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Heron of Alexandria (also called the “ancient Einstein”) was an amazing inventor

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince,

How are your days and nights? I sure miss you and wonder what else has to happen till we can see each other again. There was still no letter, call, mail, notification by you or on your behalf for me, but I can feel that you are trying to reach me.

Recently, I learned about some of Heron’s inventions. Much of his records “disappeared” together with the Great Library of Alexandria. Most people have no idea that automatic doors, vending machines, and the steam engines, etc. are already over 2000 years old. Heron invented them and so much more. He was also a great mathematician and apparently very interested in pyramids.   

Here are a few of his inventions: 

A coin operated ‘Water Dispenser’
A water organ
The Aeolipile, a steam-powered device
Heron’s Fountain, an instrument that used air pressure to produce a jet of water
The Dioptra, a surveying device
A programmable robot (automation)
A fire engine

No, not last century, he invented it 2000 years ago! He invented around one hundred machines and toys. Must have been fun being around him. 

He must have had a very playful character, Marty, considering his inventions of toys and for the Greek theater. Above YouTube video shows how he entertained people. At 1:50 min you see his animated theater in action. People are so intrigued that they rebuilt his theater based on his instructions  more than 2000 years ago! His audience must have loved him, watching this play that lasted more than ten minutes. I heard that his designs were like computer programs.

And as always on this planet, suddenly, evilness and jealousy takes over and destroys wonderful people and extraordinary work. No records on how he died.   

Officially, Germany had his work translated in 1688. How did they get his work? Did they alter these records and inventions? I don’t trust them because I know them. The records were in the Great Library of Alexandria that allegedly burned to the ground. So, how did Germany get these works? Germany says that they have only fractions of his work, e.g. partly  lecture notes. Well, I don’t trust that they don’t have more and that they didn’t alter these works, because that is what Germany does: stealing, hiding, altering…

I love you, Marty, my wonderful hero. Keep on surviving. Many tender and passionate kisses, my love.

Yours always,





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