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Ancient Britons protected themselves from the evil that took over 4500 years ago? Among other massive structures for defense, Marden Henge, 40 acres, ten feet high was built 4500 years ago.

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince, hero, and soulmate,

Where are you? How are your days? How are you? I’d really like to know.

My wonderful husband, you and I, we married this lifetime in the UK (and in some former lifetimes too). In the UK, I finally could spend some time at Ron’s side (the real founder of Scientology and my dad). I recall that Germany didn’t let him enter to see his own daughter that they kidnapped. That means, I really have very found memories of the UK, until the day when Germany ordered its agents to ambush us in the UK.

However, I try to concentrate on the good parts when thinking of the UK, the time of being finally united with Ron and his world of endless wonders. He researched and wrote his discoveries down for Scientology down, and it made me very happy, because each time, he the world a better place. He really saw what nobody else saw, and I am very proud that I have a bit of this abilities too.

In the UK, you asked me again to marry you, Marty. (You asked me that months earlier already after you came to Germany to get me home to Ron but another psychiatric ambush in Germany that followed robbed us of this knowledge. They could not and still can’t stop this love. We started again to fall for another in the UK.) And I said yes. How could I not? My heart did beat a lot faster every time I saw you. And I was deeply thankful that you took the risk to come and talk to me in Germany where no letter from Ron was delivered after they kidnapped me from him as kid. It was dangerous for you because German secret service p$ychs are monsters, who targeted you too. You knew it and you came anyway. You really are a HERO, Marty, in the truest meaning of the word.  

If the USA would not exist, I am pretty sure that I would live in the countryside of Great Britain. It seems to be a part of me. I feel closer connected to Great Britain, actually, stronger connected to any other country of the world but Germany. Isn’t that something? And German psychs have to kidnap me to Bavaria of all countries. What a bunch of idiots.  

And now to my headline: You are aware that something happened to the old successful Europeans approx. 4500 years ago. According to modern studies, the DNA of these old European changed completely.  They disappeared and their DNA was gone after 4500. It is possible that the later residents of Europe came from Russia (rather peaceful people) who populated Europe again, but the Nazi time and other recent German history tells me that many of the 4500 monsters stayed (and were also born again/reincarnated in Europe, particularly Germany/Bavaria).

The pyramids in Giza were built as a defense, also 4500 years ago. Nobody builds structures like those if not having received the message of utmost EVIL COMING.  The Turkish government estimates that Derinkuyu  (amazing underground city) was built approx. 5000 years ago. Another structure for survival against EVIL COMING.

And now there is this ancient British Monument that was 10 times bigger than the Stonehenge, ten feet high, spanning over 40 acres. Who builds ten feet high walls and massive structures if not against protection of evil? That means that they had all reasons to fear something and were trying to keep it out. At the moment, there are all kinds of explanations why this structure was built, e.g. smokehouse or sweat-lodge, but I rather think about the motivation behind building such high and massive structures. A smokehouse and a sweat lodge doesn’t need such a massive structure. Extermination of life as we have seen during the 3. Reich happened before. And some people/cultures tried to protect themselves after they heard from travelers what they do to others. History really repeats itself.       

National Geographics says: Building Boom “Utterly Unsustainable”. Certainly something big was going on in this part of Britain during the late Neolithic to have prompted the rash of monument building and outpouring of wealth.

Exactly, how about scientists finally connecting the dots of survival attempts of the old Europeans and other nations against who had landed to eradicate them?

Many tender and passionate kisses, my love. Hope to see you soon against all odds, Marty.

Yours forever,




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