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Prehistoric massacre in Germany

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? I miss you terribly!

I know this above picture is gruesome, Marty. I decided to put it on my blog because it shows how gruesome the old Europeans were killed by what replaced them. This is the smashed in head of a little child. And there were lots of them. Europe likely is full of those mass graves, after all, the DNA of the old Europeans disappeared completely, according to a study.

The reason why I blog among other topics about historic crimes is to show that not much has to change. People were inhumane and are still inhumane, and in order to get a better world for EVERYONE in it, people have to better their characters, pronto. There is no other way around it. There is one thing that gruesome people have to learn: whenever they commit a crime against somebody, it will bring not just the victim but also the criminal down. Based on that people are basically good, they will find ways to penalize themselves, and having a bad conscience that eats away from happiness is just one of the penalties that they will subconsciously apply to their lives. I know that it is not new to you, Marty, as an original and real Scientologists, you observed it as often as I did.

There were horrible massacre crimes committed in Germany and other places in Europe a long time before the Nazis marched and committed the Holocaust. The same people are born again and if nobody made them to understand and apply ethics, they will be the same horrible creatures that they were in former lifetimes. The 30 year war and the many other battles and slaughters that took place in Germany also point in the direction how belligerent and brutal they were/are.   

The latest news from Germany is that they found mass graves in Schöneck-Kilianstädten, which is near Frankfurt am Main/Hesse. Many men and children were brutally killed and most women were likely abducted.  The leg bones and brains were systematically  smashed with utmost brutality. The victims also were tortured.  Monsters! It is the third mass grave of that time that they found in Europe, and I bet there are a lot more. German scientists say that the bones that they found were 7000 years old. The people killed were apparently the old Europeans, killed by the force that by 4500 – 5000 years ago had “replaced” all of them. (However, it is possible that also peaceful emigrants from Russia moved to Europe.)

The victims apparently were ambushed and the motivation was maybe to get their women. There is one thing that puzzles me, however, Marty. If the killers wanted the women of the old Europeans and allowed them to live, their DNA must be present in the later Europeans. But an Australian study suggest that the DNA of the old Europeans was completely eradicated 4500 – 5000 years ago. Something doesn’t add up, unless those monsters of 7000 years ago (if the epoch is correct) continued to eradicate and killed all women later too.

It couldn’t be the Neanderthals who were gruesome (cannibals) too. The Neanderthals died out a lot earlier. However, if the DNA of the old Europeans completely disappeared but some DNA of the Neanderthals is in the DNA of the modern Europeans, then what does this say about the people with the DNA line that wiped out the old Europeans? Because, if I understood it correctly, their DNA is GONE. 

Another mass grave that they found was in Thalheim, Baden-Württemberg. It appears from the same time period.  They found 34 skeletons in that mass grave, men, women, and children. Entire communities were wiped out. Women were killed just like the others. The primitive motivation apparently was torture and murder, and nothing else. Like the Nazis and the psychs who run them through ear-implants. Lunatics and monsters.

Those are some reconstructions of how some of the victims (old Europeans) supposed to look:

German scientists are saying that the victims and the perpetrators appeared to have been from the farming people who arrived in central Europe about 7,500 years ago. ( Some gruesome “farming” people.) The Australian study says that the DNA of the old successful Europeans was completely eradicated by 4500 – 5000 years ago. Successful, peaceful farming people eradicating themselves? Doesn’t make real sense, doesn’t it? If they really turned against each other who was the third party who made them do it? (I think something not native to Earth landed on this planet.)

I’d like to know what really happened back then. Evidently, the smashed in heads and bones indicate that the people were killed by violence, just as I thought. (Some thought that the DNA of the old Europeans changed completely because they were wiped out by the plague or something similar. But the plague doesn’t smash heads and other bones, right? The prehistoric Nazis and their masters the psychs [barbers and butchers] did it to the old Europeans and replaced them. The question is: where did they originally come from? Peaceful farmers turning suddenly monsters? Doesn’t make really sense to me.)  

Some of the studies suggests that mass eradication became a pattern in Europe during the last phases of the Linear Pottery Culture. A pattern… Who organized it? 

Earlier on, I assumed that the SEGNPMSS formed as a secret society in medieval times but what if they are around this planet for thousands of years? If their leaders have learned to live in protected environments in which their bodies don’t get sick and die, they can be still around in those bodies if they have not killed each other off in the race for personal to control over this planet. 

From more recent history, we know that brutality didn’t die out in Germany, e.g. the Nazis and the psychs behind them showed that very clearly. And they still kill people and organize crime, terror and wars TODAY! So, apparently, the monsters of 7000 years ago are still around. Still alive or born again, and science now finally figured that humans (with bodies) can be physically immortal under certain conditions. What if the instigators of prehistorics learned immortality from some of those who they murdered and kept the wisdom to themselves? I think that is what happened, Marty. But mainstream Earth has no clue and is left in the dark.

What if they never dropped their bodies as they cowardly hide in secret oasis locations? What if they run the people today through their ear implants? What if they landed thousands of years on this planet because something was here that they wanted? What if it is them who erected a fake deep universe in space to mislead the world? Yes, all questions that ear-implant carrier scientists may not ask themselves.

Instead, robotic people with ear-implants are ordered to comment what their psychiatric case officers orders when something is posted that comes close to the truth: Tin-foil! Mentally ill! (Psychs and their agents are so predictable, Marty. And so stupid.)

Be kissed my hero,

with lots of love





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  1. Germany is the richest of all EU countries but did NOT take most of the migrants.

    Read this
    The president of the 28-nation European Union is calling for countries to share the burden of taking in at least 100,000 asylum-seekers arriving in the nations hardest hit by the migrant influx: Greece, Italy and Hungary. (Sept. 3) AP

    News man

    September 4, 2015 at 4:02 pm

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