case officers will find a way to award him or her sooner or later for not having revealed any secrets that are really important to Germany. And if this price is too high to pay, they getting rid of this spy one way or the other and don’t pay at all for him having only forwarded “controlled” info to the USA or Russia. What can go wrong with just about the entire world on a German string? 

CIA analysts not coming to the same conclusion shows who their secret master is.   

I know, you would change this stupid and dishonest secret German world, Marty, if they would let you free from your wrongful incarceration. You despise this system as much as I do and you know it is a trap for this world and any person on it.

Many tender and passionate kisses. Many of them. I am on your side, may there be rain or shine.

Yours forever,





Prehistoric massacre in Germany

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? I miss you terribly!

I know this above picture is gruesome, Marty. I decided to put it on my blog because it shows how gruesome the old Europeans were killed by what replaced them. This is the smashed in head of a little child. And there were lots of them. Europe likely is full of those mass graves, after all, the DNA of the old Europeans disappeared completely, according to a study.

The reason why I blog among other topics about historic crimes is to show that not much has to change. People were inhumane and are still inhumane, and in order to get a better world for EVERYONE in it, people have to better their characters, pronto. There is no other way around it. There is one thing that gruesome people have to learn: whenever they commit a crime against somebody, it will bring not just the victim but also the criminal down. Based on that people are basically good, they will find ways to penalize themselves, and having a bad conscience that eats away from happiness is just one of the penalties that they will subconsciously apply to their lives. I know that it is not new to you, Marty, as an original and real Scientologists, you observed it as often as I did.

There were horrible massacre crimes committed in Germany and other places in Europe a long time before the Nazis marched and committed the Holocaust. The same people are born again and if nobody made them to understand and apply ethics, they will be the same horrible creatures that they were in former lifetimes. The 30 year war and the many other battles and slaughters that took place in Germany also point in the direction how belligerent and brutal they were/are.   

The latest news from Germany is that they found mass graves in Schöneck-Kilianstädten, which is near Frankfurt am Main/Hesse. Many men and children were brutally killed and most women were likely abducted.  The leg bones and brains were systematically  smashed with utmost brutality. The victims also were tortured.  Monsters! It is the third mass grave of that time that they found in Europe, and I bet there are a lot more. German scientists say that the bones that they found were 7000 years old. The people killed were apparently the old Europeans, killed by the force that by 4500 – 5000 years ago had “replaced” all of them. (However, it is possible that also peaceful emigrants from Russia moved to Europe.)

The victims apparently were ambushed and the motivation was maybe to get their women. There is one thing that puzzles me, however, Marty. If the killers wanted the women of the old Europeans and allowed them to live, their DNA must be present in the later Europeans. But an Australian study suggest that the DNA of the old Europeans was completely eradicated 4500 – 5000 years ago. Something doesn’t add up, unless those monsters of 7000 years ago (if the epoch is correct) continued to eradicate and killed all women later too.

It couldn’t be the Neanderthals who were gruesome (cannibals) too. The Neanderthals died out a lot earlier. However, if the DNA of the old Europeans completely disappeared but some DNA of the Neanderthals is in the DNA of the modern Europeans, then what does this say about the people with the DNA line that wiped out the old Europeans? Because, if I understood it correctly, their DNA is GONE. 

Another mass grave that they found was in Thalheim, Baden-Württemberg. It appears from the same time period.  They found 34 skeletons in that mass grave, men, women, and children. Entire communities were wiped out. Women were killed just like the others. The primitive motivation apparently was torture and murder, and nothing else. Like the Nazis and the psychs who run them through ear-implants. Lunatics and monsters.

Those are some reconstructions of how some of the victims (old Europeans) supposed to look:

German scientists are saying that the victims and the perpetrators appeared to have been from the farming people who arrived in central Europe about 7,500 years ago. ( Some gruesome “farming” people.) The Australian study says that the DNA of the old successful Europeans was completely eradicated by 4500 – 5000 years ago. Successful, peaceful farming people eradicating themselves? Doesn’t make real sense, doesn’t it? If they really turned against each other who was the third party who made them do it? (I think something not native to Earth landed on this planet.)

I’d like to know what really happened back then. Evidently, the smashed in heads and bones indicate that the people were killed by violence, just as I thought. (Some thought that the DNA of the old Europeans changed completely because they were wiped out by the plague or something similar. But the plague doesn’t smash heads and other bones, right? The prehistoric Nazis and their masters the psychs [barbers and butchers] did it to the old Europeans and replaced them. The question is: where did they originally come from? Peaceful farmers turning suddenly monsters? Doesn’t make really sense to me.)  

Some of the studies suggests that mass eradication became a pattern in Europe during the last phases of the Linear Pottery Culture. A pattern… Who organized it? 

