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Cuba’s underwater structures

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Dearest Marty, great love of my life,

I am sure you heard of the ruins  that were found by Canadians around 2001 in the Yucatan Channel near Cuba. Looks like an extensive city environment that stretches for miles along the ocean shore. Gigantic pyramids again and again. They lie 2200 ft deep and that’s why some people believe that they can’t be man-made because 50.000 years ago, there was no capability to build such structures. Some believe it is just 6000 years old. Well, if not man-made maybe it was God-made. Maybe it was all the time under water and could have had a roof to protect its residents. Also possible that it wasn’t in the water when it was build and Earth looked a lot different from today.  

What’s so odd about this place is how the today’s world reacted/reacts to this discovery. There is no official report about this place. It is not even an official name. Like people should forget it or it was never found or is just a legend. Unlike the Yonaguni site near Japan, I don’t believe that any divers checked this place near Cuba out. Daredevils all over the planet but nobody snorkels around these pyramids and makes some pictures? It is possible that Cuba’s government is blocking the examination of this site. German-controlled ear-implants, what else? Some of the rumors that they put out is that this discovery was a “hoax”. 

Some scientists share the view that this site is too organized and symmetric to be accidental. Florida State University says: “The structures are out of time and out of place.”

What it basically says is that Earth has seen advanced civilizations. There are so many clear examples that the history of this planet is not even remotely accurately and correctly described. Even advanced civilizations can be wiped out by the evil that is still going around.

Almost 15 years later, the world still don’t know much more about this underwater place. Too bad.

The latest info that I read about this is:

Quick dismissal of the story led to question whether there has been a suppression of information regarding the finding or the story simply went cold and that in the end “experts” were not convinced that these Canadians had really discovered a sunken city.

If these computer animated pictures are close to what they have found down there, it doesn’t appear to be by mother nature.

I adore you, my hero.

Yours always and forever,





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