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New picture of the moon

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Dearest Marty, my awesome and irresistible Prince,

The moon looks like an old Cantaloupe melon. Maybe it is orange inside and has seeds? ūüėČ

How are you? I miss you terribly.

Had a lot of work this weekend. A little boy asked me this afternoon if I want to be his aunt. He also asked me to ride on the back his little battery toy car through the hills¬†with him.¬†Of course I declined but it was really funny. I am not the “You can’t do this and that-aunt”, but rather “Let’s play a water game-aunt” or “What other mischief can we come up with-aunt”. His dad, a musician told me that he once lived in my house (over 100 years old) and that my land was used for many people as place to watch the moon with a telescope. ¬†

The moon is allegedly slowly moving away from Earth.¬†(1.5 inches) per year. Guess that should convince us of that the “Runaway-Universe” is real. Yeah right. ¬†1.5 inches for a moon is still pretty static in my universe. However, I believe that planets and moons can be artificially moved, all one needs is an effective energy force. Many astrophysicists¬†don’t think that it is difficult to move a planet.

Did you ever wonder why the USA allegedly didn’t fly back to the moon lately? I think they are up there, doing what Germany¬†secretly orders. Sigh.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours always,





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