Earlier on, I assumed that the SEGNPMSS formed as a secret society in medieval times but what if they are around this planet for thousands of years? If their leaders have learned to live in protected environments in which their bodies don’t get sick and die, they can be still around in those bodies if they have not killed each other off in the race for personal to control over this planet. 

From more recent history, we know that brutality didn’t die out in Germany, e.g. the Nazis and the psychs behind them showed that very clearly. And they still kill people and organize crime, terror and wars TODAY! So, apparently, the monsters of 7000 years ago are still around. Still alive or born again, and science now finally figured that humans (with bodies) can be physically immortal under certain conditions. What if the instigators of prehistorics learned immortality from some of those who they murdered and kept the wisdom to themselves? I think that is what happened, Marty. But mainstream Earth has no clue and is left in the dark.

What if they never dropped their bodies as they cowardly hide in secret oasis locations? What if they run the people today through their ear implants? What if they landed thousands of years on this planet because something was here that they wanted? What if it is them who erected a fake deep universe in space to mislead the world? Yes, all questions that ear-implant carrier scientists may not ask themselves.

Instead, robotic people with ear-implants are ordered to comment what their psychiatric case officers orders when something is posted that comes close to the truth: Tin-foil! Mentally ill! (Psychs and their agents are so predictable, Marty. And so stupid.)

Be kissed my hero,

with lots of love




When does Russia recognize and acknowledges that Germany is behind the “secret service behavior” of numerous people in Scientology?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate,

The media reported that the Scientology orgs came on the radar of Russian law enforcement in the 1990s, when their “intelligence agencies” came across booklets showed that they met all the criteria for ‘hosting professional intelligence activities’. Yes, the CIA and likely all other international secret services are involved too covering up what Germany did to alter Scientology and destroy it from the inside out: infiltration of our applied philosophy by non-Scientologists but agents. The huge elephant in the room is that FROM DAY ONE, Ron, the real founder of Scientology and son of Dwight David Eisenhower, was impostored by Jack Vistaril, a doppelganger. Germany (still Nazis) cooked it out and the other secret services complied with their orders, hail German-controlled ear-implants! According to some in the Freezone, there were three different “L. Ron Hubbards” in Scientology, all with very different personalities, but I think the main impostor was “Jack Vistaril”, the criminal who died in 1986.

Russia keeps on raiding the Scientology orgs, and they seem to blame the USA on what appears not religious in Scientology in Russia. This is very regrettable, because it is Germany who wants to take over Russia. Not just secretly as they did this to any country of the world already, Germany wants to attach piece by piece of Russia officially. Grossdeutsches Reich is what they still want, and they use utmost criminality to get there. International laws means nothing to Germany because with the ear-implants installed in international people when they were kids, they bought them when their minds were unripe, involved them in organised crimes and mind-control them to cover for them and stick with them until death. What a horrible psychiatric cult!

Some people try to cover their tracks. When they read some of my postings, they lie: “I have no ear-implants.” Yeah right. Who believes that outrageous lie? People who are not run/controlled with ear-implants are very, very, very, very rare. How do I know? That’s easy. I know the German  fanaticism to control anyone. As if they would allow anyone to fall through the cracks. Who believes that, doesn’t know the German, particularly Bavarian minds.

That they didn’t try to install them in me when I was a kid is because they knew that there was a chance that I could meet my dad Ron again and would tell him about this. And he would raise hell  because it is such a trap. I found out what they are doing on my own as Ron’s findings about that were unfortunately for the world removed from Scientology: just as the doctors ordered. I was just in my 20’s when I figured out how Germany’s psychiatrist control Germans and all international people who I ever met.

What is the excuse of everyone else not to figure it out? Besides, if others would not have the ear-implants, I wouldn’t be the only one blowing the whistle on them. Exactly. They would have figured it too. At least they would have figured the part of loud commands used to control people. They control their agents also via their subconscious minds with silent sounds. How can one not come to the conclusion that the world is run through German controlled-ear implants? It is so obvious. Germany’s advantages despite everything they did in the past, the contempt against the USA or Scientology, the control of science, the psychiatric- and medical world, diseases and aging that isn’t solved despite solvable, the political world situation,  terror, “suicide”-terrorists and killers, the criminality, and so much more…

And also that you and I can’t see each other, Marty, gives them clearly away and that we are separated, that governments and courts keep us apart, (including hiring an impostor for you!) because German-oriented international agents receive their orders and the German medical and psychiatric cultists that they are, they obey. Hail ear-implants!

I love you, Marty. At the end, our postulates will be stronger than their retarded system. Our postulate against those of billions of robots.

Yours forever,