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1) Typical SEGNPMSS to bring Nation of Islam and Miscavology together to blame their outrageous doings on Scientology 2) Louis Farrakhan preaches violence and is one scary dude…

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Martin Luther King, the peacemaker:



Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semite and hate monger:



Dearest Marty, my brilliant prince and tender husband,

How are you?

Below video of Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan talking to an audience gave me the chills. It is a “message” that he delivered on July 30, 2015 in Miami, Fl., at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, thanks heaven not any the Church of Scientology, but it was repeatedly published that Farrakhan visited the Scientology Celebrity Center  in Los Angeles since many years. Yes, that Celebrity Center that is unable or unwilling to make numerous celebs apply ethics and understand Scientology. And these celebrities who never understood or applied Scientology then turn against it and slam it in the media. Typical secret service set ups.

In all those years in which Farrakhan hung out in or around Scientology orgs, he never gave up his hate speeches and propaganda against Jews or the federal government. I am not at all happy about the secretly German-controlled US or any other government but peaceful and within the law is our approach and our handling of problems with them and others.  

It seems that Farrakhan thinks Nation of Islam takes over “Scientology” (it is rather Vistarology and Miscavology these days) and Miscavologists are thinking they take over Nation of Islam. One secret service movement trying to take over the other one. It is so obvious. Behind the infiltrators and hate mongers are secret service psychs rubbing their bloody hands, radioing violence in the ear-implant of people, conditioning people to commit violence and waiting for the situation to escalate to become an atrocity.      

Below video gives me really the chills, Marty.  Farrakhan preaches violence and calls people to kill! The man is off his rocker.

I wrote about him before:

By not taking clear actions to separate Scientology from the speeches and actions Nation of Islam, His Cobness David Miscavige and the Miscavologists show truly that they are no Scientologists but are getting Scientology and others in big troubles.

David Miscavige made so many grave mistakes. He does not apply Scientology one bit. His entire family consists of people who are anti-Scientologists. He never applied the tonescale. He hired your impostor Monique’s husband, never-in-his-life-a-real-Scientologist but agent Mike Rinder and kept these non-Scientologists on executive posts for decades. He also called Jesse Prince to Int and gave him a top job in the RTC. Jesse Prince of all people who testified himself that he is an incestuous pedophile. IT IS BEYOND BELIEF! Where does DM apply Scientology by calling the lowest people on this planet to lead Scientology? Where does one even  find disgusting people like Jesse Prince?

Listen to this short Video, Marty. It is outrageous! Farrakhan hollers: “Retaliation! If the federal government won’t intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling!” 

He wants 10.000 men for bloodshed… This is what he says, isn’t it?  And have a look at the grinning lunatic Baptists who are applauding him. What does this say about the people (women and men) who applaud his speeches of violence?    

BTW, your impostor and I suppose Monique too are fans of Farrakhan. 

He talks about a 400 years old enemy. Germany is the cradle of racism on Earth. It is a lot older than 400 years. You know what I think about them, but it never would enter my mind to preach violence against anyone including Germans or Bavarians.


The only thing that works is convincing people to do the right thing. If a crime is committed, also the perpetrator becomes a victim of it. The crime makes him dumber and smaller. Takes away from real happiness and jauntily. Bad conscience is nagging and nagging. Never goes away. What a bad deal. Once people truly understand this, this world will become a lot better.

Isn’t it time for the orgs to issue messages to Scientologists and press releases to the general public that they condemn speeches and actions of violence?

Makes me sad that non-Scientologists as DM and the Miscavologists are trying to ruin Scientology with the worst people and worst connections instead them being told to change their way and leaving the lead of Scientology to real Scientologists.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed, my peaceful hero. Particularly you, me, and some others know, how bitter it is when rights are being denied as they are denied to us all the time. But we raise above it not sink underneath it. We don’t become haters like Farrakhan and his followers. 

Yours always,






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